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Congratulations on your decision to move and begin a new chapter of your life! That is surely a huge step, and whatever the reason, it was probably worth it! And while relocation itself is a whole different process, you have to think about what comes next. Yes, unpacking and setting up your items is also essential, but there is always more to do. Soon enough, you will find yourself in a different area, surrounded by new people and places. Blending in with your new community and starting over will soon be knocking at your door. To help you do it quickly and actually enjoy it to the fullest, here is what furniture movers Ottawa can advise you when it comes to moving from Gatineau to Rockland.

It is all about balance

As soon as you find yourself in your new home, your first instinct will be to start unpacking and decorating your home according to your needs and lifestyle. That will not be so difficult and time-consuming considering professional movers and packers Ottawa can help you. And while your home really needs to flourish as soon as possible, you have to make a balance between doing that and focusing on your social life. Avoid being in your house all the time and being under a lot of work, as that can make you anxious faster than you thought. Instead, leave a couple of hours to enjoy Rockland and get to know the place and people. If you are moving with your family, every member can do this. While some of them stay home and deal with items, others can take a walk or do some other interesting things.

person putting money in the piggy bank
To make the adjusting process less stressful, always keep an eye on your budget

You can even schedule some activities way before you arrive. Nowadays, the Internet is a perfect tool to get to know places and use it for your own benefit. Reserve a table at a nice restaurant, or join a reading club right away. This way you will not postpone it once you arrive and will achieve results almost immediately.

Getting to know the community after moving from Gatineau to Rockland

While movers Gatineau are busy handling your items, you will have all the time in the world to focus on another important thing. Moving from Gatineau to Rockland will not only result in you changing the place where you live but the people surrounding you as well. And with professional moving help, you will have plenty of time to do so. Considering what part of Rockland you decide to move to, you should begin exploring it as soon as possible. Your new community will be the key to successfully settling in. So, to do it better and get to know your new neighbors sooner, there are a couple of methods you can try out.

Visit your neighborhood prior to moving

If you have some free time on your hands, a good idea is to simply visit the place a couple of times. This will surely give you a better idea of everything that will be waiting for you there. But don’t focus just on exploring locations, but on people as well. There has to be a restaurant or a bar close to your new home, and that is where you can begin gathering information. Rockland is famous for having beautiful farms as well, and if your new home is close to one, even better! You and your entire family will love Proulx Sugar Bush and Berry Farm and will actually come across some lovely people there.

girl having fun at the fair
Freelancers and young professionals will find Rockland to be much more subtle than Gatineau

Rely on the Internet

Of course, the second method is for those who will be moving from Gatineau to Rockland on short notice. This is also how you can find some of the best moving companies in Rockland. The Internet will be a wonderful tool that will provide all the answers you need. Of course, you have to be extremely careful and rely only on trustworthy sources. Begin with checking out the reviews that usually provide detailed and honest comments about the place. This is how you will find suitable locations for you and your family, and get to know people in Rockland. If a lot of people are recommending a certain place, then that is a green flag you shouldn’t ignore. 

Focus on your job after moving from Gatineau to Rockland

Even though you deserve to have some rest after the relocation is complete, that doesn’t mean you can proceed without a job. The good news is that Gatineau and Rockland are 47.4 km apart, and chances are high that you will get to keep your current job. In fact, a lot of people don’t find it difficult to commute that long, as long as the job is stable and their income is good. While in Gatineau popular jobs include bankers, financial advisors, and lawyers, in Rockland the situation is a little bit different. After moving, you can find a job related to tourism, agriculture, or education. Rockland is also often looking for doctors and construction workers.

girl having a job interview
Way before moving from Gatineau to Rockland send out job applications and wait for your upcoming interview

Considering the unemployment rate in both Gatineau and Rockland is around 4.5% at the moment, you don’t have to worry that much about finding a job. Just be a couple of steps ahead and send out job applications on time. Again, you can rely on doing it online, as a lot of agencies and companies will review applications this way.

And what if you want to move your business from Gatineau to Rockland?

Well, in this case, your relocation will be slightly different. Companies offering Ottawa relocation services will cover the transportation of your equipment, but there will be some other tasks you must focus on as well. Since the distance between these two places is not great, you should focus on advertising your services or products right away. Your future clients and partners in Rockland will surely want to see something new, and simply arriving there won’t do the trick. Keep in mind that Rockland is a bilingual city, so your ads should be in both French and English.

