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Relocating home is already stressful enough. Adding a fraud into the picture can only make everything worse. So, the question is, how next to the packing, organizing, and a search for Ottawa movers, to recognize fraudulent moving companies in Ottawa? Luckily, we have the answer to this question. It is not simple but we will guide you through it. Let’s take a look.

Movers must have permits and licenses

Your local movers Ottawa should have permits and licenses to work in the moving industry. Without it, you shouldn’t even talk to them. Hence, let’s find the moving company together. Start browsing online until you find a few viable choices. Narrow it down by comparing prices, services, and feedbacks. Once you find a few candidates, take a look at their websites. Read up a bit and confirm they are legit. It should be out there somewhere in the user’s agreement or in the “about us” section that they are licensed and which states they are covering.

If they are not licensed you will easily recognize fraudulent moving companies in Ottawa
If your movers are not licensed, it is an instant red flag. Skip those movers.

Pay close attention to the coverage as well. Because if your mover is crossing a state line they can charge you as a cross-state move you never asked for. No one in their right mind would ever think of this one. Or maybe we would because it happened before if there are interstate sections, and there are many in the US. So, be careful with this one as well. All in all. License and permits are mandatory right from the start.

Recognize fraudulent moving companies in Ottawa by gathering as many referrals as you can

Yes, you are absolutely right. The internet is not the only place to search for movers. Sometimes it is better to search local newspapers, obtain referrals from friends or ask a relative to recommend something viable. But the best is a word of mouth. Someone who already used the company’s services in the past and can say that everything went well and they are satisfied with the outcome. You can find those people on social media groups as well. There is surely someone who can share their experience with you. And it works both ways. Let’s say you found an amazing offer, and you want to double-check them.

two friends talking
Obtain referrals from friends and family.

You go online and ask a few people and gain only bad reviews. Naturally, you will skip them because many people had a bad experience with them in the past. And as you already know, bad rep spreads like fire. So, yes. You can look for your movers and referrals wherever you want.

Let’s play a detective!

Ok, one thing is to ask movers if they have all the tools to cover your relocation. But to check up on them online is something quite different. There are several websites where you can check if your movers are running a legit business. So, another great way to recognize fraudulent moving companies in Ottawa is to check those websites. Check FMCSA or The Better Business Bureau. You can check Yellow Pages as well. If your movers left a trail there, then they are legit.

All those websites are transparent and require businesses to leave all their information. Sometimes it is not enough to hear from movers that they are licensed, well-equipped, knowledgeable, experienced, with enough manpower, etc. You need proof on paper that they know what they are doing and they are doing it legitimately following all the rules and regulations tied to the moving industry. You want to be sure all protocols are in place and you are legally covered. After all, it is not only your belongings at stake, but you and your family as well.

Recognize fraudulent moving companies in Ottawa if they offer too many services

Another great way to spot a moving scam is linked to the moving services Ottawa. In general, moving services are amazing and there is a lot to it. From specialized teams to move a vehicle, pool table, gun safe, piano, etc. To all other sorts of services like complete packing and unpacking. But, fraudulent movers use this opportunity to exploit and overcharge you for those services. For example, onsite estimates are always free, and fraudulent movers would put a fee on it. So, no matter which services you are purchasing, you must compare them with other services with other companies. You don’t want to see too low or too high a price. Neither of those two is good.

a guy stressing out
If your movers offer a lot of services with an aggressive approach it must be a scam.

You do not need all the services they offer

And as we already mentioned moving services, we will simply continue there and tell you this. If movers try to bundle up as many services as they can even if you do not need them, it is a red flag. Just another way to recognize fraudulent moving companies in Ottawa. Therefore, shuffle through the moving services, and choose only those that you’ll benefit from. You do not need a piano moving team if you do not own a piano.

But we are sure you will find reliable residential movers Ottawa that will treat you right. No scams allowed, good prices, and a safe drive home.

What kind of payment method they use?

All moving companies ask for some kind of a down payment. Math is simple here. It shouldn’t ever go over 20% of the whole amount. But expect to pay the full amount upon delivery. And never ever pay in cash. Use only credit cards so you can have receipts in case something goes wrong you can make claims quickly and freeze the transaction if you are fast enough. Hopefully, you won’t have to do any of that.

Now you know how to recognize fraudulent moving companies in Ottawa. And when you do, feel free to report them or write a nice review on their website or social media. Those companies are making business harder for everyone. Again, hopefully, you won’t ever stumble upon one. But if you do, you’ll know what to do. Good luck.

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