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If you had to answer what should be your first task after relocation, you would probably say unpacking or setting up your items. And while that is completely true, the range of things you will have to do is huge. Of course, your move will be over, and you will have much more time for them, so it won’t be as stressful as moving preparations. However, it will be much better to know exactly what to do and how to organize your time after moving. In fact, as soon as moving companies Brockville help you settle into your home, you can start looking for interesting activities in Orleans. To help you out, here’s what to do after moving from Brockville to Orleans and how to blend in perfectly!

Day one in your new home

No matter if you move alone or with your family, the first day in a new home is usually full of excitement. The best movers Ottawa will finish their work, your items will be by your side, and relocation will be over. As soon as you wake up, you will probably feel the need to start unpacking your items and cleaning the entire place. And while this is a completely normal thing to do, you should consider fighting your instincts a little bit. Even if your relocation is completely stress-free, you will surely feel tired and exhausted, as this process is anything but easy. And considering you will be in a new location, you can use that for your own benefit and catch a break.

friends having dinner
After moving from Brockville to Orleans make sure to get to know your new community

While those who love exploring can just grab their jackets and start walking in an unknown direction, it is good to have some kind of plan after all. So, let’s rewind the timeline a little bit and pinpoint some locations that you should check out after moving from Brockville to Orleans.

Exploring the outdoors after moving from Brockville to Orleans

As movers Orleans Ontario can confirm from their experience with clients, Orleans is often considered Ottawa’s best suburb, and for many reasons. It is a lovely place with an amazing community and is perfect for both families and young professionals. As a newcomer, you should start exploring it as soon as possible, as it has a lot to offer. Probably the best thing about Orleans is that it has enough space for outdoor activities, which are perfect for relaxing after moving.  Just like many people before you, you will find spending time outside extremely pleasant. Every corner of Orleans will be new to you, and it can be really exciting to discover new places and areas every single day.

woman sitting in the park after moving from Brockville to Orleans
Thanks to the many parks in Orleans you will get to spend a lot of time outside

Petrie Island Beach and Park

Your first official visit should be to Petrie Island Beach and Park. These locations are very popular among locals, and you will find people there walking, having picnics, or jogging all the time. The island itself is formed of clay and as a result, there are multiple smaller islands you can explore. The entire area is perfect for all sorts of activities and when the weather is nice, swimming is a must! Once you find yourself there you will notice that a lot of people are your close neighbors. This will be a great chance to get to know them and start making new friendships. If you are moving with your kids, you will probably start coming there more often in the following days.

Apollo Crater Park

The good news is that Orleans is filled with parks and gardens, and there is one more that should be on your list. Apollo Crater Park is another green area where you can spend time and relax in breaks from unpacking or renovating. Named after Moon’s biggest crater, the park itself is huge as well. Many people come there with their dogs early in the morning and in the late afternoon, so you can do it with your furry friend as well. According to locals just north of the main entrance is a wonderful bar where they make delicious snacks and drinks, so make sure to stop by.

Cherishing memories after moving from Brockville to Orleans

Even though relocation is all about new beginnings, we still want to see some of the things we used to love back home. A lot of people tend to keep the majority of their hobbies and interests even after they move hundreds of miles away. So, if you are one of those who would love to see some similar things and places in Orleans that will remind you of your home, you can easily achieve it. While you wait for residential movers Ottawa to come and pick up your inventory, you can prepare yourself for visiting some of these places once you arrive in Orleans.

National Gallery of Canada

Back home, you probably loved spending time at the Brockville Arts Center. After all, it is one of the most popular places in the city related to art and culture, and it is usually at the top of the list for many tourists. After you move to Orleans from Brockville you will not lack cultural influence, not one moment. The National Gallery of Canada will be in your neighborhood and visiting it will be an experience to remember.

the interior of the museum
All of you who love art and history will love museums and historical houses in Orleans

The gallery takes up 46,621 square meters and it was established back in 1880. Visitors can enjoy all kinds of exhibitions including historical and scientific ones. The establishment is also home to many annual events, so if you are an artist yourself, make sure to let them know you arrived. Talent is always appreciated in Orleans and you will get the same feeling as soon as you get there.

