5 ways small business owners benefit from renting storage


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As an owner of a small business, you want to make as much profit as possible while at the same time reducing daily expenses. If you do business in the territory of Ottawa, your business is likely booming, since Ottawa is one of the cities that has a strong economy and favorable conditions for small businesses. That might mean that your office space can become too small, and you need to look for a new office space. However, what should you do with your office inventory if you’re in the middle of relocation? Luckily, the best movers Ottawa have an excellent solution for you. We can offer you storage services and provide you with additional space, as well as security for your belongings and convenience for your budget. Meanwhile, see how small business owners benefit from renting storage!

Doing business and reducing costs – Is it possible?

If you look at your monthly budget, you’ll surely see a few expenses that aren’t necessary. It’s easier to eliminate or reduce them if you’re a big company, but reducing costs is possible even for smaller businesses. Since you’re a small business owner, you likely have only a few employees, and an office space that can often become crowded. And in order to have the opportunity to work and make a good profit every day, you need a little comfort. If you think that at that moment moving to another, larger office space would be a good idea, affordable movers Ottawa can help you with that. But the point isn’t to change your office space, but to add additional space to your current office that will always be easily accessible.

An example of storage space for small businesses
You can choose the storage space according to the needs of your business.

Therefore, at this moment it’s not necessary to change the business premises, because there is another, better solution. That’s because there are options of using services of some storage facilities Ottawa. Storage facilities represent storage space of different sizes that are available to you right now. The storage option is considered the most favorable option because it will save you from paying a higher rent than the current one. But also from the further remodeling of your office space in order to create more comfort for you and your employees. So, office furniture, equipment, documentation, products, etc. can all be stored in our safe storage facilities. Just think about this affordable option we offer you!

How much does it cost to rent storage?

The price of renting office space in Ottawa ranges from $1,200 to $10,000 per month, according to data from Realtor.ca. This means that if you decide to rent a new and larger office space, you will need to allocate about $3,000 on average, depending on the size and location. And now, storage rental prices average $180 per month. So, think about which is the more favorable option. Because even if you choose the largest storage unit, it will cost an average of around $300 per month.

How do small business owners benefit from renting storage?

Okay, so far you have had the opportunity to see what a storage service is, and how affordable it really is. But what is important to understand is that renting storage can bring you other benefits besides saving money. That being said, here is a list of 5 ways small business owners benefit from renting storage, and they are:

  1. Less clutter in your office
  2. Guaranteed safety
  3. Items are always within reach
  4. Storehouse for products
  5. All in one place
crowded office
One of the benefits of renting storage that small business owners can have is comfort for work.

Given that a small business also requires space, these could be the biggest advantages of using storage facilities. And the good news is that even when you decide to move your business, you can count on storage services. If you choose the office moving Ottawa option, you will get professional help and the best moving services. Also, reliable moving companies will be by your side to prepare the best offer for you and introduce you to all storage tips.

Less mess – One of the biggest benefits of renting storage

Mess is something that can happen very quickly, especially in offices and other business facilities. And the worst of all is that it can make business difficult, as well as the movement of employees. Stumbling on items that you don’t use that often, or on a large number of products that you keep in your office because you don’t have them anywhere, can significantly disrupt your work. But, it can lead to the fact that your office space looks messy and neglected. In such moments, it’s absolutely necessary to find an adequate solution. And that solution should be calling for Ottawa relocation services. After all, relocation specialists have experience not only with moving companies and households, but with storing items according to clients needs.

A couple that clears up the clutter in the office space
You can store all things that you don’t use that often and that take up space unnecessarily in storage facilities.

This time, one of the biggest benefits of renting storage will be that you will be able to clear your space and put away things that you don’t use that often. And in your office or business space, you will have a clean passage and much more comfort. You will see that you and your employees will move more easily, and you will be more satisfied.

