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Moving comes with its fair share of surprises and risks. While you can plan the entire process, there are situations that are beyond your control, such as accidents or weather problems. These unforeseen situations can damage your belongings. However, having proper insurance for your long distance move can be helpful in such situations. So, before hiring movers in Ottawa area, it’s important to learn about moving insurance, which can be your best companion during the process.

What is the moving insurance?

When starting your move, it’s important to consider purchasing a moving insurance policy. This type of insurance policy provides compensation for damages or losses incurred during the move due to unfortunate circumstances. There are several types of policies available, including those that cover repair, replacement, or full value reimbursement for your belongings. However, the type of policy you should choose will depend on your needs. You can obtain an insurance policy from your chosen moving company as part of their offer, by renting a truck, or through a third-party insurance company.

The man who signs the insurance policy for long distance move
Moving companies often offer insurance as part of their offer, so pay attention when you sign and be well informed.

So, when you decide to buy an insurance policy for your move, you must be well informed about its coverage, validity period, price, and the way in which you can submit a claim for compensation. People often compare this type of insurance with travel insurance. But they aren’t completely wrong, because when you travel you go with one suitcase, but when you move out, you move with your entire house inventory.

Do you really need moving insurance for your long distance move?

Ae you wondering what will happen if you don’t have an insurance policy, and something happens? If your belongings are damaged, you will receive a small fee from the moving company, which will not even be able to cover the repair. Also, if there is a breakdown or damage to the equipment you rent, such as trucks, loading carts, etc., you will be fully responsible. And of course, in those situations, your budget will suffer. So, if that’s what you don’t want to happen, then remember – you really need moving insurance!

For example, if you are moving with residential movers Ottawa, they, like other companies if you use the full moving service option, are legally required to provide you with free exempt value protection. Even if you don’t purchase insurance or full value protection! However, the protection of exempted values doesn’t ​​cover your belongings in full. Therefore, that means that for some things (jewelry, fine china, wardrobe, etc.) you will not get compensation even close to their value.

How to choose proper insurance for your long distance move?

So, as you have seen so far, you really need moving insurance in the process of your long distance move. That is why we will help you choose the proper insurance based on your needs. There is the simplest way to do it. You simply go to the insurance company and ask for moving insurance. But when they ask you about the number of items and their value as permanent things, what will you say? So, for this reason, before you go to the insurance company, you have to consider some things, like:

  • Determine your needs. Make an inventory list, estimate the value of your things, and if you have bills, collect them and attach them. Also, consider whether you are moving valuable and delicate items and whether you need a higher level of coverage.
  • Consider all insurance options. Exempt value protection, full value protection, and third-party insurance are available to you.
  • More offers. Choose several insurance companies and ask for quotes. Consider each option carefully and pay attention to coverage and cost.
  • Read reviews. As with hiring a moving company, look at other experiences. But be careful and don’t rely entirely on reviews.
Mover packing for long distance move
Professional movers will do their best to properly pack and protect your belongings, but an extra precaution is provided.

As you can see, this is not such a difficult job. And all you have to do is carefully consider your needs. When it comes to moving long distances, what we can recommend is to use Ottawa relocation services that can provide you with an easy and safe moving process. And also, with the combination of appropriate insurance, you will have peace of mind and stress-free moving!

How moving insurance can protect against loss or damage?

Moving insurance cannot prevent the loss or damage of your belongings during the move. Because as we said, even the best movers cannot go against some unpredictable situations. But what moving insurance can do is compensate you for the damage that has occurred. That is, for each damaged substance, by assessing its value, you will receive compensation, the amount of which will depend on the type of insurance you have chosen. So, for this reason, it’s necessary to choose proper moving insurance. Especially when it comes to long distance moving. That is why we will introduce you to three types of insurance:

  • Full-value protection
  • Released-value protection
  • Third-party insurance
The girl is researching about proper insurance about long distance move
By searching the Internet, you can get a lot of information about the types of moving insurance, and you can even find insurance companies, and all this from your armchair!

Full-value protection

Full value protection is usually offered by moving companies, since they are obliged to offer it to you. This type of insurance covers the full replacement value of your belongings. This type of insurance is an additional cost and must be included in your moving offer. FVP offers you three solutions for your damaged, lost, or stolen items: repair, replacement, or payment up to the market value of the item. Also, this type of insurance has one con, and that is that it doesn’t cover items of exceptional value, such as items worth more than $100 per pound.

