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Kanata is a beautiful and generally very desirable suburb located just 15 minutes away from downtown Ottawa. There are many reasons why you should move to Kanata this spring. Among other things, the suburb offers an excellent school system, great public transport, and many amenities. So, call movers Kanata now and schedule your relocation. As you’ll soon see, you will quickly fall in love with this suburb and everything it has no offer. No matter which neighborhood you choose.

Beautiful neighborhoods of Kanata are reasons to move there this spring

Kanata is not just any suburban neighborhood. It is so much more than that. First of all, Kanata used to be a municipality all by itself. That means that it functions as a completely self-sufficient community. You won’t have to go to Ottawa whenever you need to go to a hardware store or a mall. Every neighborhood has something to offer. That in itself is a great reason why you should move to Kanata this spring. Kanata is not just one neighborhood that is located close to the city core. It actually consists of many different ones which each one having something to offer

view of Ottawa
You should know that Ottawa is close to Kanata

Beaverbrook is the first residential community in Kanata

Beaverbrook is the first established residential community in Kanata. Most of the homes in this neighborhood date back to the ’60s and ’70s, with many of them being renovated at a later date. It’s famous for its charming 2-story homes. What makes it truly great is that it features tall, fully-grown trees that are topped in beauty only by gorgeous rock outcrops.

Bridlewood features beautiful parks

If you are looking for a neighborhood surrounded by greenery, with numerous parks, walking trails, and biking pats, look no further than Bridlewood. Moving from Gatineau to Kanata for example will mean that you’ll start a new life in a beautiful neighborhood filled with warm and welcoming people. You’ll surely enjoy all the recreational activities available in this part of Kanata. They include tennis courts, splash pads, and even a skateboard park. 

People from all over the country want to move to Kanata this spring

Today, Kanata is a part of the City of Ottawa. It became so back in 2001. But, it’s close enough so you can easily commute to work, but far enough so you can enjoy real suburban life. That makes an ideal place to raise a family. So people from all over the country are looking to settle here when starting one. Calling long distance movers Ontario is easy enough. Finding an available home is another story. This area has become very popular with families, and for good reasons.

view of Canadian flag
People from all over the world are moving to Kanata, Canada

The excellent school system is one of the reasons to move to Kanata this spring

A good school system is an important foundation for the development of every child. And in this regard, this suburb has a lot to offer. That’s one of the reasons why many families decide to move to Kanata this spring. It features some of the best schools, both public and catholic, in the entire city of Ottawa. Many people choose their neighborhood based on which school district it belongs to. So, you should definitely start your house hunting process as soon as possible. But, overall, no matter which part of Kanata you settle in, you can be sure that it can offer excellent education.

After school activities for both kids and adults

But it’s not just an excellent school system that makes moving to Kanata this spring a great idea. The suburb also offers excellent after-school or recreational activities. It features beautiful parks, interesting facilities like the wave pool, and even a mega-recreation center like Cardelrec. It features numerous fun activities for the whole family. And is definitely one of the first places your children will want to visit after moving. All in all, Kanata offers many fun and healthy activities that the entire family can enjoy together. From walking and biking trails to indoor entertainment. 

Numerous amenities are another reason to move to Kanata this spring

Kanata is essentially a self-sufficient town in itself. It features all the amenities a family would need. So, there aren’t many reasons to go to Ottawa when you need something. Almost every neighborhood of Kanata features local shops as well as big grocery stores. You’ll easily find a lot of restaurants, local fare, even hardware stores. Everything you need is right there as soon as you move.

And speaking of moving, Kanata also features excellent moving companies that will relocate you there. From local to long-distance movers to commercial movers. And even packing services Ottawa locals recommend are there to help you move quickly and hassle-free. Kanata truly has everything you might need on a daily basis. And with shopping destinations like Kanata Centrum, which features a movie theatre, and Tanger Outlets, you’ll definitely enjoy your weekend entertainment.  But, even if it lacks something, the downtown core is just 15 minutes away.

couple walking with a child
Kanata offers a lot of amenities for families

The proximity to Ottawa

While Kanata might be much smaller in size, its proximity to Ottawa truly opens up the job market. The suburb itself offers a lot of job opportunities, with many local businesses offering great wages. But, if you are looking for something more than then, Ottawa is close enough. That way, you don’t limit yourself to what an essentially small town has to offer. But you get an opportunity to work in just about any field featured in Ottawa. It’s definitely a great place for young professionals looking to start a family. Both with and without experience or education. It will offer an excellent life with many opportunities. 

There are few reasons why you should move to Kanata this spring

If you are looking to move and scouting different communities in and around Ottawa, then you simply can’t avoid Kanata. This suburb has an excellent location, a transit system that will help you commute to Ottawa if need be, and so many amenities. It’s definitely one of the best places in this part of the country. So, contact Professional Movers Ottawa and move to Kanata this spring. You’ll get to enjoy everything it has to offer, and more. 

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