Guaranteed security for small business owners and their belongings is a great benefit from renting storage

It’s a common knowledge that every company, regardless of its size, has strictly confidential documents, as well as some other things that only the owner has access to. If the same is the case with you, then renting a storage room will be of great benefit to you. So, you can now declutter your office of various confidential things. You can already pack all your things and store them in a place that only you can access. Also, packing supplies Ottawa can be very useful for you. Because reliable packaging is another level of security and ensures that your things are well-kept during their stay in storage, So now you can clean up your office a bit.

Storage units for small business owners
The security of storage facilities is considered a great advantage. And in that way, small business owners benefit from renting storage.

This, of course, takes precedence when it comes to other items in your small business. Everything that you don’t use that often can be put in storage, providing you and your employees with benefits such as comfort and the safety of your belongings. Luckily, most moving companies can offer you safe storage facilities that are under video surveillance and, most importantly, are clean and safe for all your items.

Your items will always be within reach!

One of the advantages that renting storage can bring you is easy and simple access to your belongings at any time. So, there is no scheduling an appointment to visit the storage unit, access your stuff, etc. Already at any moment, quickly and simply with the help of the key that only you have, you can access all your things and manage the storage unit in the way you want. Also, you can always agree on details like who will have access to the storage and authorize your employees to do the work for you.

small business owner searching for document, and have benefit from renting storage
You will have quick, easy, and simple access to your important documents at any time.

In addition, you will no longer find yourself in a situation where you spend hours looking for a document or item that you urgently need. Because storage units have enough space for you to properly store and pack all your things. Your things will be easy to access and you will always know where you left what. Also, the greatest benefit is that your things will be within reach!

Renting storage can serve as a storehouse for your products

If you are engaged in productive activity or trade, and want your business to grow, renting storage will really be of use to you. For example, for those who deal with online sales, storage can serve as a storehouse. You can keep all the products that you sell in a safe place. But the best thing is that you can sell directly from your storage. Even if it’s not an online sale, you can rent storage where you certainly store your products.

All in one place – The best thing that small business owners benefit from renting storage

If it’s about production, the storage unit will be of great use to you. What’s more, you can consider it an additional space in your business space. For example, by storing work materials, equipment, and various tools, you will have all your items in one place. The biggest benefit is that there will be no mess in your business space, and it will be easier for you to work. All your items will be in one place, and you can be sure that you will not lose anything. What is very important is that you keep your storage unit in order and thus save yourself long searches for a specific item.

Girl packing shoes for sale
Clean up your business space, organize your storage, and make it possible for you to have everything in one place!

How to find the perfect storage for small business owners?

When you decide to move, the matter is much simpler. Because, by using full moving services, you also have storage units at your disposal. That way, you don’t have to search for the perfect storage unit. But when your business space, your office, or your home needs additional space, things can be a bit more complicated. But no worries. We are here to help you. That’s why we’re going to give you a short guide to finding the perfect storage in Ottawa.

  1. Determine the purpose of your storage (warehouse, pantry, etc.).
  2. Determine the quantity and size of your belongings that need to be stored.
  3. Find several offers.
  4. Determine your priorities (space, climate, security, video surveillance, easy access, etc.).
  5. Compare prices.
  6. Choose the one that meets all your needs.

As you can see, just six steps will lead you to your perfect storage unit. But remember, the first step is the most important. So think about why you need a storage unit. And it’s good to know that you can use them in various situations (moving, renovation, workspace, storehouse, garage, etc.). So, depending on your business, make this decision. And yes, when you choose a storage unit for you, if you have problems with packing, packing services Ottawa will be at your disposal. Then, your belongings will be in safe hands, properly packed, and neatly stored.

It’s time to store!

Okay, so far, you have had the opportunity to see how small business owners benefit from renting storage. And if it seemed impossible to you at first, now you have certainly convinced yourself that actually renting storage can be of great benefit. Starting from lower costs, all the way to comfort in your business space, the safety of your belongings, easy access, etc. So, if you are interested in doing the same, follow the steps from our short guide. And after that, it’s time for storage. Prepare your things and neatly pack them into the storage. Also, it would be very useful to familiarize yourself with the list of items you can’t put in a storage unit. First of all, for the safety of your belongings.

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