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There is no denying that professional moving companies, like Discount Moving Ottawa, do a lot to make our relocation period easier for us. Because relocations usually have a big meaning in our lives, it is important that we do everything we can to make them as smooth as possible. Consequently, the way we treat the moving crew we hired may also impact the smoothness of our relocation process. Now, we are not saying that you need to babysit your movers in order to make them do their job. They will do it either way. However, tipping Ottawa movers, for example, will most likely make them keener to help you in the best manner possible. Today, we discuss just that. How you should tip your movers and whether to do it or not. This is a complete guide on the tipping aspect of your relocation process.

A guide to tipping Ottawa movers properly

Tipping is rooted deeply in the American culture. It is a way of expressing gratitude for the work the other person is doing. To some degree, tipping is an unwritten rule in many different cultures. In another perspective, tipping is also a way for us to let the other person know we appreciate their effort and care about their well-being.

a man pulling 5 dollars out of his wallet to represent tipping Ottawa movers properly
Tipping is a great way to tell the person doing the work for you that you appreciate it

Because the concept of tipping is so vast and every person has their own view of it – we help you go through this with your moving company. From a way to motivate the person working for you to expressing gratitude after the work is complete, we will try to cover all of the things that tipping can be used for. More importantly, we will try to help you determine what types of tipping are acceptable or advisable. So, without further ado, let us start talking about it.

The factors that should determine the tipping

Although people will tip just because someone helped them, there are certain factors that will determine whether or not you should tip someone and how much you should give them. Of course, these factors can easily vary depending on the situation you are in or the company you are working with. However, some of the main factors are:

  • Weather conditions – If movers are working in harsh weather, they deserve a tip
  • The organization – Because movers can make or break your process, their organization plays an important role
  • Amount of work movers do – The harder they work to move you, the more tip they deserve
  • Carrying heavy or bulky items – If the movers have to deal with a heavy item that is hard to handle, you should consider tipping them

Again, there are other instances that will determine whether or how much you should tip your movers.

What is the acceptable tip for the moving crew?

In retrospect, the moving company crew has their own paycheck. However, giving them a little morale boost will certainly not be a bad thing to do. However, many people face the issue of not knowing how much money is adequate for the tip. On one hand, you do not want to come out cheap when tipping. On the other hand, tipping Ottawa movers that did a good job should be deserving.

a man giving a large stash of money to a woman
There is a common confusion to not give too little, nor too much, when tipping

Generally speaking, the rule of thumb is usually to give a certain percentage of the total amount you have to pay for the service. However, you can always decide to tip them at $4-$5 per hour they are working. Of course, money is not always the go-to method. You can always tip your moving services Ottawa crew with a bigger amount than the usual. Now, let us talk more about those alternative ways to tip.

Alternative ways for tipping Ottawa movers

Money is not always the best choice for expressing gratitude. Although many people would agree that they would prefer money over anything else, there are other methods that can allow you to express your gratitude, as well as sympathy, for the people working for you. One of the main ways to do so is to simply take care of the moving crew while they work. Of course, you should always offer them some beverage and such. However, you can also order some food for them, organize a nice, long break that they can relax and rest for a while. After all, the moving crew will probably spend a couple of days in your home, so you should do what you can to make them feel welcome. Remember, a happy moving crew will do the job much better than the one that did not catch a breath for hours.

In the end, you should always resort to tipping them with, at least, some money

No one is saying that feeding the moving crew or giving them everything they need is not enough. However, at the end of the process, you might feel a little void when you do not give them any tips. After all, they were working hard to make your relocation become a reality.

a woman counting dollars on top of a marble table
You can either tip them individually or as a group

Even if you opt for storage units Ottawa, moving your items there will not be an easy task for sure. So, when it all comes down, tipping Ottawa movers is something that you should do regardless of the care you provided for the workers in the previous period. In a way, this is a great way to say your thank you; and express the gratitude you feel for the hard work they have done. If you did things previously, the tip at the end does not have to be an extreme amount. Just a little token of gratitude.

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