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Moving is hard by default and when you are moving to Toronto as a single parent it becomes even harder. Right from the start, it might seem impossible to cover packing, a search for moving and storage Ottawa company, and to organize the whole moving logistics. But it is doable for sure. Many single parents are moving daily and there is a way to do it right. Hence, we will explain and give you a few tips and tricks on how to do it and maintain your sanity in the process. Let’s go.

Create a plan for moving to Toronto as a single parent

The first thing you must do is to create a steady-moving plan. As soon as you realize the date of your move, you should start inspecting your home. The goal is to check your rooms, loft, garage, basement, and all other areas in your home. This depends on if you are living in an apartment or in a family home. Then, you should list everything on the moving checklist. This way you will realize how many pieces of furniture you are moving and how many moving boxes Ottawa you’ll have in the end. And you are doing this to make your relocation safer and to prepare an adequate budget.

a man thinking about moving to Toronto as a single parent
Think about all the moving-related responsibilities you must cover and create a plan on how to do it right.

As soon as you inspect everything and prepare the basic info, start searching for movers. You will need your moving and inventory checklists when doing this. It should contain all the basic info and moving-related responsibilities. Once your movers pop the question, you’ll have the answers ready. Moreover, your movers will use the info you gathered as an advantage and create a better moving plan with it.

Do some research and find a proper moving company

The next step is to find a reliable and trustworthy moving company. When moving to Toronto as a single parent you do not need any moving mishaps or to deal with fraudulent movers. Therefore, you must invest time in your research to be sure that your choice is a valid one. So, begin your search on the internet and browse through the moving industry. Soon enough you’ll find many local moving companies. Narrow it down by comparing them between each other. The main focus is on prices, reviews, and moving services. If you want to rent one of the storage units Ottawa, you must search for a company that provides this service. Also, you should read a few comments on external blogs or social media groups to figure out if they are providing good services. And if they are treating their customers right.

Moreover, if you need some kind of special service, you must contact your movers to check if they can assist you with it. For example, if you are moving a piano, you must enlist piano movers Ottawa. Simply because they have all the tools, knowledge, and experience in handling such objects. And this goes for any other robust, hard-to-handle, or expensive item. If you are not sure if your company provides this service, give them a call and communicate further. But the bottom line is, your movers must be licensed and with all the tools required for the job. That is a bare minimum.

Moving to Toronto as a single parent is hard – Get more help

Even with a good moving company by your side, you might still need some help. Your friends can help a lot if you ask them nicely. Hence, check with your relatives, neighbors, friends, or coworkers. Give them your moving date and some time to check their schedules. Probably most of them will have some kind of excuse to miss it simply because no one enjoys relocating. It is hard to relocate yourself let alone someone else. But we are sure your best friends will heed your call and help enough. If they simply stay by your side and keep you company while packing, that should be enough. Sometimes a bit of emotional support is all we need. But, if they are up to running some errands, covering chores, or even assist you packing, that would be amazing.

friends taking a selfie
Ask your friends and relatives to extend a helping hand. It would mean a lot.

Explain the situation to your kids

We are sure you will organize and cover all the moving steps. But while doing it, you mustn’t neglect your children. They should be aware of the situation and you must explain what is happening. Of course, if your children are small and unable to understand, then it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you should keep them by your side and let them feel the love and care you provide. For bigger children, try to explain that this relocation is an opportunity to start anew, meet new friends, change the environment, increase the budget, and more. Spin to the positive sides only and let them participate in the move if they are old enough. They can assist at least by packing their toys or the entire room.

Explore your new neighborhood

Before you start moving to Toronto as a single parent, you should explore the neighborhood to realize what is waiting for you there. You must obtain enough knowledge about it and be ready for all scenarios. Firstly, you should make a list of all the important places you should visit and locate. Check out the list of the most important ones:

  • Nearest doctor’s office and a hospital.
  • Police station and a fire station.
  • Grocery shop and a gas station.
  • Public transport.
  • Government facilities.
  • Your bank or the ATM.
aerial view of a hospital
Find all points of interest as soon as you move in.

Also, you should explore a bit before you move to check how safe it is. And while doing it, find a few local restaurants, shops, coffee places, etc. You might need it in the first couple of weeks.

Stay positive

Finally, you must stay positive. No matter how hard it is, you should keep your cool and try not to transfer negative energies to your kids. Moving is stressful and emotional as it is, and if you contribute to it, it might leave lasting effects on your children. Therefore, avoid dealing with homesickness, moving depression, and anxiety by keeping a positive attitude. Spend enough time with your children and keep them engaged and up to date. This way, they will feel safe.

And this is all you should know when moving to Toronto as a single parent. Now you are ready to begin this journey and to settle in. And remember, you shouldn’t stay indoors for too long. As a single parent, you should give your best to blend into the community right away. Meeting your new neighbors and a few locals will help you get along faster and easier. Good luck.

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