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Understandably, everyone likes relocating in favorable weather conditions. But in the real world, many relocations are executed over the colder months. Even though we are influenced by the snow and heavy rains, we still must relocate and seize the opportunity presented. So, let’s get to it and work on moving logistics, organize packing, and search for the best Ottawa movers. We will help you prepare and move from Ottawa during winter. Let us begin!

Whatever the reason to move from Ottawa during winter is, you still need a moving plan

Relocating home is a big thing and it requires a matching relocation plan. This means you should create a moving checklist covering all the steps ahead. This way you won’t forget a thing and you’ll be able to gradually remove one by one until you are ready for moving. So, start inspecting the whole environment and note everything down. You want to know how much furniture there is and if any of it will make problems while carrying out or in. Also, the number of random items in your home and how to pack it all. More importantly, how many packing supplies you must purchase to pack everything safely.

Two people looking at the laptop and smiling
With a bit of patience and time, you’ll find a suitable match online.

Furthermore, by inspecting everything, you will realize if your home is a safe place to conduct the relocation. You must inspect the following to ensure the safety of your moving project:

  • Stairs and handrails
  • Doors and windows
  • Floors
  • Pavement and the curb

After inspecting everything nicely, you can contact your long distance movers Ottawa and finalize your moving logistics and obtain estimates. Your movers will help you calculate moving costs and they will add a thing or two to make your relocation safer and more efficient.

Finding reliable movers is much easier

You shouldn’t move from Ottawa during winter by yourself. Yes, if you have enough friends to help you out it might be viable. But considering all the factors and higher risks, you will surely need one of the moving services Ottawa to complete this journey successfully. Therefore, start looking for a trustworthy and experienced moving company online. Compare prices, services, and read feedbacks and reviews. This way you can narrow your search down and find a suitable match. When you find the movers you like give them a call and negotiate the deal.

How to be sure you have found the right moving company?

Each time you are searching for movers, there is a possibility to stumble upon the sketchy moving operation. You do not want to deal with fraudulent movers ever, and especially during this time of year. Therefore, a thorough inspection is required to be sure your choice is legit. Start by shuffling through their website properly. Check if they have a logo of the company, contact info, and a physical address displayed. Then, you should check if they are registered online. Also, upon reading external and internal comments about the company, you’ll know how they treat customers.

Once you have all the info stacked, call and ask a few more questions. You want to know if they possess all permits and if they are licensed. Next is if they possess all the tools, experience, manpower, and proper vehicles to undertake this moving project. And finally, you can pay them a visit and communicate everything in person. A legit moving company should be able to accommodate all your requests. Hopefully, you won’t have to spend much time on it but remember that it will bring you only good. Ensure your company is legit and rest assured that your investment is safe.

Your winter move can be considerably cheaper

Moving during a non-peak season can give you up to a 30% discount on most of the moving services. To be fair, your overall moving bill will be up to 30% cheaper if you move during autumn and winter. It is because there are fewer moves in general and movers offer great deals to keep the flow. This opens opportunities for purchasing a certain moving service that will make your relocation easier. Or simply save your money for something else. All in all, your moving budget will stay healthy and you will relocate for less money invested.

A hand holding dollar bills
If you move over colder months you will cut costs significantly.

The packing process has a few steps extra

Packing is the hardest part for most of us. It requires time, patience, and a lot of packing supplies. This time around, you’ll need a few extras, but the rest of the packing process will stay the same. For starters, you should obtain cardboard moving boxes, blister packs, packing tape, and labels. Additional moving supplies required are garbage bags, corner pads, and covers. This is mostly to protect your cargo from the bad weather. And here is how to do it.

Start by making a nice cushiony foundation inside your box using blister packs. You can use other items as well such as blankets, sheets, shirts, kitchen cloth, etc. Anything cushiony will do good. Then, place your items inside and protect fragile pieces by wrapping them individually. Once your box is full, close it, tape it shut, and apply labels. Labeling is important to raise the awareness of the fragile content inside.

An additional step is to protect your boxes by using corner pads and by wrapping them in garbage bags and covers. Use sheets, tarp, or plastic covers for your furniture. The goal is to protect your items against water and ice. And those solutions we mentioned will do the trick. Although, you can always invest more and purchase plastic bins, wooden crates, or metal containers. Whatever you prefer more.

It is safer to move from Ottawa during winter

People decide to move from Ottawa during winter for many reasons. Some are looking for a better opportunity, others already found one. And some do it because it is cheaper and, in most cases, safer. Yes, it is safer when you consider a few important details. During winter, lower traffic circulation and there are fewer vehicles on the road in general. And those that are on the road drive much safer due to the weather conditions. So, if your movers drive carefully, you will reach the destination without a single broken item.

You can still move from Ottawa during winter but drive carefully
People drive much safer when roads are covered in snow.

Although, you can make it even safer if you bring proper tools into this battle. You should have a shovel, ice breaker, bags of salt, and appropriate clothing. Use a shovel to remove the snow, salt to melt down the ice, and keep proper clothing on you to avoid getting cold. Supply the same for your movers if any of them miss a piece. And finally, if you want to add an additional layer of protection to the whole moving project, you should purchase moving insurance. Do all in your power to secure your cargo, yourself, and your family.

Now you are ready to move from Ottawa during winter. As long as you find a moving team specialized in bad weather moving, you won’t have to worry for a second. And remember to follow the forecast at least a week before the move. If extremely bad weather is waiting for you, you should prepare for it adequately. Good luck, and we wish your relocation day is a sunny one. Winter can hold on for just one day.

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