Released- value protection

As a replacement for FVP, the federal government requires all interstate moving companies to provide their customers with posted value protection of 60 cents per pound per item. And this type of insurance has no additional compensation, but the con is that compensation is really small. The companies will ask you to sign a document that you agree to the terms of this insurance, and also, this document contains a section where you will sign to waive the FVP at that time.

valuable pearl necklace
It’s very important to have proper insurance for your long distance move, especially if you are moving valuables.

Third-party insurance – One of the proper insurance for your long distance move

Certain moving companies accept third-party policies. While some work with insurance companies and offer various insurance options to their customers. This type of insurance is also known as separate liability coverage, and it also supplements the free insurance provided by the moving company. It’s especially useful if you are moving items of exceptional value with you, such as antiques, paintings, jewelry, sculptures, pianos, or other valuable items. But, when it comes to piano moving, you can always rely on piano movers Ottawa. Also, you must apply for this type of insurance. And if there is damage, the moving company will pay 60 cents per pound, and the rest of the damage will be covered by your insurance company.

What are common items that are lost or damaged during moves?

You must have asked yourself at least once what are the things that are most often damaged during a move, especially when it comes to a long-distance move. Because then the chances of damage are greater, due to long transport. But, don’t forget that your things can be damaged in other situations, such as when it comes to packing, loading, unloading, or unpacking. So, we have selected a list of several things that are most often damaged as well as the most common type of damage, and which are subject to insurance.

  • Furniture. Fractures, scratches, dents, splitting.
  • Electrical devices. TV, refrigerator, computer, washing machine, and other devices. The most common damage is a cracked screen, broken parts, complete failure, etc.
  • Glass and tableware. These items often end up with cracks or general breakage.
  • Antiques, works of art, and sculptures. The damage to these objects is enormous and often ends with tearing, impact marks, and complete damage.
  • Textiles. It doesn’t have to be only clothes, but also other textile items. They can often be stained, torn, or damaged by moisture, rain, etc.
Damaged box during long distance move
It’s impossible to completely avoid damages during the move, but if you use an insurance policy, you can compensate for the damage.

Such damages are most common during the move and are also covered by moving insurance. It’s important to choose reliable long distance movers Ontario, who will take care of your belongings as if they were their own. Also, when you sign the insurance policy, we advise you to carefully study the part based on the coverage, so that you can be sure that all your belongings will be compensated in case of damage.

What are the stressful situations during moves that can be alleviated by insurance?

Damage to your belongings during the move can bring you nothing but stress, additional problems, and unexpected costs. For example, some of the most stressful situations that can happen to you are the damage, loss, or theft of your valuables. Also, you may encounter accidents or damages caused by the trucking company, such as damages from bad weather conditions for which no one is responsible. But, regardless of all that, moving insurance can be your security. Because with the help of an insurance policy, you can collect any damage done to your property, even injuries.

The person who injured his hand
If you choose additional insurance, you can also include the option of insurance against injuries that occurred during the move.

Another very important thing that can reduce your stress during the move is to move with the help of proven and reliable movers. If you are moving to the territory of Canada, the province of Ontario, Ottawa or perhaps you are moving to Kanata, you can always count on our Kanata movers who will do their best to meet all your expectations. Also, Kanata is a great place to live, with great job opportunities and a technology industry. And at the same time, it’s one of the best family communities in its surroundings as well as the home of the best parks like Kanata Beaverbrook Park, Walter Baker Sports Centre, etc.

The cons of getting moving insurance for long distance move

While proper insurance for your long distance move can provide you with stress-free moving and peace of mind, at the same time it can have cons. So, after this story, before you make a decision about buying an insurance policy, take a look at the cons of moving insurance. In fact, insurance can be an additional cost of your move, which you should take into account when planning your budget. And at the same time, it can be a small problem for those who have budget restrictions. All insurances have limited coverage, so maybe some items from your inventory will not be covered. Another con is the long claim process, which requires detailed documentation. In addition, some insurance policies may have deductibles, which means that the entire damage will not be compensated. And one more thing that people don’t believe in is the false sense of security.

What did you decide?

One of your current dilemmas is – to take out an insurance policy or not. You may not need an insurance policy, especially if you go with reliable movers Barrhaven who will take care of your belongings. However, they cannot prevent sudden situations in which complete damage can occur. Therefore, it might be the best option to choose proper insurance for your long distance move. And in that way, you will have a stress-free move. Of course, the final decision is up to you. If you aren’t sure, read this post again, or contact us for any additional questions!

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