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There is no relocation that can go without a bit of decluttering, downsizing, and cleaning. Yes, it is a tiresome process and no one likes to do it at all. But when you think that you must plan the whole relocation, pack all your stuff, and search for moving companies Ottawa, then this becomes just another moving task. So, let us help you with the spring cleaning before moving and help you relocate clutter-free. It will benefit you greatly.

Prior to spring cleaning before moving – Inspect your home

You can begin your spring cleaning before moving only after you inspect your entire home. And you must do it before you contact your local movers Ottawa because they need the basic info to provide accurate estimates. Therefore, visit each room and note down how much stuff you have. Create a moving checklist including all your items, furniture, along with all the responsibilities, errands, chores, and various moving tasks. You can do it within an hour or two and once you are done, you will have your personalized moving guide in your hands. Then you can decide where to start and shuffle through your belongings more thoroughly.

A pile of random old and antique items
Inspect your entire home and figure out what can be removed.

You can pick up the pace if you like. But no one will force you to do this in a day. You can break it into categories or rooms and cover your home gradually. Whatever you prefer the most. Just make sure you cover all the appliances, furniture, clothing, and miscellaneous items you have around the place. Inspect your attic, basement, backyard, and garage. You surely have a lot of items stashed in there and you can surely remove some of them. Once you are done, call your movers Kanata and give them the number of items you have and let them help you calculate moving costs. The more info you bring, the easier it gets for everyone involved.

Sort out your clothing first

Your clothing might be a problem simply because you have a lot of it. Hence, you decide if you are going to remove this one first or last. We suggest starting with the clothing while you still have a lot of time on your hands. Later on, if you have a problem with the time-management and your schedule is tight, you can simply pack what is left and bring it with you.

So, start with your personal wardrobe then move onto your children’s, and finally, help the rest of the family with this one. You should check out all your old, outgrown, and worn-out pieces. Try them on and figure out if you see yourself wearing any of them in the future. Then set aside all those pieces you want to get rid of and eventually you’ll have a nasty pile ready to be donated. This is how spring cleaning before moving should begin.

Appliances and electronics are included in spring cleaning before moving as well

Now, let’s move forward and inspect all your electronics and appliances. There is probably a broken down washing machine in your basement waiting for a fix. It probably won’t happen in near future. Therefore, consider recycling and scraping for a buck or two. Or simply throw it away. Especially if it’s a fairly old one and not worth repairing.

This might be a moment to check out all the working ones as well. Maybe you can replace it with a brand new model and introduce something new to your new home. They say it will bring you prosperity if you buy new items when moving in. So, check all your old and new appliances. Ensure everything is working and worth moving over. And pay attention to the set up in your new home. Maybe some of the bigger pieces simply won’t fit into the new environment.

spring cleaning before moving includes the old appliances as well
Check your old and new appliances. Maybe something is ready to be replaced.

And now let’s cover the furniture

You should take the same approach with your furniture as you did with the appliances. You surely have old, outdated, old-fashioned, or broken pieces of furniture. Maybe it is the right moment to finally let your hoard go and get rid of it. Inspect all your furniture and figure out what is ready to be replaced. Then, check out your old pieces inside the garage and the attic and do the same. But be careful with antique and extremely old pieces. If you have those, you might reconsider because they might worth a lot. If that is the case, you should consult with a local art dealer and make a refurbishing plan. No matter the shape, if it is old, it can be reassembled and still be valuable.

In case you possess valuable and robust pieces of furniture, you should ask your long distance movers Ontario to appoint an adequate moving team. For this occasion, you’ll need movers with all the tools, equipment, and knowledge to move such a cargo. Communicate this with your moving representative and find the best solution for the situation.

Dispose of dangerous waste carefully

Some of the items you’ll find can be volatile and dangerous for the environment. And to yourself of course. Therefore, you must know how to dispose of hazardous and dangerous waste in the right way. These are the items that fall into this category:

  • Chemicals
  • Flammable objects and liquids
  • Construction materials
  • Medical waste

If you have any of it, set it aside and when you are ready, take it all to the nearest recycling center. Or you can call a hazardous removal company to take care of it. Whatever you decide, just do not pack these items with your moving cargo. It can endanger everyone involved.

A bunch of spray cans in a box
Remove all the hazardous materials and ensure your cargo is safe.

Get rid of everything and start moving!

Now, you are probably asking yourself – what to do with all the items you set aside? Don’t worry, there is a beneficial solution. Firstly, you can throw everything away if you do not want to think about it much. Or you can recycle and get a pretty penny for it. And you can always donate items before the move to a local homeless shelter or charity organization. Some of those items are still valuable and useful to some people so you should strongly consider this option. Also, you can give some of it to your friends, neighbors, coworkers, etc. It can be a nice gesture and a descent farewell gift.

And now you know how spring cleaning before moving should look like. Don’t be shy with all the items you have found. Get rid of it because most of it is easily replaceable. Keep only family heirlooms, memorabilia, and keepsake items no matter the condition they are in. Everything else should go and this way you’ll avoid cluttering your new space. Start fresh and clean in your new environment. Good luck.

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