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    Have you just finished your relocation? Or are you just getting ready to move? Either way, there are some things that you need to take care of. Post-move paperwork might not be the most interesting thing to do. But, it’s essential if you want to truly call your new place a home. And while it might sound pretty tedious, it’s actually pretty straightforward. Here are some of the things that you need to handle after your relocation.

    Don’t be afraid of the post-move paperwork

    Almost no one likes paperwork. And you might want to postpone doing it for as long as you can. But, in this case, post-move paperwork isn’t all that bad. In order to grasp the full situation, you need to know exactly what you need to do. And while every relocation is different, there are some aspects that are common to all of them. After you find the best movers Ottawa and relocation to a new home, you have to take care of:

    • Canceling or transferring utilities
    • Paying leftover bills
    • Forwarding your mail
    • Sorting out your children’s’ education paperwork
    • Transferring your medical records
    • Handling veterinary records for your pet

    If it all sounds scary, don’t worry. It’s not. Some items on this list can be done with a simple phone call. Or even online. While others require just a little bit of extra effort.

    man signing post-move paperwork
    There’s a lot of paperwork that you need to handle. But don’t be afraid of it.

    Handling utilities and services is the hardest part of post-move paperwork

    Now that you know what you can expect, we should dive right into the hardest part of post-move paperwork. Because, once you are done with it, everything else is as simple as calling a phone number or visiting your doctor’s office. Since there are many different utilities that an average home uses, this can take anywhere between half an hour and a few hours to complete. And it’s best to start the process even before local movers Ottawa arrive to load your belongings. Some of the most common utilities and services are:

    • Trash removal
    • Electricity
    • Water
    • Gas
    • Internet
    • Cable
    • Phone

    Disconnecting utilities and services

    Some utilities and services can easily be transferred to your new address. While others can’t. Either because the new area isn’t covered. Or because a different company operates there. That’s especially the case when moving long-distance. In those cases, you’ll need to disconnect them. It’s as simple as calling the company that provides you with the service. And inform them that you will be moving. Although, in some cases, you might have to provide proof of your relocation and sign a contract termination paperwork. 

    Transferring services and utilities

    A much better way is to simply transfer your current utilities and services. And much quicker. In most cases, during a residential relocation, you will be able to transfer most of your services. If the same company is operating in your new area, call them and explain the situation. They will be happy to come and connect you to their service. In some cases, you will have to sign a new contract. But, in others, you’ll simply transfer your existing contract to your new address.

    mailbox signifying forwarding mail as a part of post-move paperwork
    Forwarding your mail is very useful for many different reasons

    Forwarding your mail has never been easier

    It doesn’t matter if you are waiting for packages or letters to arrive or not. Forwarding your mail is something that you should definitely do. It’s not free, but it will save you from a lot of trouble. Say an unpaid bill arrives in the mail after you’ve relocated. It will be much harder to sort it out than handle post-move paperwork, that’s for sure. And forwarding your mail has never been easier. As the post office lets you forward your mail online. Select a plan that you need, fill out a form, and that’s it. Everything that arrives at your old address will be forwarded to your new one. 

    Handling education paperwork after the move

    If you are moving to a new school district you will have to handle your children’s education paperwork. Relocation is hard for children. And they often need your help to adjust to a new home. One thing that’s very good for them is to start going to the new school as soon as possible. And that means transferring everything from the old school to the new one. It’s usually done by the school. So there’s not much for you to do but request it. If there’s anything that you need to do, you’ll be informed at the school.

    Transferring your medical records is part of the essential paperwork

    When you move to a new city, it’s not the surroundings that are different. You’ll have to go to a different clinic. And it is very important for them to have your latest medical records. And that means transferring everything from your old clinic to the new one. It’s a tedious task, but one that is very important.

    medical records as part of the post-move paperwork
    Transferring your medical records to your new doctor’s office is very important

    Don’t forget your furry friend when handling post-move paperwork

    Just like you need to handle your own medical paperwork, you also need to handle it for your pets. They will be visiting a new vet. And it’s also very useful for them to have their complete medical history. It’s usually something that you need to physically transfer on your own. But, depending on the vet, it might also be done electronically. 

    Other paperwork that you need to take care of

    Aside from these, there is some other paperwork that you need to handle. From confirming everything with your moving company to changing your driver’s license. And if you are moving an office, then you need to take care of a lot more paperwork. But, no matter what the case is. Handling post-move paperwork is nothing scary, and nothing that you can’t do. Take care one thing at a time and you’ll be done in no time. 

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