Moving to Rockland alone vs with kids

Every relocation is different, not only in terms of what you are taking with you and where you are going, but also in terms of who is moving with you. If you plan on moving with your kids, you will have to multitask almost the entire time, from preparing them for the trip all the way to finding them the perfect school. On the other hand, moving alone will bring different tasks your way. To do it better, no matter the situation, here are some important steps you shouldn’t ignore.

Moving from Gatineau to Rockland with kids

Once your movers arrive, your kids should be in a different room, or doing some other activities outside. Yes, professional movers are really careful but it is much better to think about the safety of everyone included. Talk with them about the entire relocation on time, as they will surely be confused with everything that is happening, especially if they are young. Before you arrive, you should explore the schools in Rockland and find them suitable. Some of the most notable ones include:

  • Rockland District High School
  • Conseil Scolaire De District Catholique De L’est Ont
  • Rockland Public School
person writing down something after moving from Gatineau to Rockland
There will be plenty of good schools for your kids in Rockland

Once you officially move, give your kids all the time in the world to adapt to the changes. Visit Dutrisac Park, Du Moulin Park, or even Little Ray’s Nature Center. Your kids will love exploring new places, and with the help of a good teacher, blending in will be much easier.

Moving alone

If you wish to enjoy everything Rockland has to offer alone, you can divide your free time differently. Shenkman Arts Center will be a good place to enjoy interesting plays and meet people who share a love for this art. Explore restaurants across the city, and you will soon find out that each one of them has a unique and delicious meal to offer. If you happen to be working as a freelancer, Rockland will help you deal with being at home most of the time, as you can always enjoy a nice walk in its park and breathe some fresh air.

Rockland moving statistics

We must mention that Gatineau is way more populous than Rockland, and that matters a lot. Gatineau, with a population of 1,437,000, is quite urban and exudes the “big city vibes” lifestyle. On the other hand, Rockland is home to 11,099 people and is much less crowded. The population of this city grew by 9.9% from 2016 to 2021, mainly because they wanted to start a small business, downsize, or start a family. Since doing all of these in the big city is not easy or will at least take much longer, Rockland seems like a perfect option to do them. Another thing worth mentioning is the cost of living in Rockland. According to official statistics, the costs of living are 5% higher than the national average. And while housing seems to be the least affordable, in Rockland you will find food, transportation, and health costs to be a perfect fit for your pocket.

Things you should do while still in Gatineau

Since time plays a huge role in every relocation, you should also focus on some important tasks while still in Gatineau. This will make the entire process of blending in much easier, especially since you will not have to make double trips. Since Gatineau is very popular among tourists, take zour remaining time there to visit its major landmarks. For example, spend a day in the Museum of History, one of the most popular establishments in Canada, which attracts around 1.2 million visitors every year. Then, take time to change your address and discuss relocation with your company as soon as possible. Since these two places are not too far from each other, your employer can offer you remote work or the same job position in another branch. 

community meeting after moving from Gatineau to Rockland
Your new community in Rockland will help you blend in faster

Take some time to change the address and direct all of your subscriptions and memberships there. You must also gather all the necessary documents, including your ID, driver’s license, passport, medical records, and insurance. This will save you a lot of time, as you will not have to come back to Gatineau once your relocation is complete. Let’s not forget about saying goodbye and spending some quality time with the people you love. Even if Gatineau wasn’t your home for too long, you will still have countless memories to take with you. Just gather all of your friends and neighbors and properly say goodbye. Don’t let the emotions take over you for too long as you can always come back and visit your old hometown anytime you want.

In conclusion

Even long distance movers Ontario will advise their clients to avoid stress because they can handle the most difficult aspects of moving. And since your relocation will be shorter and less complicated, there is no need to worry about anything. Focus on your priorities once you arrive in Rockland, and make sure you get enough sleep. After some time, you will find it much easier to move through the city and get to all those important locations. Keep in mind that this process lasts, and there is no need to rush it.

parents playing with their kid after moving from Gatineau to Rockland
Those who are moving from Gatineau to Rockland with their kids should focus on helping them adjust better as well

Moving from Gatineau to Rockland will be a huge change on its own. If you find it difficult to blend in, organize weekend trips to Gatineau. Visiting your old home can help you! As long as this method doesn’t damage your budget, you will be fine. Your friends can come and visit you as well, which will make exploring Rockland much more interesting. Before you know it, you will be calling this wonderful place your home.

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