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No matter if you are moving your hot tub to a new home or simply to a new spot in your backyard – it is not going to be easy. If you are considering moving a hot tub on your own, you should know that they are rather heavy. So you should prepare for a lot of heavy lifting, and also getting specialized equipment to move a hot tub. If you are getting help from the best movers Ottawa, the whole relocation will be much easier. Start planning and preparing on time and everything will be much easier!

The first step when moving a hot tub is to plan and prepare on time

Preparing and planning everything is the first step of any relocation. A good plan can save you a lot of nerves, time, and money. Simply, if you sit down and think about every detail – there is less chance that something will go wrong. And if you have help from movers Barrhaven, you can be sure that it will be stress-free. Usually, professional movers have a lot of experience when it comes to moving specialty items.

people planning moving a hot tub
Plan and prepare before you move the hot tub

You will need moving supplies

Once you have planned everything, you need to start gathering all the moving supplies you will need for this task. If you are doing this on your own you will need moving straps, 2 dollies. But make sure that dollies can carry a lot of weight. Hot tubs are not an easy item, and you need everything that you can to make the relocation as safe as possible!

You will need help

If you want to move a hot tub on your own, you will need help. Moving it on your own is not an option. You will need at least 6 people to safely and carefully move the hot tub around. Also, if you are moving it to a different location, you will need a moving truck. Before renting it – make sure that your hot tub can fit inside. Keep in mind that professional packing services Ottawa can help you with this task as well. They are trained and skilled to make this move of your hot tub as easy as possible!

Before you start moving a hot tub you need to assess your surroundings

You need to determine will there be any obstacles to move your hot tub. Is the hot tub in a tight spot? Is it on the ground level? Or you have to take it down or up a flight of stairs? This is an important part of the relocation. If there are any obstacles, you will have to work around them or with them. You do not want to damage the hot tub or your landscape, especially if you want to make your new home feel like home. A damaged backyard won’t help you feel right at home. It will only make you anxious!

person in hot tub
Before moving, assess the surroundings

Now you can start!

Once you decided do you want to move it on your own or with help of the professionals, and finished the assessment – now you can start the relocation of the hot tub. The first step is to disconnect your hot tub. You need to unplug it and make sure that there are no cables going around. Ideally, you can put the cables in waterproof bags, so you can be sure there won’t be any damage or accidents.

Draining the hot tub

If you thought that the draining of your hot tub will be easy – you are wrong. It is not as simple to dump the water in your backyard. If you do that, you will have a little flood and ruined backyard. To drain your hot tub, you will have to check manufacturer directions. Depending on the type of your hot tub you might need to use a garden hose or a pump. Ideally, you should pump water near a street gutter. After this, you need to clean your hot tub. And you need to do a thorough cleaning job. You should use products that are specially designed for this.

The next step in moving the hot tub is getting started

Once you drained and cleaned the hot tub, the next step is to plan your route. After that, you need to start the moving process itself. The first step is to place plywood pieces underneath the tub. This will create a smooth surface that will make moving much easier. Next, if the route is flat, you will need to place dollies. You need to be careful, and make sure that both of your dollies are up to the task.

person with dolly
Make sure that dollies can carry the weight of the hot tub

What if the route is not ideal?

If you are worried about the route where you will move your hot tub, you will have to turn your tub on the side. You will have to be extra careful with this task. This means that there should be one dolly in the front and one in the back. Also, one person should be handling each dolly, while others hold the hot tub on its sides. Of course, it is important to use moving straps to secure it. If you hired professionals, you will be able to skip all of these steps. You will only have to get a moving estimate that covers potential damage. And that’s it!

Getting it into the truck

Now comes the hardest part! You need to move the hot tub to the moving truck and load/unload it carefully. You will need one person in the moving truck, while others should be pushing it into the truck. Make sure that you are careful, and that you can easily use dollies to unload it. Of course – do not forget to secure the hot tub on the sides of the moving truck. You don’t want the hot tub bounding around in the truck!

Moving a hot tub might be safer with professional help

Even if you got the equipment and enough people, it is highly advisable to hire professionals to handle this task. Moving a hot tub on your own will be challenging, and you might get stuck. Or even worse, you will damage the hot tub. It is much safer to pay a little extra, than to risk damage to your hot tub!

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