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You are getting ready for yet another relocation in your life. Or this is the very first you’ll witness? Nevertheless, you must know the key aspects of moving endeavor. One of the key moments is the packing process. Especially when it comes to your furniture. Therefore, we bring you a simple guide on how to disassemble furniture when moving. Let us prepare everything together.

How to prepare to disassemble furniture when moving

Everything begins with a moving checklist. Simply list down all things you must do before the moving day. Also, you’ll need the inventory list as well. There you can keep all your furniture and boxes in check to make sure that everything arrived safely. And to create one, you should inspect each room gradually. Once you cover each room in your home, you will know the exact number of furniture pieces you possess. More importantly, you’ll know if you need additional help with certain pieces and if there are any that can be disassembled. And finally, work out the logistics from start to finish and figure out which tools and equipment you need to cover everything adequately.

Let us find a reliable moving company

Before you disassemble furniture when moving or pack any boxes, you must find a trustworthy and reliable moving company. It is imperative to find a moving team you can trust so you can rest assured that your moving project is in good hands. Safety always comes first. Therefore, start searching online until you find a couple of interesting choices. Then, start comparing services, prices, and offers. In a matter of minutes, you’ll narrow down your search to a top 3.

Movers can help you disassemble furniture when moving. Find a proper moving company.
Read reviews and comments until you find a reliable moving company.

Furthermore, to be sure that your choice is a legit one, you should inspect them a bit further. Check if your company possesses all the tools, equipment, licenses, and permits to operate. As well as enough manpower and a proper moving vehicle.

Finally, read some reviews, blog posts, or any comments you can find. The goal is to figure out how they treat their customers. Find any previous customer’s experience that can assure you that your company is legit, affordable, and polite. And to make your life a bit easier, we will point out the Ottawa movers as a legit local choice. Here you’ll find everything you need. Moving expertise, professionalism, affordability, and more. Give them a call and obtain a top-notch moving service.

Take some time to create a packing plan

We already mentioned the importance of a moving checklist. If you listed all the items you’ll pack, then you are ready to gather the packing supplies. Visit your nearest hardware store or purchase packing materials online. Obtain enough cardboard moving boxes, packing tape, blister packs, and labels.

Firstly, you should get all the smaller pieces out of the way. This will create more space to move around the bigger items and disassemble them without damaging anything else. The best way is to pack several boxes with all your appliances and other random items that occupied the space. Eventually, you’ll have your room cleared out of smaller pieces so you can move the furniture around. Once you are done with smaller items, you can set your eyes on the furniture.

Woman and a child packing items in blister packs
Blister pack is amazing for wrapping furniture pieces and other items as well.

Also, keep in mind that the packing process is the best time to declutter and downsize. Shuffle through your belongings and set aside all those items you do not need anymore. The same goes for furniture that might be old, broken, or simply outdated. It might be better to buy a brand new piece or two than to move the old ones. The idea is to start fresh and clutter-free. Therefore, inspect all areas of your home, especially, garage, attic, and basement. Throw away or donate your old items and this way you’ll even reduce the moving cost a bit.

A storage unit might be a solution

If you are relocating to a smaller apartment that can’t fit all your furniture, there is a solution. Consider renting one of the storage solutions in Ottawa. You don’t even have to throw away any of your old stuff because you’ll have enough space to hold everything. Later simply go back and take whatever you need. This might be a lucrative short-term or a long-term solution. Depending on your situation. Just remember to clean all your furniture before storing it. Maybe it is a good time to refurbish some of the old pieces as well.

How to disassemble furniture when moving by yourself?

You should take a serious approach to disassemble furniture when moving. No matter if your furniture is expensive, antique, old, broken, or brand new. You should treat it the same way, with caution and patience. Let us explain how to do it without breaking anything:

  • Which tools to use? – Using the wrong tools can damage your furniture beyond repair. Use a small hammer, a screwdriver, pliers, and protective gloves. It is enough to do any home disassembling properly. Take it slow to keep to furnishing intact.
  • How to protect the furniture? – Use a blister pack to wrap individual pieces and keep them safe against scratching, bumps, and bruises. Also, you can use anything at home to wrap your items. Old blankets, sheets, rags, t-shirts, etc.
  • Screws and bolts – To avoid losing all those smaller pieces, keep them inside a bag with a label on it. You’ll probably have a dozen small bags so prepare one box to hold them. It is important to label all properly with the furniture it belongs to. You will be thankful for doing this later when you start putting things back together.
  • Furniture pieces – Inspect everything before you start breaking things apart. Some furniture is meant to stay in one piece. Some have wooden screws or metal pins that can’t be reassembled. For example, if you have robust items like a pool table, a piano, or a home safe, it is better to hire a team specialized for it. Check out piano movers Ottawa and solve your problems instantly. Better let professionals move big and robust items and avoid unnecessary damage.
Set of tools on the table
Be mindful of the tools you use for this project. Some can damage your furniture beyond repair.

Movers can help as well

Now, a DIY project can be fun, but if you are unsure that you can pull it off, consider letting movers pack and disassemble your furniture. They have all the tools and equipment required for this job and tons of experience. Not to mention that movers can assemble everything upon arrival. You should check all the moving services Ottawa available to you. Many services can make your life much easier. Browse a bit, do the math, and figure out what is best for you.

It is not easy at all to disassemble furniture when moving. But now you know a bit more about it. Just remember to follow the manufacturer’s guide, if you still have one. It will be slightly easier to follow a guide than to do things from the top of your head. Nevertheless, we are sure that with proper tools and a bit of patience you’ll disassemble your furniture like a pro. Good luck.

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