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When people decide to move to Ottawa with their kids, they usually have to make a couple of plans even before hiring best moving companies Ottawa. Younger kids tend to get bored pretty easily, and you should always have something in mind. Even if they are older, you will still have to provide some kind of plan for them to follow. Relocation is something totally different, and each kid deals with it differently. The good news is that you can always have a couple of aces up your sleeve and make them interested in the entire process. Of course, this includes things they love and used to do in their hometown. So, if you plan on moving, here are some of the best sports activities for kids in Ottawa that they will love!

Are sports activities popular in Ottawa?

Locals love to say that even if you are not a sports fan, after moving to Ottawa, you will soon be. Ottawa is the capital of Canada and is home to around  994,837 people. Considering how big and populous the city is, it is only normal to expect all kinds of activities for all generations. When it comes to sports, however, Ottawa offers a chance not only to practice some of the sports skills but also to learn them from scratch. No matter how old your kids are and whether they have any experience in a particular sport, you will be able to find something suitable for them.

kids having the race
There will be a lot of sports activities for kids in Ottawa and all you need to do is know which one is suitable for your kid

It is good to mention that Ottawa has around 80 neighborhoods, each perfect for a particular lifestyle. A lot will depend on who you are moving with and how old your kids are. But to help you out, the most popular neighborhoods for families with kids include:

  • Barrhaven
  • Kanata
  • Orleans
  • Alta Vista

Each one of these has at least one sports establishment or organization nearby that you can count on. Luckily, the public transportation in Ottawa works great, and even if you have to take them a little bit further, it shouldn’t be too much trouble for you.

Most popular sports activities for kids in Ottawa

Before we start counting down sports activities your kids will love, it is good to focus on a couple of important things first. When you find affordable movers Ottawa, make sure to let them know the preferred date of your relocation. Some sports clubs and schools have a specific date when you can sign up for your kids. If you are not under time pressure, it is better to schedule your relocation a little bit earlier. This will give you enough time to prepare, settle in, and sign them up for sports activities. Professional movers can help you achieve this; just make sure to inform them of your plans on time. Once you do, here is what you can expect in Ottawa when it comes to sports!

The one and only – hockey!

If there is one sport Canada is famous for, that surely has to be hockey. For many years, the country has been developing in the field of this sport, and it supports young people and kids to practice it all across Canada. And the fact that you plan on moving to Ottawa is even better, as that city is home to the Ottawa Senators NHL team. It is a very common practice for parents to sign their kids up for hockey lessons while they are still young. As a result, there are countless schools and training facilities all across the city.

kids playing hockey as it is one of the most popular sports activities for kids in Ottawa
You will have countless options in case your kids want to play hockey in Ottawa

Apart from being popular, hockey is also one of the most suitable sports for kids. It will help them develop faster, learn teamwork skills, and improve their health. In case hockey is their choice, it is good to know some places you can check out. Considering there is a lot of them it will not be too difficult to find them. According to reviews, one of the best sports activities for kids in Ottawa regarding hockey is the Eugene Melnyk Skate for Kids event.

Soccer holds the second position

Not everyone is a fan of hockey, but that doesn’t mean your kids will be disappointed. Soccer is one of the most popular sports in Canada as well, and there are many popular clubs your kids can join. Considering that this sport is worldwide famous and can be played as a simple game or professionally, chances are high that your kids will want to practice it from a young age. Ottawa has soccer clubs for both boys and girls, and all you need to do is let them know that they want to join. Apart from professional clubs, there are also many city areas made for playing soccer, as almost every neighborhood has at least one soccer field for kids.

Those who are looking for a suitable club should know that the Ottawa Fury FC is the most popular club that accepts both kids and adults. They accept new members every year in September, so make sure to find residential movers Ottawa on time. The club is located in the Industrial Area of Ottawa, and if that is too far from you, there is no need to worry. Here are some other clubs that are equally good and could be closer to your home:

  • Ottawa TFC Soccer Club
  • Lil Sambass Soccer
  • Junior Ravens Soccer
  • Nepean Hotspurs Soccer Club

Let’s not forget that one of the most popular sports activities for kids in Ottawa is swimming as well!

