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Each relocation has a thorough moving plan behind it. Some people have it easy because they must pack only two rooms, the bathroom, and the kitchen. Others must handle the garage, basement, attic, yard, and more. But one thing is certain, everyone must organize, pack, and search for the best movers in Ottawa. But regardless of the situation, you can still relocate safely and successfully with a proper plan in your hands. Therefore, today we shall assist you in packing your garage before the move. Let us cover one of the hardest parts together, step by step.

Create a moving plan

To create a good moving plan, you must inspect the whole situation first. You should visit each room of your home to figure out the complexity of the move. And you should do the same for your garage. The thing is, your garage has many different items, and to cover all you will need a moving checklist. One of the steps should be the thorough garage shuffle. Add an inventory list to it with all items inside and prepare to spend at least a day packing your garage. Simply because you have hazardous materials, flammable objects, liquids, chemicals, tools, equipment, and many other random items inside each garage. Hopefully, you kept your garage tidy and you won’t spend an eternity swimming through bolts and screws.

A man handing money to the other person
Such a moving project will ask for a certain moving budget. Realize your moving costs in due time.

Realize the moving cost

Now, the whole inspection process will provide much-needed info. You will know how many packing supplies one needs to pack the garage. Also, you will realize how hard it is to transport everything, and if there are any complications behind the corner. And when you have this information written down, you should start looking for long distance movers Ontario that will transport your home and your garage safely. Find movers online by comparing prices, services, and reading reviews. After an hour you’ll have a match and you can give them a call to obtain additional info. Ask them if they are licensed and if they possess all the tools and equipment to relocate you safely. If they match your requirements, schedule a moving date, and move forward.

Note that moving companies offer many moving services in Ottawa that might be viable for your situation. If you have a lot of stuff to relocate, this might be the solution for you. Especially if you have fragile or delicate items in mind. Let the professional moving team handle your belongings with care with proper safety measures in place.

Items to look out for when packing garage before the move

Ok, as we mentioned earlier, your garage is the place where you hold various dangerous items. You should know how to handle it and approach deliquiate to the whole situation. We will make a list of the most important ones. And note that in most situations, movers won’t move these items at all. Simply because the risk is too great. If you decide on moving such items, you should do it yourself, or dispose of them appropriately. Items falling into this category are:

  • All aerosol cans under pressure.
  • Cleaning products, solvents, paint, and bleach.
  • Pesticides and pool chemicals.
  • Gas, gasoline, and oil tanks.
  • Batteries.

The list goes on and on. And the same goes for hazardous and construction materials. We would advise communicating on this subject with your moving representative before assuming anything. If you load into the moving truck something that you shouldn’t in the first place, you can endanger everyone involved and the environment as well. Be careful with this part packing garage before the move.

Packing garage before the move will need certain packing supplies

Remember the inventory list we mentioned earlier. We hope you created one because this is the moment when it comes into play. Guided by your inventory list you will know how many moving boxes to purchase. More importantly, which sizes you need to accommodate all items in your garage. And if you inspected everything nicely, this won’t be a problem at all. You can purchase all materials at your local store or order everything online. What is amazing is that you can order the whole batch from your movers by using packing services. Movers will bring all the materials, pack you, and relocate safely. Consider this one and save a lot of precious time and money.

If you decided on doing the packing yourself, note that you’ll need the following materials. Depending on the size and content, you’ll need between 10 and 15 cardboard boxes. You can use metal containers, plastic bins, and wooden crates as well. Then, you’ll need packing tape and label also. Although, the blister pack is optional if you want to wrap certain items individually and protect them from bumps and bruising you should obtain some. And finally, labels to mark each box adequately.

Is it safe to pack yet?

While you were inspecting the whole batch, you realized that some items do not mix together well. For example, any of the above mentioned hazardous materials and liquids shouldn’t be matched with flammable objects. Also, metal objects shouldn’t be paired with cords or anything similar that can cause a fire, electrical charge, or something worse. And because safety is your main concern, you should pack those items carefully and separately. So, dedicate separate boxes for cables, sharp objects, tools, etc.

Cluttered garage with the tools and various equipment
Clean your garage inside out. Remove all the clutter.

Maybe you should consider decluttering and downsizing a bit. You are shuffling through the whole garage anyway, so this would be the right moment for something like that. Set aside all those items you do not need anymore and once you are done packing take them all out. You can sell, donate, recycle, or give away. Whatever you are comfortable with. The decluttering process will reduce the overall moving cost, make your relocation more secure, and much easier in general. But in the end, if you still need all those items but have no space to store them all in your new garage, consider renting one of the storage units in Ottawa. It is a great way to keep everything while having more space than ever. And do not worry, storing solution is affordable to everyone.

Pack, clean, and get moving!

Now when you covered the safety aspect and ensured everything is in order, you can start packing. Each box should contain similar items in nature. For example, all the nails, screws, and bolts should be packed in smaller boxes and sorted out in bags so they won’t find their way out of the box while in transport. The same goes for hammers, wrenches, pliers, etc. But you probably have a toolbox for those already. Note that power tools and other equipment should fit nicely in their original boxes. Hopefully, you still have those. So, take a box, fill it with items, tape it from all sides, and label it nicely. Labels are important to raise the awareness of the content inside. And you will have a much easier time unpacking and sorting items out if you know where they are.

The tools can make a problem when packing garage before the move
You must dedicate some time to sort all your tools in the right way.

As for the shovels, forks, or other gardening tools, you should wrap the cardboard around the blade or a sharp object in question to prevent anyone from an injury. Also, note that some of the items cant be packed due to the robust nature and size. Therefore, use the packing tape and blister pack to wrap it nicely and transport it as it is. A good example is the gardening hoe.

The process is almost over

Ok, now you know enough and you can begin packing garage before the move. Once you are done, clean your garage, flip the switch, and bid farewell. You will clean before you move out anyway, so you should give a nice treatment to your garage as well. After all, you had a lot of great moments there. But now is time to move to the new one. Good luck and have fun setting up your new garage.

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