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Planning a move takes some time and effort. Especially if you have to take into account special items, such as gym equipment. Gym equipment is both heavy and bulky, so it is not the easiest to move from point A to point B. And, moving long distance means you will have to pack everything as safely as possible. Gym equipment can be expensive, so you need to make sure everything can reach its destination securely. So, we at Professional Movers Ottawa have prepared this useful guide on how to pack gym equipment for moving long distance.

Check your gym equipment and clean it before packing

If you use your gym equipment regularly, then you probably have a cleaning routine and everything is in good shape already. Still, a good cleaning before packing is a must to avoid getting bacteria and dirt to your new place. No matter how hygienic we are, things get dirty with use. So, make sure you sanitize all your equipment properly and thoroughly. Clean all the surfaces, including the treadmill, the yoga mat, and the elliptical. Also, take the time to clean all the smaller equipment too, such as the hand weights and dumbbells. To clean everything properly, you can use a homemade solution, or you can buy one in a store.

Cleaning supplies
Make sure you clean everything thoroughly

Secure sturdy packing supplies

Before packing, you will need to secure packing supplies. Since you are moving heavy items, you will need sturdy boxes and a lot of bubble wrap. Also, you can start saving old newspapers to fill in any extra space that is left in the boxes. In addition, you can buy a bag or two of packing peanuts as they will surely come in handy. When packing boxes, make sure to label all of them clearly. Next, make detailed lists of contents for each box. If you dislike making lists, you can take pictures of the boxes and their contents before closing them to know what is inside. This will make unpacking much easier since you will already know where everything is. What is more, you could hire a professional moving company to help you pack. Many moving companies Pakenham has to offer provide packing supplies for your move.

Pack up smaller gym equipment for moving long distance first

The easiest way to start packing up your home gym is to pack up the smaller items first. This way, you can get to the larger ones more easily. So, you may want to start with your yoga equipment and any hand weights or dumbbells. Start off by making a checklist. This way, you can get organized and make a plan to make sure you remember to bring everything. You should secure packing supplies first, such as sturdy boxes and bubble wrap. Put all your yoga equipment in strong boxes and make sure you label them.  Then, wrap all the weights in bubble wrap. Do not just use a single layer of bubble wrap, but make sure they will not get damaged if they bump into each other during transportation.

Woman packing gym equipment for moving long distance
Pack up smaller items first

If you notice the items moving around in boxes, you should fill them with old newspapers or packing peanuts to hold them in place. Also, if you are strapped for time, you can always hire some of the best movers and packers Ottawa has to offer to help you with the packing.

Pack the larger gym equipment next

Now that you have packed up all the smaller items, it is time to pack up your larger pieces of equipment. Since these items are bulkier, you should take extra care to pack them securely. Whether you are packing up your stationary bike, elliptical, or treadmill, here are a few general tips on how to do it safely:

  • Start off by turning off all the machines and unplugging them from the wall
  • Remove any movable parts or any accessories, such as water bottles, pedals, cords, or screens
  • Place all the removed items into labeled boxes
  • Wrap the fragile items in bubble wrap or old clothes to protect them from damage
  • Fill the boxes with old newspapers or packing peanuts if there is empty space
  • For the treadmill, set the incline to zero and lock the walking deck into place
  • Disassemble the machines and make sure you pack the bolts securely (use a Ziploc bag or a small jar)
  • Wrap all the individual pieces with bubble wrap and place them in their original boxes (if you do not have them, use large moving boxes)
  • Remember to label all the boxes clearly

Also, you can hire a professional moving company to help you with packing and moving. You can choose from the many packing services Ottawa can offer. This way, you will know all your items will reach their destination safely.

Find a moving company that moves gym equipment long distance

If you are worried that your gym equipment will get damaged during the move, consider hiring a moving company. Moving companies have experience with packing and moving heavy and bulky items. Also, there are many moving companies that do not charge extra for moving heavy items. So, try to get in touch with several moving companies and get an estimate. Also, make sure you are familiar with the companies’ insurance and liability policies. Sometimes, moving causes damage to your things during transport. So, get moving insurance for your more expensive items just in case. There are many long distance movers Ontario has to offer that can help you transport everything securely.

Man in a moving company van
Find a moving company that does not charge extra for heavy items

Packing gym equipment can be difficult. From making sure you get good packing supplies to packing everything securely, there are many things to consider. Still, you can easily get organized by planning ahead and making checklists. Also, moving long distance means everything has to be packed properly to avoid any damage during the move. Hopefully, our guide will help you pack gym equipment for moving long distance safely.

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