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When you are selling your home, it is very important how it looks like. So, go through your home and check it, room by room. After that, ask yourself – will my home attract buyers? While doing this, don’t be biased. Simply put yourself in the buyer’s position. In this way, you will be able to evaluate whether you should make any changes. For example, maybe a new chest of drawers would be better suited in the living room. The first impressions are very important. Actually, your home will be sold soon after the buyer enters it. And even before you start any negotiation. What is selling your home is that strong liking the customer feels in the first few seconds. So, the advice of moving companies Ottawa would be to stage your home in Pakenham before selling.

What the home staging is?

Staging a home means that you are preparing it for a potential buyer. And, it usually includes:

  • rearranging furniture
  • redecorating
  • cleaning
  • adding several decorative elements

The goal is to make the house attractive. And to sell it quickly, at a good price. Real estate agents will usually advise you to do staging before taking photos. Those photos you will use to present your Pakenham home at the real estate market. So, they have to be eye-catching.

Many people are mixing up decorating and staging. Those two things are not the same. When you are decorating, you are adding your personal style. And the aim is to feel comfortable in your home. By staging, you are making your home appealing to as many buyers as possible. 


Photo of Living Room - stage your home in Pakenham before selling.
To stage your home in Pakenham before selling, to attract more potential buyers.

How much you should invest in staging your home?

The cost of staging will depend on the work that you will have to complete. For example, your home can already be perfectly set. If so, you may only need to move several pieces of furniture. In this case, you may decide to hire movers Pakenham, to help you with furniture. And, that would be your only cost. However, people usually have to do much more to “visually merchandise” their homes.

So, the costs of the staging will vary. And, they will depend on several factors, such as:

  • home size
  • services that you need (like painting, repairs, etc.)
  • some pieces of new furniture
  • storage costs
  • cleaning costs

This is to name just some of the costs that you may expect. In general, the real estate agents are recommending that you spend on staging no more than 3% of the home’s listing price. 

Stage your home in Pakenham before selling it and save up on costs

Here are some tips to help you organize the home staging, and even save up doing so. One of the first things is to remember that the buyers will mostly focus on the living area, the kitchen, and the master bedroom. You will still have to stage the other rooms in your home. But, you will not need to focus on all of them so much. So, this is already one way to save up on costs. Second, most of the staging jobs you can do yourself. Or with the help of your friends. However, in such a case, ask your real estate agent for advice. They know the market. They know the demands. So, they will be able to help you in many ways.

For example, instead of buying a new piece of furniture, they will know where you can buy good, second-hand pieces. Also, in case you need good cleaning services, they will know the right companies.


Comfortable living room and kitchen in the apartment.
Use neutral colors to make your home bright.

Declutter when you stage your home in Pakenham before selling

All that is old, torn, and making your home looks messy, has to go out. The same goes for the surplus items. With too many things inside, your home will look smaller to potential buyers.

Clean the whole home

Do a throughout cleaning of your home. That way, your buyers will have the impression of buying the property which is in good condition, as you were taking good care of it. Also, make sure that your kitchen is spotless. If it is too hard a task for you, hire a good cleaning company. Your kitchen and bathroom must look as if they are new.

One of the staging tricks is to depersonalize your home

Remove things like family photos and keepsakes. Remove the toys if you have kids. Also, make sure the bathroom counters are empty. The buyers need to envision themselves in that space. So, nothing should distract them. You will probably have to move away a lot of things. Therefore, before you start staging, make the arrangements with storage facilities Ottawa.

Your entire home must look fresh

Masterly placed, several potted plants can do wonders. However, the plants must be lush and healthy. Also, make sure there are no unpleasant odors. Inexpensive refreshers or candles with scents will make the air smell nice.

Give your walls a new coat of paint

In case the interior looks dark, or the walls are not so clean, paint them. People’s love for colors is very specific and personal. Therefore, using neutral colors is the best solution. The side effect of such colors is that they make space visually bigger. And the room will appear much cleaner and brighter.


White and Blue House Exterior.
Staging your home, don’t forget the exterior.

Make sure the flooring is good

The hardwood flooring is expensive. But, they look good. And they are excellently matching with furniture. Also, they are the best solution for people with allergies. And, be sure that your buyers will be ready to pay the higher home price to have such flooring. 

For the kitchen and bathroom, use ceramic tiles. Or marble, if you can afford it.


Don’t clutter rooms with too much furniture. In case you have broken or stretched pieces, get rid of them. In case the rooms appear too empty, you can buy some nice pieces in second-hand shops. And you can hire Ottawa relocation services to bring them to your Pakenham home.


To make your home lighter, use bright colored curtains. Also, check all the bulbs and make sure the lights are working. Check also all the light switches. In case some of them are broken, change them.

The exterior of your Pakenham home

Don’t forget to check the exterior and the entryway. Also, make sure that lawns, hedges, and trees are neatly pruned. Clean all the sidewalks, and buy new doormats for the front and back doors. Be sure that your potential buyers will pay attention to your home surroundings too. For an even better impression, you can put big potted plants at the sides of the entrance door.

Don’t go for too expensive staging

We already saw what are the main reasons to stage up home. So, don’t spend too much money to stage your home in Pakenham before selling. Even if you have a lot of spare money, do just what is necessary. Your home has to stand out from other listings on property market sites. And it has to look appealing when potential buyers come to see it. And all that you can achieve by applying our, mostly inexpensive tips. We hope that they will help you to sell your home fast. And at a good price.

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