Princess Louise Falls

Brockville has a couple of parks including Centeen Park and Hardy Park that all residents love. Now that you know the most popular parks in Orleans, maybe it is time to take all that experience to another level. It is very hard to find a person who doesn’t love a perfect combination of green areas and falls! Princess Louise Falls is located in Orleans and it is perfect for spending a day with your family and friends.  It will give you a perfect welcome and it will soon become one of your favorite locations in Orleans.

waterfalls in the forest
Once you settle in, organize a trip to see the falls in Orleans

Cucina da Vito restaurant

Imagine finally moving to a new place and spending days searching for a good restaurant. Since no one wants to go through that, you can just stop by a place residents of Orleans love. Cucina da Vito is a family-owned restaurant that has delicious food and drinks. It is open every day and if you have a tradition of family dinners on Sunday, you will find it delightful to do it right in this place. The restaurant is affordable but really popular, so if you plan to check it out, you should reserve a table on time. This will be a great opportunity to explore the cuisine of Orleans and try its specialties!

Other things to expect after moving from Brockville to Orleans

Getting to know the differences between Brockville and Orleans can help you a lot once your relocation is over. You will manage to establish certain matters faster, and proceed to follow the plan no matter if is it related to your job or social life. Even though the total distance between these two places is around 60 miles, there are just enough differences that will affect your stay there. The most obvious one is that Orleans is more populous than Brockville. With 116,688 residents, it is even safe to say that it is one of the largest suburbs in Ottawa. With that being said, you can expect to meet more people from everywhere and maybe find a more suitable job.

When it comes to prices and costs of living, Brockville is 25% more affordable than the Ontario average. This means that you probably had to pay less for utilities, groceries, and similar expenses. Finding affordable movers Ottawa will not be difficult so you can count on not spending huge amounts of money on your relocation. So, will that remain the same after your relocation? Considering that living in this place is 14% more affordable than the national average it is safe to say that Orleans is a little bit more expensive. But that shouldn’t affect you too much as long as you stick to your plan and organize your finances on time.

Housing costs in Orleans

Those who plan to purchase a property in Orleans and settle there permanently will be happy to know that the housing costs there are 55% lower than the national average. Homes are beautiful and usually very spacious, and for a low price, you can find a perfect place. If you used to live in an apartment in Brockville and you plan on moving to a house in Orleans, you will have plenty of options. Make sure to check out the real estate market on time, as you have to be sure that the home is perfect for you. Senior movers Ottawa can help you do it if you plan to downsize and get a smaller place. This is pretty common for these areas mainly because Orleans is very subtle and has a lovely community for seniors.

couple holding keys of their new home after moving from Brockville to Orleans
If you plan on purchasing a property before moving from Brockville to Orleans, you will have a lot of options the market is good

Best time to schedule moving from Brockville to Orleans

Since Brockville and Orelans are not too far away from each other, you will not be experiencing harsh weather changes. However, it is good to choose a proper time for your relocation, just to make sure you enjoy it to the fullest. The cold season in Ottawa lasts for about 3 months, from December to March. The coldest month in the area is January as temperatures can go lower than -13°C. If you can choose the time for your relocation, it is best you avoid January in particular. It can get really snowy in both places and that will make your relocation slightly more difficult. Even though you can rely on storage solutions Ottawa for your inventory while the snow lasts, spring or summer would be a much better option.

sunset in winter
Moving across these areas in winter can be tricky so carefully choose the time for your relocation

When the weather is nice you can spend much more time outside and doing renovation work in your new home will be much more achievable. In case you can’t do it otherwise but move during winter, make sure movers carry out your relocation completely. This way you will avoid all kinds of risks that bad weather can cause and your inventory will arrive on time. When it snows, traffic can become extremely heavy and that will make the entire trip much longer than it should be.

In conclusion

Little by little, your relocation will be over and you will arrive in Orleans. Take your time blending in and carefully balance relocation tasks and your social life. If you start feeling blue and missing Brockville, keep in mind that you can always organize a short trip and visit it. 

To sum it up, moving from Brockville to Orleans will be a wonderful experience. Stick to your plan and keep on researching things to see and do in Orleans. If you are moving with your family, make sure to hear out their suggestions and visit all the places they have in mind. It will take some time to blend in, just like it would in any place, but the community of Orleans will make sure you feel good and welcomed. Let them show you around and introduce you to events and festivals in the area. Before you know it, you will be thrilled to call this place your home.




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