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Packing is the most important part of each relocation. The way you pack will dictate the safety of your belongings during transport and ensure everything is delivered safely. But packing is not only about safety. It is about efficient unpacking as well. So, let us help you to stay efficient while unpacking and packing as well. But remember, you still must organize other moving stages as well and find local movers Ottawa to assist you. Hence, let us get right to it and create a comprehensive packing and moving plan.

Obtain all the necessary packing materials first

The first step on your packing journey is to obtain all necessary packing supplies. You can obtain most of it at the nearest hardware store or a home depot. Or you can order everything online and wait for the delivery. Finally, you can always purchase the whole batch from your movers and packers Ottawa. They will bring all the materials required and even pack you if necessary. Just keep this option in mind if you decide on going in this direction.

two people packing for moving as a symbol of how to stay efficient while unpacking
Obtain all moving supplies and work together as a team. Unpack in the same way as well.

So, note the following materials you must obtain:

  • Carton boxes
  • Labels
  • Adhesive tape
  • Bubble wrap

Basically, it is all you need to pack your items efficiently and unpack them even easier. But you can always invest in a bit better packing materials like Styrofoam, packing peanuts, plastic bins, customized cardboard boxes, corner pads, etc. But whatever you decide, ensure you have at least 30 cardboard boxes with you, enough tape to closes them all, a label for each box, and enough cushion for each box. With a label on each box, you will surely stay efficient while unpacking.

Realize how much stuff you have and create a packing plan

The next step is to inspect all your stuff and realize how much you must pack. This way you’ll know how hard it is and what size of moving budget you must dedicate for services and packing materials. While on this quest, you must create an inventory list with all items and furniture you possess. Therefore, start by visiting each room and then move onto the attic, garage, basement, and backyard. You’ll find a lot of long-forgotten items you must pack as well. Consider them as well but keep in mind that some of them can be decluttered and removed altogether. If you do it right, you will have fewer items and easier unpacking and you’ll stay efficient while unpacking as well.

After you gather all broken, old, and unused items, you can donate, sell, or recycle most of them. And then you must begin your packing. But if you have no time or you do not feel like it, you can always purchase packing services Ottawa from your moving company and be done with it. They will bring all the materials required and pack you completely. Also, they will unpack the entire cargo if you wish so. It is an affordable and lucrative service that will save you a lot of time and keep you stress-free. Think about it.

Pay special attention to your kitchen if you want to stay efficient while unpacking

You must pay special attention to your kitchen when packing for the relocation. Put everything on your moving planner to know how many appliances you have there and other sharp and hazardous objects. Also, dedicate enough packing materials to cover all fragile and dangerous pieces as well. You will do this simply because the kitchen is the hardest place inside a home to pack. Simply because it holds all kinds of sharp objects, electronics, appliances, and fragile objects. So, packing your kitchen can be a nightmare. But it must be done flawlessly if you want to have a fun time unpacking it instead of another nightmare.

cardboard boxes
For all your items you should use sturdier cardboard boxes. They will keep your items safe.

Prepare all the manufacturer’s boxes for the appliances, if you still have them. And have enough cushion and buffer for all plates, ceramics, and glassware you have there. Also, bundle up all your sharp objects together in towels and blankets and transport them either inside a box or separately inside your vehicle. Or in the end, consult with your movers about what would be the best way of transporting hazardous items. They will provide sound advice free of charge.

Use higher-quality packing tape

You will easily use the box cutter or a pair of scissors to cut the tape once you begin your unpacking. But what is more important is for your boxes to stay in one piece while on the road. So, you must use higher-quality packing tape to keep your boxes together and safe. Do not save your budget on this part of the move. Spend as much as needed on this packing material because it is the best one right after the moving box.

Label each box to stay efficient while unpacking

And now we must explain the power of labeling. You must find a system to label your boxes. You can match a number on the box with a number on your inventory list. Or color in the same fashion. Maybe you can use a detailed label with the written content on the label. Or a simple label with the name of the room it belongs to. Whatever you choose, you will be fine. Just make sure all your boxes have some kind of label because it will help your movers and it will help you when you begin unpacking. Also, all boxes containing fragile items should have a huge “FRAGILE” sign on them. For obvious reasons.

word fragile on a cardboard box
Label each box and you will keep them safe. Also, you will have an easier time while unpacking.

What about your furniture and robust pieces?

Now, you handled packing and most of the smaller pieces inside your home. But what about the bigger ones and the furniture you can’t pack? Especially the ones that require more than one person to carry? The answer is simple, you will hire movers and use their Ottawa relocation services to cover this part. They have all the tools, equipment, licenses, and safety standards to execute this task successfully. And you must confirm if they do once you give them a call and schedule a meet. So, find your movers online, compare services, communicate with their representative, and obtain a moving quote. Then set a moving date and pack until that day comes.

And there we go, now you know how to stay efficient while unpacking. As you see, it is all about labeling and packing materials you use. Be sure to pack steadily and patiently. Do not rush it and never mix items in a hurry because you’ll regret it later. Now, use our guide and pack yourself like a pro. Good luck.

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