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Relocating business can be a prosperous move with many opportunities ahead. But you can’t undertake such a project without a proper plan in store. You must keep your schedule, employees, and work-flow in check. Therefore, it is time to show you how to create a commercial relocation checklist that will help you keep the whole process under control. Let’s take a look.

How much time do you have?

The more time you have the easier it gets. But the size of your business and the number of employees will play a big role here as well. Taking those two into consideration, you should start assembling your commercial relocation checklist. Your list should include all steps from start to finish. Then, once you have it all on paper, you can work around it and gradually remove the tasks of the list. But keep in mind that some tasks take more time and commitment than others. For example, the search for a reliable moving company might take a while. It is because you must obtain referrals, inspect your movers, communicate the details, and strike a deal. It all takes time and patience.

A man looking at the wristwatch
Make sure you are keeping up with the schedule.

Therefore, as soon as you know the date of your move, you must begin your preparations. Notify all relevant parties and make sure everyone is on the same page. And keep in mind that you should seek your office moving Ottawa services well in advance. If you want a certain date booked, you must contact your movers at least a month in advance. Of course, if you have a bigger move on your hands, make it 3-6 months. Secure the best professional moving service for your business and your employees.

A commercial relocation checklist will push your plans forward

Once you have your plan in hand, you’ll realize that you need another one for your new offices. But not to worry, they complement each other greatly and you can work on both lists side by side. What is most important here is to inspect your new offices or a place of work inside out. This way you’ll know how to pack and if all your equipment and furniture can fit. If you are moving into a smaller space you should consider renting one of the storage units Ottawa. You can store all your outdated and excess equipment until you figure out what to do with it.

And this is a moment where you must involve your employees because they’ll know best how to organize their working space. Therefore, inspect all areas, utilities, plumbing’s, infrastructure, bathrooms, lunchrooms, etc. Make sure that you can run your business unobstructed and that your new offices support your needs. But you probably already done this part before you signed a lease.

A commercial relocation checklist should include task assignments

To coordinate the whole process efficiently, you must assign tasks and share the load. You can’t do it all by yourself simply because it will take much time and cost more. Hence, dedicate a few tasks to your trusted employees or team leaders and let them take care of it. They will transfer the message and the responsibilities further down the ladder to make sure that everyone is updated and working per schedule. Also, keep your commercial relocation checklist updated with the names of the employees that are in charge of certain tasks. This way you won’t lose track and you’ll know who is responsible for the outcome.

Your commercial relocation checklist should include task assignments
Spread task assignments among your coworkers. It will help immensely.

Tasks can be simple and more complex. For starters, let each employee pack their belongings in a personalized box. Then, you’ll probably have someone assigned to taking care of the furniture, equipment, and business-related items. So, everyone should pitch in and reduce the time spent on the whole moving endeavor. Teamwork is the key to a successful commercial move.

List down your costs and the size of your moving budget

Now when you have your relocation plan in place, you should be able to crunch down the numbers and realize your moving costs. And working closely with your moving representative is important at this point. They will know best if you need additional moving services in Ottawa and where you can improve. But to gain this knowledge, your movers must perform onsite estimates. Include this in your moving schedule because it can take some time depending on the size of your business and the size of your cargo.

Therefore, schedule a visit so movers can evaluate your cargo. They must know how many items and moving boxes you possess and how many hours to invest. Also, if any special moving equipment is required or a team specialized in handling delicate items. After the evaluation, you’ll be presented with the final costs from where you should browse your options further. Remember, there is always room for improvement but with a reliable moving company, you’ll get everything calculated upfront. Nevertheless, you must go through your costs and budget one last time yourself, to make sure that everything adds up.

One of the crucial steps is to find a reliable moving company

Now, you must be wondering, where to find a trustworthy moving company? At least this part is easy, especially when it comes to commercial moves. Simply browse online for reliable movers Ottawa and compare prices and services. Make sure to read reviews and comments to be sure that your movers are licensed and that they have all the tools and equipment to take care of your business. But if you can obtain referrals or a word of mouth, that would be the best. Especially in the business world, good word travels far.

Savings in coins
Keep your moving budget in check. Work closely with your movers for a better outcome.

This means that legit and reliable moving companies specialized for commercial moves are usually transparent and they keep their reputation in place. We are sure that one of your colleagues heard of a good moving company they can recommend. If not, find your movers online but make sure to inspect them adequately.

Take care of the legalities

Like in any business, there will be a lot of paperwork and legalities involved. Your job is to take care of it at least a month in advance to make sure everything is up to date and transferred to your new address. Some of the notable steps are to cover your important moving documents, contracts, and services, and to update all relevant parties. Contact your bank, partners, vendors, associates, and make sure everyone is aware of the change. Inform everyone about the new contact info and the change of address. Also, you must cover personal documents and your employee’s documents. Especially if you are moving your business to a different state. But do not worry, a couple of phone calls and e-mails will do the trick. As long as you do it on time.

Now you know how your commercial relocation checklist should look like. The key here is to plan everything in advance and secure the seamless transition. And now when you know what should be covered, it won’t be hard at all to keep your employees in check and your business flow intact. We wish you the best of luck!

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