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If you have decided to look for a new place to live in Kanata and move here, then our story about life and living costs in Kanata will help you to be sure of your decision. While, on the other hand, movers and packers Ottawa can help you pack your entire home and move to Kanata. But before you start packing, preparing, and organizing your move, it would be good to consider the possibilities of living in a Kanata and make sure that your budget can support all the expenses that await you, keeping in mind that a Kanata is one of the largest and fastest growing suburbs of Ottawa. So, let’s see what the cost of living in Kanata is!

Welcome to Kanata!

Did you know that Kanata was once a city? More precisely, from 1978 to 2001, when it became part of the city of Ottawa. Today, Kanata is a completely different place compared to what it used to be. Nowadays, Kanata is the largest suburb in Ottawa, known for its high-tech business parks and the Canadian Tire Center arena. In addition, there are several large shopping complexes here, such as the Tanger Outlets mall and the Kanata Sentrum outdoor mall. And if you like shopping, these are ideal places for that.

Ottawa area and neighborhood Kanata
Kanata is one of the largest and most beautiful neighborhoods in Ottawa.

Also, this suburb is ideal for the younger population. Especially for children, because there are small parks and playgrounds where your kids can have fun. And one of the biggest attractions is a large forest dedicated to the preservation of many plant species.

What is life like in the Kanata?

This place can be said to be one of the best neighborhoods in Ottawa. It’s located south of the center, and one of its biggest advantages is affordable housing prices. And that is exactly what makes Kanata an excellent place to settle. In addition, life in the Khanata offers you good business opportunities. And one of the most important industries for this place is the high-tech industry, which offers excellent opportunities for creating a career, improving knowledge, and advancing. Another advantage of living in Khanata is its convenient location. Namely, Kanata is located about 60 kilometers north of Stittsville and 22 kilometers southwest of downtown Ottawa. And also, the Ottawa International Airport is only a 30-minute drive away.

Kanata also has a favorable cost of living. When we consider all the amenities for living that this place has to offer, we will all agree that this is one of your best choices. But, in order to be even more confident in your decision, research the cost of living in Kanata. If Kanata is your final choice, moving companies Kanata are ready to assist you. And know that living costs are one of the most important things to consider when choosing a new place to live.

Cost of living in Kanata

So, we have come to the main topic of this story, which is the living cost that awaits you after moving to Kanata. Costs are always an important thing to consider, whether it’s living costs or moving costs that also await you in the process of your relocation. But we have great news for you. At least you won’t pay too much to relocate there, as we offer you quality and affordable moving services Ottawa. So, before you start anything, research the costs and make sure that your budget can cover them.

family planning budget and trying to reduce cost of living in Kanata
Budget planning will help you cover each monthly cost of living in Kanata.

After moving to Kanata, the costs that await you are:

  • Renting or buying real estate
  • Food costs
  • Utilities cost
  • Transportation cost
  • Other costs

It has always been known that older people are the ones who take the most care about how much money they spend. But that’s because they know best how hard it’s to make money. Therefore, if your seniors want to move to Kanata, recommend them senior moves Ottawa services that will save them money but provide them with an easy and simple move. So, the costs that we mentioned above are part of the monthly costs of each person.

What are the costs of real estate and renting in Kanata?

We said that Kanata is one of the places with the most favorable real estate market in Ottawa. And it really is. The average price of a house in Kanata is around $600,000. But in general, prices range from around $150,000 to $5 million. According to data from REALMAX, you can see that real estate prices in Kanata start at $275,000 for a two-bedroom apartment, while you can buy a three-bedroom house for as little as $398,900.

House to buya, one of costs of living in Kanata
In Kanata, you can buy or rent a nice, average, and comfortable house at very reasonable prices.

When it comes to renting, according to data from REALTOR.ca, we reveal to you that the lowest rent price is already $1,900 for a house with two bedrooms and three bathrooms. So, if you decide to rent, add the rent to your other monthly expenses and look at your budget.

How much money do you need for food and other groceries?

