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The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your home. And usually, bedrooms have a lot of things which you need to pack carefully and properly. That is why it is important to be prepared for packing it with a good plan. As you don’t want to delay your move by taking too long to pack. There is a lot of stuff to pack, from your closet and art to bed and rugs and small things like wall decor and linens. That’s why you need to plan out what you are going to pack and how. And while you can do that yourself, you can always hire moving help Ottawa to help you pack a bedroom for a move too.

Declutter before you pack a bedroom for a move

This is a great opportunity to go through your things and get rid of those you don’t want anymore. Whether you don’t like them anymore, or simply don’t use them and never will. This will make moving, packing, and unpacking much easier for you. It’s a great way to make the move easier on yourself.

A person preparing a package
Pack separately things you are going to sell, donate or recycle

Go through all your things and put in a pile all the things you don’t want to bring to your new home. Then you can pack a bedroom for a move and get ready for one of the moving companies Brockville to take your things to your new home. As for the things that you are not bringing with you. There are many things you can do with them. You can simply throw them away. But some of the things might be in a good enough condition to be sold or donated too.

When packing a bedroom for a move think about how you are going to pack your furniture

Packing bedroom furniture is going to be one of the harder parts of packing your bedroom for the move. It is going to take time and a lot of effort. So make sure that you have enough time for it and all the proper tools if you are doing it yourself. You should disassemble your nightstands, bed, and other furniture if you can. And then use packing materials to protect them for the move. Before preparing furniture for the move take your curtains and put them in plastic bags. So that they don’t get damaged and dirty.

Keep in mind that there are good storage solutions Ottawa where you can keep some of your furniture during the move. And then bring it home later. This will make the move much easier and faster.

Before packing your bedroom you need to get all the necessary packing supplies

After decluttering your bedroom you should know approximately how much packing supplies you are going to need. But go through your bedroom and see how many items are sensitive and fragile. As they would require special packing supplies. And you don’t want to realize that on the packing day and have to go out and buy more packing supplies. As time is precious and you don’t want to delay the move.

You should also think about what to do with packing materials after the moveAs for the supplies that you are certainly going to need whatever you end up packing. Here are packing supplies you should get:

  • Boxes in various sizes
  • Bubblewrap and shrink wrap
  • Packing and masking tape
  • Paper for wrapping
  • Cleaning supplies
Young woman organizing carton boxes getting ready to pack a bedroom for a move
Get all the necessary packing supplies and have them ready

How to pack your clothes

While clothes are not breakable and won’t be that easily damaged during the move. You still need to pack them carefully and in proper order. Because you don’t want to spend hours when unpacking looking for something to wear. It’s best to start with out-of-season clothes as you won’t be needing them anytime soon. And then the formal attire which you don’t use that much.

It is easy to pack clothes without wrinkling them. But you should still use a wardrobe box for dresses, suits, and other important clothes. If your dresser is not that heavy you can leave the clothing inside of it and move it together with the dresser. You can also use large plastic bags or trash bags for some of the clothes if you are moving locally or by yourself. There are many ways that you can pack your clothes easily and safely.

Don’t forget to pack the books

You need to pack your books properly to protect them during the move. For the more important ones, you can use special book boxes. But for all the books you should use smaller-sized boxes to limit the weight of boxes to make it easier to move the boxes around. And to prevent them from shifting inside the box, which can damage them. Fill in the empty space in the boxes with packing materials to ensure that the books don’t move inside the box.

This will also help prevent lifting injuries because people often underestimate the weight of the books. And the last thing you want is to get injured during the move when you have so much work to do. And things to take care of. It’s best to do it all properly and to be safe.

A man packing a stack of books in a cardboard box
Carefully pack your books to prevent damage

Make sure to pack your TV properly

When planning to pack a bedroom for a move you need to think about the TV. As TV’s are sensitive and can be easily damaged during the move. Electronic equipment can be very fragile and you should ensure that there is no moisture or strong vibrations when moving it. You can buy special boxes for packing and transporting your TV. But it would be even better if you have the original packaging in which the TV arrived when you bought it. This box was designed to protect it during a move. First of all, detach the cords and put them in a separate bag. Make sure to not lose the box with the cords so it would be smart to label it. Then put the TV into the box. And use a lot of packing materials as padding inside for additional protection.

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