Is Ottawa a good place for senior citizens?


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Are you planning to move after you retire, and you’re considering Ottawa as a first choice of location? If the answer is yes, we want to tell you that you have come to the right place and made the right decision. Ottawa is a city for all generations and for all tastes. Therefore, whether you like art, history, and culture or you like nature, fun and recreation, in this city you will really have it all! So, for your senior move, you will need to find reliable movers Ottawa who will at the same time help you prepare for the move, but also reveals some interesting and even valuable things about this city. But first, let’s see is Ottawa a good place for senior citizens.

What is so special about Ottawa?

First of all, before making a decision to relocate there, you should learn few important things about Ottawa. So, Ottawa is the capital of Canada and, at the same time, one of the most popular and convenient cities in the world. Even though the city was formally founded in 1826 when the Rideau canal was being built, it has a long history spanning back thousands of years. And today, it’s the seat of Canadian federal institutions and the home of the Canadian government and parliament. The official residences of the Governor General and the Prime Minister are also located in this city.

Senior Couple in Ottava city
Ottawa is a wonderful city that you will really enjoy, no matter how old you are!

According to the latest Census, Ottawa is the 6th largest city in Canada and has 1,017,449 residents currently living in this city. And of Ottawa’s total population, around 16,9% are people 65 and older. What makes Ottawa special is that this is a lively city where you will be able to discover wonderful history and culture. Also, Ottawa has a modern lifestyle that makes it a perfect place for pensioners and senior citizens. And if you also want to become a resident of this lovely city, senior moves Ottawa which will make your relocation simpler and easier.

What makes Ottawa a good place for senior citizens?

So, Canada can generally be said to be one of the best states to live in. And what attracts new residents to this country are the benefits it offers. Starting with free health care for all residents, excellent business opportunities, quality education, and all the way to the fact that it’s a welcoming state for all those who want to live in Canada. When we talk about Ottawa, we can say precisely the same about Canada. This city could be the perfect place for you. Of course, it meets all your requirements and criteria. When seniors are looking for a new place to live, local movers Ottawa revealed to us that they are often looking for quiet places, a more relaxed life, and lots of interesting things to do. So, in the following, we will mention several things that make Ottawa a good place for seniors.

We can say that Ottawa is a good place for senior citizens because of everything it can offer them.

Things that make Ottawa a good place for senior citizens:

  • Excellent healthcare
  • Affordable life and high living standards
  • There are numerous interesting things to do and outdoor activities available.
  • Good location
  • safe and ecologically clean place

It’s quite normal to doubt your decision and to ask yourself a hundred times whether Ottawa is a good choice for you. But what you must know is that asking this question can instill uncertainty, make you tense, and create unnecessary stress. So, we will do our best to save you from the search and answer your question, and through these few reasons, we will explain why Ottawa is an ideal place for seniors.

Is health care at a satisfactory level in Ottawa?

One of the most important things to do when you decide to look for a new place to live is to find out more information about healthcare. Ottawa is home to the best hospitals and healthcare facilities in Canada. In this city, you can find world-class hospitals that offer you a wide range of health services, including examinations by experts in cardiology and oncology, all the way to orthopedics and neurology. Some of the best hospitals in Eastern Ontario are the Ottawa Hospital General Campus, the Ottawa Hospital Riverside Campus, and the Royal Ottawa Hospital Specialty Mental Health Care.

Senior in retirement home in Ottawa
One of the reasons why Ottawa is a good place for senior citizens is that all elderly people here have the best health care.

Another good thing about Ottawa is that you can find a lot of highly-rated retirement homes here. Almost all retirement homes in Ottawa offer excellent services, care, and accommodations. As such, plenty of seniors hire residential movers Ottawa to move to some of these homes. Additinaly, these retirement homes offer a lot of fun and recreational activities, excursions, and many other fun things. Some of the best retirement homes in Ottawa are The Glebe Center Long-Term Care, Saint Patrick’s Home, Manoir Marochel, and others.

Does Ottawa offer affordable living for senior citizens?

The cost of living in Ottawa is 18% lower than the national average. And that means that Ottawa offers you affordable living costs as well as good living standards. According to data from, the average cost of living for one person in Ottawa is around $1,872. Rent and utilities cost approximately $1094, while other expenses such as food, transportation, etc. are $778. If we compare the monthly expenses with the average monthly income of one person, which is $3280, we will be able to see that when you pay all bills, you will have almost 60% of the money. So, one of the reasons why Ottawa is a good place for senior citizens is the favorable living costs and high living standards.

