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When moving home, you must consider all the stages involved. You should create a moving plan, pack your belongings, search for moving companies Ottawa, and prepare your budget adequately. But even if you cover all the stages, your moving price can vary a lot depending on how you prepare for it. So, if you consider the factors that affect your moving quote you will realize you can obtain a much better deal, right? And we will help you today and point out all the situations where you can obtain a much better moving quote. Let’s take a look.

Movers related factors that affect your moving quote

Most of the factors that affect your moving quote are related to the moving company and how you choose one. Or should we say, how you search for one? So, begin your journey online by browsing for the right movers Barrhaven. In a matter of seconds, you will find a few eligible choices. Then, compare prices, feedbacks, and services in order to figure out how they treat their customers. Also, to compare them adequately across the board and finally choose the cheapest and safest version.

The way you search for movers is one of the factors that affect your moving quote
Find a legit moving company and you won’t have to worry about your moving quote.

Once you find your movers, ensure they are licensed, experienced, and well-equipped to perform this task. It is best to give them a call and communicate the details about moving estimates, services, and costs tied to the whole moving project.

Moving services are the main factors that affect your moving quote

Now, before you choose any moving service, you should obtain the basic info from your movers. They will advise and offer many moving services Ottawa you can utilize. Although, you should be careful here because you might need additional moving services or you do not need some of them at all. And to figure this out, you should inspect your home and figure out how hard your moving is. Shuffle through your items, check out your furniture, and inspect the environment. Note everything down on the moving checklist and create an inventory list as well. This way you will prepare the basic info your movers require. Also, you will realize how many packing materials you need and set aside a packing budget.

When you obtain all the basic info, bring it to your moving representative for an evaluation. Guided by your situation, they will form the best moving plan and present you with the moving prices and all fees included. Then you can sit down and crunch your number to see where you can invest more and where to save a bit.

Be proactive and secure your investment

One of the factors that affect your moving quote is the situation where you have to deal with a fraudulent moving company. This world is full of scammers and they spread across all businesses. This is nothing new and there is always a constructive solution and a positive outcome. But the best medicine for dealing with shady movers is to avoid them completely. And to do it, you must conduct thorough research of the moving company you desire to hire. Therefore, ensure you do the following before you sign anything:

  • Inspect your movers – Shuffle through their website. Confirm the have the physical address, contact info, and a company logo displayed. Your movers should be transparent.
  • Confirm their legitimacy – Find your movers online and confirm they are registered in the US Movers Association, on Yellow Pages, on the Better Business Bureau, or FMCSA. If they are legit, you should find them easily.
  • Ensure they have the means to operate – Confirm they have all the tools, equipment, manpower, moving trucks, etc.
  • Pay them a visit – If necessary, you can visit your movers and inspect their business as much as possible. Ask for a tour of the facility and to inspect the moving vehicle that will transport your cargo. Of course, this can be a stretch but it shouldn’t be a problem for a legitimate moving company to appoint a moving representative to provide a supervised guide through everything they offer.

If you cover these steps, you can be sure that your moving quote is legit. If you neglect to do it, you can enlist a fraudulent moving crew that will pump your bill significantly and tosses in a few hidden fees and costs as well. Therefore, invest an hour and confirm all we mentioned above.

An onsite estimate is the best way to reach the precise moving price

If you want to obtain the exact moving price, you must schedule onsite estimates. It is a free moving service all legit moving companies should provide. Basically, your movers will pay you a visit and evaluate the whole situation. They will inspect your home, your cargo, and figure out where to park the moving truck. All in order to make your relocation easier, safer, and cost-efficient. Once they are done, they will do the math and provide you with the moving quote. From there you can work forward and assemble your moving contract.

A man noting down the moving cargo
Let your movers provide onsite estimates and obtain your precise moving quote.

Understand the content of your moving contract

If you play your cards right, you will reach the final and exact moving price in no time. But before you do, you should know the difference between binding and non-binding estimates. One is a fixed moving price that can’t be changed along the way. The other is an open tab where your movers can add costs depending on the situations that occur along the way. It works both ways as well. You can add a moving service in the middle of the process if you desire and your movers will add it to your final bill.

But be careful with the non-binding estimate because it opens up the opportunity for moving scams. We suggest making a deal with your movers beforehand and set a fixed moving price. Besides, that is what onsite estimates are for. Hence, do this one right and utilize onsite estimates, set your price in stone, and sign a solid contract with no loose ends. Also, ensure you read it several times before signing and pay attention to the fine print at the bottom of the document.

Cover a few stages yourself to minimize the moving cost

Finally, the last step is to cover some things yourself because this process can affect your moving estimate significantly. Start by decluttering and downsizing. Reduce the number of unnecessary items you carry over. It will make your relocation easier, cheaper, and you won’t clutter your new space. Then, you can disassemble furniture, pack yourself completely, and clean your home before moving out as well. Do anything you can if you have time for it. Invest your time instead to pay for additional moving hours.

A person placing a coin inside a piggy bank
You can save quite a bit if you do some things yourself. Figure out what can be done upfront.

On the other hand, if you have no time at all or you simply can’t be bothered with some of the moving stages, consider purchasing packing services Ottawa. We all know that packing is the hardest part and it will spend all your free time. You can avoid it completely and let professionals bring all the materials, pack, and unpack upon delivery. If you have a stretching moving budget, consider this one.

Now you know more about the factors that affect your moving quote. Hopefully, you will prepare your moving plan better after reading our piece. Remember, keep your focus on a legit moving company and utilize onsite estimates. If you do it right, you won’t have any problems obtaining a precise and honest moving quote. In the end, you can always negotiate a bit and even obtain a better deal or a discount. Good luck.

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