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There are many reasons why one might need short-term storage rental in Ottawa. Whether you are moving or staging your home for a sale. Or if your child is going to college, for example, to store dorm items. What is important is that when you look start looking for storage solutions Ottawa you know what your needs are and what you to look for. And what to watch out for. Because you don’t want to waste money on unreliable service. And it can be hard to find good storage rental, depending on your needs of course. Either way, you should take your time and do it all properly. As it’s worth the time and effort. Here is what to look for when searching for short-term storage.

The first thing to know when looking for short-term storage rental in Ottawa is the size

You need to evaluate the number of things you are going to be leaving in your storage. So that you know at least approximately what size of storage unit would be necessary. As you don’t want to get one that is too big and waste money paying for it, nor one that is too small and your things won’t fit in. Good thing is that most storage unit facilities provide storage units of various sizes. So you are definitely going to find one that suits your needs. If you are looking for a discount moving Ottawa you can ask your movers about their storage services. They might give you a good price if you include storage in the move. Which will save you money and will make everything easier because you can let them move things into the storage.

Man using a laptop researching what size his short term storage rental in Ottawa should be
Knowing how big your storage unit needs to be is going to save you a lot of money

You need to figure out what kind of storage unit you need

This of course depends on the things you are going to be putting into your storage. But it is important to know what kind of storage you are going to need so that you can look for one that suits your needs. For example, there are many items that require climate-controlled storage and for them, you need that kind of storage. Then there is accessibility. You should check the facilities hours to see do they match your needs. While some of them might offer 24-hour access, others will not. And you don’t want to be locked out from getting your things when you need them the most.

Get familiar with rules and restrictions

Every storage company has its own rules and restrictions. And they are going to be very similar. But it can vary from company to company. You should get familiar with them when looking for short-term storage rental in Ottawa and before renting one. While some rules are clear everywhere, for example, you are not allowed to live in your storage unit. And if someone tried they would get thrown out. The list of things that are not allowed in a storage unit is going to be similar for all the companies. You can’t leave in storage, among others, these things:

  • Chemicals
  • Toxic materials
  • Perishables
  • Weapons and ammunition
  • People and animals
Two dogs on grass
You need to get familiar with the rules and restrictions of the storage facility where you rent your storage unit

Make sure to check for how long you can rent the unit when looking for short term storage in Ottawa

While you can rent a storage unit for as long as you want. Most of the storage unit companies have a minimum amount of time for which you can rent a storage unit. Some offer monthly contracts, others weekly ones. While others have a minimum of three months for example. So make sure that this is one of the first things you check when inquiring about storage units so that you don’t waste your time. This is also important to know so that if you are planning to look for Ottawa relocation services you can plan from which to which date you are going to rent the storage unit. And keep in mind that you need to let them know ahead of time if you are going to cancel the rental, or you might have to pay for the next month despite not using the storage unit anymore.

Plan how you are going to place your things in the storage

Even though you are renting a storage unit for a short amount of time. You might need some of those things sooner than you planned for it. And you don’t want to spend half the day taking everything out of storage to get that one thing all the way in the back. That is why it is important to make an inventory, and there are many ways to develop an inventory system. Another thing to do is to put in the front the things you are more likely going to need sometime soon. And in the back the ones you are sure you won’t be needing anytime soon. Good organization of your things in the storage unit will also make moving them all out easier and safer. So it is worth the time and effort to take your time and do it properly.

Person holding boxes
Pack everything for storage carefully

Should you insure your short-term storage rental in Ottawa?

You are probably going to wonder about this. Because you are renting it for a short amount of time it might seem unnecessary to get insurance for your short-term storage rental in Ottawa. But on the other hand, if you are leaving a lot of valuable things in it. Then it would be good to insure it even if it’s for a short period. It will give you peace of mind and you will know that you are covered should something go wrong. And a lot of storage facilities offer their own insurance, which makes it much easier. Either way, it is worth it to look into the insurance options and get one that suits your needs.

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