And who doesn’t like to swim? This sport will significantly affect the health of your kids and help them develop faster. As one of the best activities for children, a lot of regular schools are encouraging students to practice it on a daily basis. But in case you want more than that, there will be a lot of swimming activities waiting for you in Ottawa. You will soon realize that a lot of parents in Canada are signing their kids up for swimming classes very early, and you should follow their example. They will have a lot of fun, improve their social skills, and, of course, get used to healthy physical exercise. If you are moving with the help of local movers Ottawa, you probably know the majority of places suitable for this activity.

person swimming in the pool
Let them start with swimming lessons on time as it is not only fun but extremely healthy as well

The city itself has a lot of public pools and similar facilities, and you can even join them every time your kids want to practice. The good news is that even when the winter comes, they will still be able to proceed with training as each one of the facilities has indoor pools as well. For a wonderful experience, make sure to check out:

  • Kids Can Swim Canada
  • Aqua-Tots Swimm School Kanata
  • The Aqua Life Swimm Academy

Your kids can even practice swimming outside!

It is good to mention that you and your kids can enjoy swimming in a different way, or let’s say place. Knowing that there are many breathtaking Ottawa outskirts and a lot of suitable outdoor areas, you can even consider trying them out as well. Swimming in nature will be great for the entire family and will make your summer one to remember forever. You will find a lot of locals visiting:

  • Ottawa River
  • Beaches at Gatineau Park
  • Leamy Lake at Gatineau Park
  • Morrison’s Quarry

And finally, there is basketball

When talking about sports activities in Ottawa we can’t skip mentioning basketball. As one of the extremely popular sports in the entire country, your kids will get a chance to play it almost everywhere. Both middle and high schools in Ottawa include it in their regular education program and P.E. classes, so count on them starting early. For example, if you hire moving companies Brockville to move you to that area, you will find dozens of public basketball courts there. Of course, playing basketball outside with friends and neighbors may not be enough, especially if they really like doing it. Once you finally settle in, the time will come to find them a suitable basketball club where they can improve their skills. According to reviews, the most popular ones include:

  • Right Way Basketball
  • Ottawa SkyHawks Basketball Club
  • BGC Ottawa
  • Ottawa Shooting Stars
boy playing basketball as that is among the most popular sports activities for kids in Ottawa
Apart from joining a professional basketball club, your kids can also play it in your neighborhood

Keep in mind that most of these clubs offer different programs for boys and girls. Once your kids start practicing regularly, they will instantly be included in different basketball events. Expect them to travel across the country with their team, make wonderful memories, and, of course, improve their skills to the fullest.

Other things to know

Those who are coming to Ottawa with the help of long distance movers Ontario, should know that their kids will need some time to adapt. This is even more important if they are a little older, as change is not always easy for them. Make sure to help them adapt faster and better and take some time to listen to their suggestions and needs. If they wish to take some time before joining a club or organization, don’t put too much pressure on them. The need to do it will come naturally as soon as they feel ready to try it out. Luckily, Ottawa is full of different activities for all ages, and it will not take too long for them to adapt.

kids sitting in the park
Finding them a good sports club will help them form new friendships much faster

You can even visit some of these places before moving and let them know about your relocation. The trainers and employees will help them find their way upon arriving and connect with other members and kids. Just last year, the population of the city rose by 8.9% in 2022, which means these establishments are pretty familiar with helping new kids adapt. If your kids are a little older, let them check out interesting places with you.

Moving preparations

Chances are high that you already have some kind of sports equipment that your kids use. Sometimes, these sets can be really expensive, and it is good to know how to prepare them for your relocation. Using professional packing supplies Ottawa, you will secure them for transportation so that there is no way of their breaking or being damaged. The best thing you can do is let movers deal with these items, as moving with kids means you will have a lot of other tasks to deal with. Your inventory should be one of your priorities, especially when it includes special items like these.

mother playing with her kid
Apart from doing fun sports activities for kids in Ottawa, make sure your kids have enough space to adapt to living in a different place

No matter how you choose to do it in the end, make sure you write them all down. Some of the sports clubs in Ottawa will offer your kids their equipment, but some will ask you to have your own. Knowing exactly what you have will help you save some time once you start providing them with details about the experience and skills your kids have. Of course, if your kids will not be using them right after the relocation, make sure to find them in a safe and nice spot in your new home.

In conclusion

The well-being of your kids is always the priority and including sports in their life is an essential part of it. Even if they don’t like doing it and are more for staying at home and playing video games, you can find a way to make them interested. This city will surely help you out, as they will get a chance to make new friendships, experience wonderful things, and travel. All these sports activities for kids in Ottawa have a long history of making some of the most popular sportsmen in the world and your kids can easily become the future ones. Just give them enough time and space to feel comfortable and before you know it, they will have their favorite activity included in their daily schedule.

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