What can senior citizens do in Ottawa in their free time?

If you thought that Otava is only a city where you can live and work, then you are wrong! Ottawa is a very fun and lively city that offers many activities for all generations, both for small children and for seniors over 65+. Therefore, don’t be fooled by the rumors, because in Ottawa you will have the opportunity to do something different every day.

Seniors doing yoga
Ottawa offers you many opportunities for recreation and healthy living. So use them!

Here are some great things to do in Ottawa:

  • Visit festivals. Many festivals take place in Ottawa every year; some of the most popular are Winterlude, which is held in February in Jacques-Cartier Park in Gatineau, the Canadian Tulip Festival, which is held in May, the Ottawa International Jazz Festival, Canada Day Festivities, etc.
  • Schedule a visit to the museum. In Ottawa, you will have the opportunity to visit many museums and enjoy history and culture. Some of the must-visit museums are the Canadian Museum of History, the Canadian War Museum, the Canadian Museum of Nature, the Canadian Science and Technology Museum, the Agriculture Museum, and the Aviation and Space Museum.
  • Outdoor activities. There are numerous recreation and leisure opportunities for older adults in Ottawa.You can enjoy recreation centers and the Active Living Club 50+, and you can also join senior clubs and groups.

Is Ottawa in a good location?

Whether you want to live in downtown Ottawa or somewhere further afield, there are many great places and communities that can be your new home. For example, Orleans, Kanata, and Carleton Place can be good choices. The public transportation system in Ottawa is very well developed; it will enable you to move easily and simply. You will reach wherever you want! Kanata is a wonderful community that is also regarded as one of the safest and most convenient places for families to live. So, we suggest that you explore the possibilities that this place offers you. And when you make the final decision, call moving companies Kanata to help you out.

Public transport in Ottawa
Public transport in Ottawa is one of the good things, it’s fast, there are no crowds and it will allow you to reach your desired destination quickly and easily!

Ottawa is a city located in an excellent location, close to larger cities. This city offers you the option of going over the bridge to Quebec or driving through Gatineau Park to reach Chelsea, which is home to the popular Nordic Spa-Nature. Also, you can drive a little further to Mont-Tremblant, which is one of the more popular ski destinations, and enjoy winter sports there.

Is Ottawa a safe place to live?

One of the safest suburbs of Ottawa is Orleans and it’s located at a distance of only 16 km from the city center. This place also offers attractions such as museums, beautiful gardens, and cinemas, which will give you the opportunity to enjoy. But movers Orleans Ontario revealed one thing to us, and that is that Orleans residents have to leave their place to enjoy great restaurants and cafes. So, back to the topic. Ottawa is generally a very safe place to live. And that is very important for senior citizens. So, here you will have a safe life, but at the same time the opportunity to live in a clean ecological community.

All you need to know about seniors moving to Ottawa

If you still haven’t decided where to live in Ottawa, here is another suggestion. It’s Carleton Place. This place is in a great location near the Mississippi river. This place is graced with beautiful streetscapes, picturesque trails, and a picturesque coastline. So, if you decide, movers Carleton Place are at your disposal for the further course of your move. So, when we talk about senior moving, it’s important to say that this is a very demanding process. This type of moving will require you to invest a lot of time and effort. And that’s why it’s very important to be organized. And besides, it’s very important that you have real moving experts by your side who will be your right hand.

Senior citizens packing for moving to Ottawa
Senior moving can be a tiring process, but with Professional Movers Ottawa everything will be faster and simpler.

And another useful thing you should know about your move is that you may need additional space for the temporary storage of your belongings. When it comes to senior moving, we suggest that you move with your personal belongings first, and after you settle in your new home, make an appointment to deliver the other belongings from the storage. If you are interested, storage solutions Ottawa is at your disposal. Storage services are safe and reliable and at the same time the best option when additional space is needed in other situations (renovation, warehouse, etc.).

What is your opinion, is Ottawa a good place for senior citizens?

So, now that you’ve read a lot of useful information about Ottawa, what do you think, is Ottawa a good place for senior citizens? What we advise you to do is to make a list of your criteria and check if Ottawa meets them. If yes, then this place is your cup of tea. So, after making a decision, start preparing for the move and hire a moving company. Also, remember that at any time you can call us! We believe you will succeed, good luck!


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