Food is the thing that almost everyone spends the most money on. Whether it’s lunch in a restaurant, fast food, or grocery shopping. According to data from livingcost.org, one person living in a Kanata needs $569 per month for food, while a family of four needs about $1,483. We will present you the average prices of some of the basic necessities of life:

  • Milk, 1l –  $3
  • Bread (500g)- $4,33
  • Eggs (12) – $3,88
  • Chicken fillets – $12,55
  • Banans – $1,75
  • Apples – $6,17
  • Water 1,5l – $2

If you decide to have lunch in a restaurant, you will need a little more money. That said, a meal for two people at a restaurant costs about $80, while a Mcdonald’s meal costs about $14.50. If you decide to drink coffee, juice, or beer in a local cafe, you will need 5,254 for coffee, $2 for juice, or $5-9 for beer 0.5l or 0.33l. But, during your move, our local movers Ottawa can reveal some of the best and most affordable restaurants, cafes, and bars where you can enjoy delicious food and at the same time have a lower bill.

What are the utility costs?

You can’t avoid utility costs, regardless of whether you live in an apartment or house, bought or rented. They can only envy the size of your home. Let’s say, for a small house and two people, utilities will cost you about $200 a month, while for a bigger house and more people, you will have to allocate $500+ a month. According to the data from REVIEWLUTION in Canada, the costs for water are $50, electricity $70, gas $60, and trash and recycling $25 per month. When we talk specifically about Kanata, basic utilities will cost you around $198 here. While you will also have the cost of the internet, which is around $73 per month.

Utility bill with past due stamp
Pay your utility bills on time to avoid piling up and save money on late interest charges.

Also, before you leave your home and move to Canada, residential movers Ottawa reminds you to deregister your bills and stop the consumption of electricity, gas, and water, in order to avoid paying fees and other obligations when you leave your old home.

What is the transportation cost in Kanata?

Traffic in Canada is generally well-managed. Almost every city and town has public transportation that is constantly in operation. Even when it comes to bad weather conditions. Also, Kanata is in a good location, in the immediate vicinity of Ottawa, and it will take you about 30 minutes to get to the city by public transport. When it comes to costs, they can depend on where you travel. But the average monthly expenses of people who use public transport can be around $87 per month. In general, transportation costs in Canada look like this:

movers loading moving truck for moving to Kanata
If you decide to hire Professional Movers Ottawa for your move, you will have a favorable price and quality full moving services.

For transportation by public local transportation in one direction, the ticket price will be 3.60, while the monthly ticket is $102.25. If you prefer to use a taxi, please note that the taxi fare is $4.50. And if you still decide to travel by car, the price of fuel is around $1.57 per liter. Also, if your move to Knata is based on a long distance, and if you agree with our long distance movers Ottawa, transport costs are something you don’t need to think about. At the very beginning, ask for a free estimate and you will receive detailed information, including the price of the moving company’s services.

Other living costs in Kanata

You may not like this, but you must know that these aren’t the only expenses that will await you after you start your life in Kanata. There are other costs such as child care, for example, private kindergarten for your child can cost around $1,400 plus other needs of the child. Also, if you want to train, the monthly membership fee in the fitness club is about $64.67. Then there are the costs of clothes and shoes, which are about $70 for jeans, $53 for a dress, $83 for sneakers, and $105 for shoes. And if, for example, you want to have some fun and go to the cinema, the price of one ticket is around $13.50.

Girls in shopping in Kanata
If you want to enjoy shopping and fit into your monthly budget, shop at discounts!

Also, know that when it comes to moving, there are additional costs. Let’s say when you want to move some unusual things like a piano, billiard table, etc. then these services are charged additionally. But, for more information, you can contact piano movers Ottawa. They will always be at your disposal at any time!

Pros and cons of living in Kanata

So let’s sum up the page. By now you could see that real estate prices are one of the pros of living in Kanata. Also, the affordable cost of living is also another one of the avg. But, when we talk about the prices of groceries, we can see that groceries have become more expensive, which we can classify in the group of cons of living in Kanata. Know that the prices of grocery items have increased not only in Ottawa but also in the whole world. And that can be attributed to one of the consequences of the Covid 19 virus. But overall, Kanata is a wonderful place to live, with many attractions and opportunities for both business and entertainment. In Kanata, you can find many interesting things to do. That just means you’ll never be bored after you move to Kanada!

So, are you sure about your decision?

Until now, you have been able to get to know this neighborhood as well as find out a lot of useful information that can help you make the final decision about your life. What is most important at this moment is to be well-informed about the cost of living in Kanata, and we hope that we have helped you with that. So, in the end, we want to tell you to explore all the possibilities, and to make the final decision based on your needs! Because that’s the only way you can be sure that you’ve made the most correct decision in your life! Good luck!

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