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First of all, congratulations on becoming a parent. That certainly represents a big thing and a major change in your life. Moving as a parent sometimes can be hard, but it’s all for the benefit of your kid. There are a lot of Ottawa neighborhoods for young parents. When exploring which one should be the best, you will have to follow some criteria. Possibilities for education, crime rate, green areas, and health facilities are one of the most important. And when it comes to moving, best movers Ottawa will take care of it. Instead of wasting your energy on planning the relocation, let the professionals do the job. And you will have more time to spend with your family.

Kanata is one of the best Ottawa neighborhoods for young parents

If you wonder where Kanata is, it’s a prominent suburb of Ottawa, Canada’s capital. And you have to know that the population number is rising up. As well as the size of this neighborhood. Elementary schools are on every corner which is significant for children. As a new parent, you will have a lot of things to check and spend your free time, such as:

  • Landmark Cinemas Kanata 24
  • Tanger Outlet Mall
  • Glen Cairn Tennis Courts

And if you choose this place, Kanata movers will be at your full disposal.

Choose Orleans as your next residence and you will not make a mistake when looking for neighborhoods in Ottawa

When moving to Orleans, it’s important to hire one of the reliable moving companies Orleans. You are definitely going to have the necessary assistance. In Orleans, there is a  lot of French-speaking population. Also, it’s known as an affordable hood with a lot of recreational activities. That makes it one of the very good Ottawa neighborhoods for young parents. Families in the neighborhood have access to a number of great schools. In both English and French, school-aged children can attend public, Catholic, or private schools. What makes it also attractive for a living? It’s located near the Ottawa river. Spending your free time there with your children will make it such a perfect afternoon.

Boy in the school
Possibilities for education are very important requirements when choosing where to live.

Check out the magic of a small place called Barrhaven

Located in the southwest of Ottawa, Barrhaven is a perfect place for couples and young parents. It’s one of the city’s fastest-growing residential districts. You should not reside here if you are searching for nightlife and parties. On the other side, one of the town’s most significant advantages is its community, which allows families to live in a pleasant setting. Plus, a great thing is that the crime rate is not high at all. You can calmly walk the streets during the night, knowing that you and your children are in a safe place. Keep in mind that movers Barrhaven will keep a track of your relocation.

Stittsville is a great Ottawa neighborhood for young parents

Your new chapter of life in Ottawa must start well. And there is no better way than hiring movers Stittsville. They provide excellent moving service at a very affordable price. Also, you will get your free estimate. Stittsville represents a suburban part of Ottawa. There are about 35.000 people living here. That’s quite enough because you and your children are going to need a very peaceful community to reside in. We suggest you spend a lot of free time in the parks in this area, which are numerous. Play with your kid in the ones such as Village Square Park, Ralph Street Park, Pioneer Plains Park, or Mary Durling. Another thing to consider when exploring neighborhoods is real estate prices. Luckily, Stittsville in Ottawa is a very affordable place for purchasing, as well as renting. Once before it was a village, so it still has that kind of charm.

Group of children sitting in the park to illustrate some of the best Ottawa neighborhoods for young parents
One of the reasons for choosing Stittsville as one of the best Ottawa neighborhoods for young parents is a good opportunity for the development of your children.

Alta Vista is a family-oriented region

When you compare it to the above-listed areas, the difference is that Alta Vista is very closer to the city center. Without any doubt, it’s a great place for young parents and their children. There are a lot of elementary and Catholic schools here. The same implies to churches. It was planned as Ottawa’s top family neighborhood in the 1960s. Today, there are a lot of charming houses from that period. But, Alta Vista has expanded greatly and it has many diverse and huge buildings. It’s a perfect mix of old periods and new urbanities. Residents value community, and it’s customary to know not only your close neighbors but also everyone on your street. Residential movers Ottawa are the ones you can rely on during the relocation. Plus, they will be able to handle any type of move.

Moving professionals holding the boxes
Make your relocation easier with the help of the most reliable professionals, so you can spend more time with your kid.

Peaceful neighborhood Centrepointe will make your life relieved

If you are interested to live in this area, first of all, check out renting prices in Centrepointe. When choosing and negotiating for a condo, it’s best to do it with the agency. This way, the chances of getting scammed are very reduced. What can you find in this beautiful part of Ottawa? Located in the western part, it’s a mix of diverse ethnic groups. And, that’s great because your sons and daughters are going to grow up meeting and understanding different cultures. Also, here you can find a lot of parks, including skateboarding ones, soccer fields, and basketball courts. If you choose this place, we believe you will not regret it.

Ottawa neighborhoods for young parents are various and every single one of them has something special to offer. No matter what you pick, your children are going to be happy growing up. After relocation, all you have to do is enjoy.

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