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The City of Ottawa is one of the best places to live in Canada. The whole of Canada is famous for its strong economy. Still, it is not just about financial stability only. Ottawa is also wildly famous for being pedestrian-friendly. Besides money, the quality of life is awesome. That is why a lot of people migrate to Ottawa. Due to all these qualities mentioned above, Ottawa was also ranked #1 as the top place for newcomers. So, if you made up your mind, let reliable movers in Ottawa take care of your needs. Then, feel free to start your Ottawa adventure. High quality of life for a low cost of living is actually the best description for living in Ottawa. Still, you need to choose one of the best Ottawa neighborhoods to move to, so let’s list some of them.

Let’s check out some of the best Ottawa neighborhoods to move to

Ottawa has become an exciting cosmopolitan center. The main reasons are its rich religious, ethnic, and linguistic diversity mixed with its strong talent base. After Toronto, Ottawa is the 2nd largest migrating destination. So, if you plan to move from Ottawa to Toronto, make sure to check out some moving companies Ottawa to Toronto options.  Still, if you prefer to stay in Ottawa, that is also a great choice.  Being a young city that is also rapidly diversifying, Ottawa’s popularity is just going stronger. Some of its charming ethnic neighborhoods with awesome authentic food, also reflect Ottawa’s diversity. Still, depending on your needs and what stage of life you are at, there are different types of neighborhoods in Ottawa, such as:

  • Westboro
  • Kanata
  • Sandy Hill
  • Gatineau
Bike on a beach by the river
Sitting next to the river after riding a bike in nature, is one of the favorite pastimes for people living in Ottawa

Westboro is one of the best Ottawa neighborhoods to move to

Westboro is a very beautiful neighborhood. It has an amazing beach also. Besides having a great beach, there is a winning combination of low crime and tons of interesting things you can do. There are townhomes, condos, and even some affordable single-family detached houses for sale. There is an option for everyone’s lifestyle. This neighborhood dates back to the 19th century. One of the biggest advantages is the fact that is very close to downtown. In addition, Westboro is famous for being quirky and interesting. There are some beautiful tree-lined streets, excellent bars and restaurants, and awesome schools. Homes around here are very eccentric and spacious. It is a very safe neighborhood, but you need to be able to pay a bit more in order to live here. 


In case you are moving with your family, we strongly recommend moving to Kanata. Besides being one of the fast-growing communities, Kanata is also very family-oriented. Kanata is a typical, friendly, family suburb with some of the best schools in whole Canada. The majority of its residents work in the local high-tech sector. Still, even if you are not working precisely in Kanata, this neighborhood is great for commuters. There are some great transportations to Ottawa on a daily basis. So, we can say that one of the main Kanata’s advantages is the fact that it is not in the city, but very close to it. Also one of the main Kanata’s advantages is that it is generally cheaper to live in. There are some great malls and affordable spacious homes on sale. Also, there are some great healthcare providers.

A father with two children
Kanata is one of the best Ottawa neighborhoods to move to in case you are moving with your family

Sandy Hill

The character of Sandy Hill is mainly defined by its proximity to the University of Ottawa. Basically, many of its former residents have moved out. So now, they are leasing their former homes to students. In that way, Sandy Hill became some kind of student ghetto. It is very convenient for students to live here. Therefore, they dictate the trends around here. It is also very convenient due to the fact that some of the best moving companies are offering them some great storage services. So, it is really that easy for students here. There are also multiple ethnic restaurants here. The bars are offering student-friendly prices. There are tons of social events on a daily basis. That is why Sandy Hill remains a top choice for younger people moving to Ottawa.


If you prefer French, Gatineau might be the right place for you. Renting here is also way affordable compared to some other parts of Ottawa. The main reason why it will be easier for you if you speak French is that many administrative facilities are actually available only in French. Still, things are changing here, so living as an anglophone is also becoming easier. So, if you made up your mind let one of the best moving companies Gatineau take care of your relocation process, while you are enjoying the experience. Commuting is also easy due to bus systems running regularly. Besides being more affordable and accessible, Gatineau is also very charming. The most famous tourist attractions and places you would definitely want to visit are the Museum of History and Gatineau Park. There are some beautiful rural areas with impressive views of Gatineau’s National Park that will take your breath away.

A woman taking a walk in nature
Taking a walk in Gatineau can be really breathtaking

All in all, moving to Ottawa will definitely be one of the best decisions you have ever made. It ranks among the world’s most desirable cities to live in. The whole of Canada is very clean and green. However, Ottawa is especially famous for it. The city offers a great healthcare system and affordable housing options. Besides a very high quality of life, it also offers great financial stability. There are tons of job opportunities for everyone here. So, make sure to pack your cases fast. Don’t be scared! Start the adventure of a lifetime!

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