How to dispose of leftover packing supplies after unpacking


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Your move is finally over. You have arrived at your new home, and you have settled in. Professional Movers Ottawa made sure that your things arrive at the new address safely, bey damages and other unpleasant situations. The job that awaits you after the move is unpacking. So, if your boxes are still unopened, what are you waiting for? Don’t waste time, and let’s unpack your things, so, that you can get rid of the pile of boxes around you and other used packing supplies as soon as possible. But have you thought about how you will dispose of leftover packing supplies after unpacking? Regardless of whether it’s or not, we will suggest several ways to get rid of your used packing supplies. 

Properly dispose of leftover packing supplies after unpacking, and save the environment

It’s common knowledge that the pollution of the planet earth has increased significantly in the past 10 years, due to the carelessness of man. Throwing waste outside the bins, and pollution of water, air, and soil through industrial zones contributed to the extinction of some types of plants, as well as animal species. Therefore, if this continues for the next 20 years, there may be a partial extinction of the plant and animal world. What is needed is to make people aware and informed about how harmful leaving waste anywhere can be, but equally for all living beings on the planet. Therefore, think green and protect your environment.

Creep in the woods
Some plants and animals are on the verge of extinction as a result of pollution, so, think about it when you dispose of your waste.

This was a brief introduction to the ecological situation today. But if you’re wondering what that has to do with moving, believe us it does. So, the ecological situation has to do with everything where trash and junk are mentioned. And what else could we call used packing supplies? So, during the preparation of your moving and packing, you will definitely use packing services Ottawa, which will take care of packing your belongings, as well as any excess material. And you will have to think about what to do with the things you no longer need. You have three solutions, donate, sell or recycle it. So, even when we talk about leftover packing supplies after unpacking, almost the same solutions are at your disposal.

Give back leftover packing supplies to your moving company

One of the ways to get rid of boxes and other packing supplies left after you unpacked and settled in your home is to return them to your moving company. Almost all moving companies can offer you all the necessary packing and moving supplies during the preparation of your move. When we talk about moving into the territory of Ottawa, you can always count on packing supplies Ottawa. And when you finish your move, consult with your moving company about what you could do with the remaining packing supplies.

It’s also important that you know that there are moving companies that can buy your remaining packing supplies. More precisely, reduce the total cost of your move. What is also important for you to know is that in most cases, moving companies will reduce the amount by as much as they consider the used packing supplies to be worth. Sometimes it will be half the price of what was charged, and sometimes less or more. It all depends on the situation.

After moving separate used packing supplies into recycling bins

Recycling is one of the green ways to save your environment. During the packing of your things, you will certainly use packaging made of various materials. And also, we believe that it’s difficult to find packaging that is made from environmental materials that are less harmful to our nature. So, what you need to do if you decide that your leftover packing supplies are going in the right trash, is to sort the waste. Glass, plastic, cardboard. Cardboard boxes and everything made of the same material must be placed in the appropriate bin. Where the same needs to be done with other types of materials.

Bins to dispose of leftover packing supplies after unpacking
Sort the waste into the appropriate bins when you need to dispose of leftover packing supplies after unpacking.

Sell ​​or give away

Most people decide to sell their remaining packing supplies through online classifieds. If you decide this way, you will need 5-10 minutes. All you need to do is take a picture of your packaging, post an ad, set a price, and rate the condition of the packaging one out of 5 stars.

Also, you can always donate everything that is left after you unpack your things after the move. Boxes, bubble wrap, foils, etc. you can pack it up and give it to someone who needs it. For example, to friends or business colleagues who you know are moving soon. Or you can also post an ad, but this time you’re giving it away.

Use leftover packing supplies for storage

So, another one of the very useful ways to use all that you have left. If you have things that you want to put away for a longer or shorter period of time, then don’t throw away your packing supplies, but reuse them. This way you will avoid spending money on boxes again. Therefore, separate all the boxes that are undamaged and pack everything you want to keep in storage. Also, if you don’t find ideal storage for your needs, climate controlled storage Ottawa are at your disposal. These are secure storage units that guarantee the safety of your belongings.

Creative tips on how to use leftover packing supplies after unpacking

If you have a developed imagination, and if you are creative, then you will be able to avoid throwing packing supplies, sorting, posting ads, etc. So, there are some creative ideas to use leftover packing supplies.

  • You can use the boxes for some DIY mini projects in your home, use them in your pantry, or decorate them and let them be your children’s toy boxes.
  • The paper you wrapped your stuff in sure looks retro now. And it can be used for gift wrapping. Take a lighter and light the edges of the paper to burn a little, that way you will get an interesting look. (Don’t attempt this without the consent of an adult)
  • Bubble wrap can be used to paint walls. They will give your walls an unusual look.
Mother and child drawing on the box.
Let your kids be creative and use leftover packing supplies for fun.

Until now, you can see many ways how to dispose of leftover packing supplies after unpacking. Maybe you can think of another creative way to use packing supplies. But what is most important, whatever you decide or choose, take into account that it doesn’t have an unfavorable impact on the environment and the planet.

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