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When people put a lot of effort and time into their business, every single part of it matters. And since we should appreciate what we have, sometimes it is good to consider the change. This change doesn’t have to be necessarily a bad one, but it can help our business become better. To expand or move a family-owned restaurant in Ottawa, you must be prepared for new challenges and a completely new set of customers. And since you spend a lot of time in that business, now you will have to upgrade your skills in some other areas as well. This process is not so simple, and you must make sure to follow every single step the right way. Meanwhile, while furniture movers Ottawa can help you move your restaurant, here are some things you should do on your own!

Making a long-term plan

Even though the idea may come to you all of a sudden, this relocation will not happen overnight. It will require a lot of your attention, your team’s effort, and, of course, some professional help. Because movers and packers Ottawa should be included in the process, you can create a plan that focuses on other aspects of the relocation. At some point, you will have to multitask, but that doesn’t mean it will be hard and time-consuming.

person writing something down
Everything you plan on doing before and after you move to a family-owned restaurant in Ottawa should be included in the main plan

Your plan must include every important task that will lead to a successful restaurant relocation. We are talking about dealing with inventory, informing clients, preparing the new place, and much more. And just like it took you some time to build your company, it will take some time to plan how to move it. The good news is that family-owned companies usually have multiple members within the business itself. With all of them included in the process, there will be a lot of new ideas and suggestions that you shouldn’t ignore. As soon as you decide to move your restaurant, you can begin with regular meetings. The more of them you have, the easier it will be to form a good plan.

To move a family-owned restaurant in Ottawa, you need to find a good moving company

When we said you’d need the help of professionals, we specifically meant movers.Just like you wouldn’t want to move your entire home on your own, there is no need to do it with your business. Using services regarding office moving Ottawa will help you a lot. One of the biggest things movers will do for you is transport all of your restaurants and their administrative inventory as well. Yes, you must always keep in mind that moving to a restaurant means your offices will have to go with you as well. But apart from transportation, movers can provide you with enough time for some other things as well.

As soon as you set the date and hire the services you require, you will know exactly how much time you have left. Then you can proceed to deal with your inventory and clients without worrying about your items.

Now let’s talk about your inventory

Every family-owned restaurant is different and unique in its own way. But each one of them has one thing in common. As soon as you enter one, you will notice that it has a soul, representing the family itself and all that hard work. And since the atmosphere of these places matters a lot, you probably wonder what is at the very core of it all. Believe it or not, inventory is what makes every restaurant special. The longer it has been in business, the more memories it will have to share.

open restaurant
There will be a lot of inventory to deal with so try to begin on time

A lot of them will have hanging photos of customers from the past, celebrities, souvenirs from foreign clients, and whatnot. And when the relocation comes, each one of these items deserves an equal amount of attention. The best method is to rely on the people who know the place just as well as you do. These could be other family members or permanent employees. Together, you will find a way to remove and pack every single one of these items so that they can travel safely.

Before you move to a family-owned restaurant in Ottawa, make sure to declutter it

Of course, not everything in your restaurant will go on the road with you. If you have been in business for a long time, there will surely be some items that you no longer need. Some of them may not even fit in the new place, and you must have a solution for this situation. The easiest thing to do is to completely declutter your restaurant before or after packing. Set aside items that belong to this category while you come up with an idea. In case you struggle with it, here are some examples of what you can do:

  • Sell furniture or other items online and use the income for other things.
  • Contact the local charity organization, as some of them may need those items.
  • With minimal spending, try to paint or redecorate the items in question so that they look different.
people sitting in the restaurant
Inform your customers and partners on time about your relocation

The importance of using storage when moving a family-owned restaurant in Ottawa

AAnother trait a good moving company has is, of course, storage. When you reach the point of packing, you can easily experience a lack of space. Even for the task mentioned above, you may need an entire area to place all these items. Well, storage will be more than helpful. If you prefer, storage solutions Ottawa can keep all of your belongings.Ask their employees to guide you through the process if you’ve never had a chance to use storage before, and stop worrying about your items. In good, climate-controlled storage, everything will be safe for as long as you want.

Some of the items you have in your restaurant may be too delicate to leave anywhere. This could be your piano, jukebox, or even a vintage table. Storage will be perfect for keeping them until the new place is ready. Once the new restaurant is set up, you can go and pick up the rest of your items. This will reduce the very small possibility of them breaking or causing damage.

What to do before leaving?

The moving-out day will be filled with all kinds of emotions. And while you should feel free to enjoy them to the fullest, don’t forget to do some important things before leaving. Make sure the old restaurant is left clean and neat. Whatever happens with that space in the future, there is no need to leave items or packing supplies behind. And once all the junk is removed, you can even make some memories of the space itself. Take your phone and capture a couple of photos of the place that served you so well in the past. You should also do this with your entire team, as everyone loves making memories.

couple packing before they move a family-owned restaurant in Ottawa
When you decide to move a family-owned restaurant in Ottawa, you will not be moving the restaurant but your offices as well

How to tell your customers you will be moving your restaurant?

With good packing services Ottawa and the help of movers, your inventory will be ready before you know it. But, there will be some other matters that they can’t help you with. As the owner of a place that probably every single resident in the area knows, you must tell your customers about the relocation on time. After all, each one of them has been an important part of its growth and they surely deserve to know what is about to happen. Keep in mind that good restaurants that have a long history, can easily take a lot of clients with them after relocation. And since this is every owner’s dream, why not do it?

You will find it very easy to simply do it in your style. You are the one who knows your customers and partners the best, and you have probably been in the area for a long time. A special discount or special event will do it, and each one of them will appreciate that move. Once all of them know about the relocation, you should inform the rest of the world by posting the details on your official website and social media accounts. As long as you are honest and treat your customers like you always did, they will still come back to their favorite place.

Don’t forget about your partners as well

If you decide to move with the assistance of local movers Ottawa, you may be able to keep some of your regular suppliers. A lot of them operate in a larger area, but you still have to be certain. They should know on time if you plan on terminating the contract and changing the supplier. Those you will keep should still know about the relocation, as you will probably have to make some changes considering that too.

menu on the table as you should upgrade yours before you move a family-owned restaurant in Ottawa
Add some new things to your menu as new clients will love the change

There is no need to be afraid of the change

And if you want to move to a family-owned restaurant in Ottawa you should embrace it! Once you get a chance to check out the new space for your restaurant, try to come up with something new. Yes, the very essence of your company should remain the same but that doesn’t mean you can’t introduce something new. For example, you can go with a different color pattern this time, or change your decoration a little bit. You should also consult your team of employees to make menu changes and adapt them to the new area you will be moving to. Don’t forget that there is a bunch of new customers waiting for you there and they will love to see dishes and drinks that are diverse.

A good idea is to prepare some discounts for them too, no matter which one of the Ottawa neighborhoods you choose. If you are not currently living in Ottawa but will move there, then your homework will be a little bit more challenging. So, before you move to a family-owned restaurant in Ottawa leave some time to focus on the new place. Try to get closer to the new customers way before you officially arrive. Learn about the area, what people love about it, and what are some things they would like to change. Everyone loves seeing a business that cares about the community and soon you will be the one to do it.  Good advertising will make your restaurant skyrocket in the new place, and there is nothing that people love more than paying less in the new place. 

Stay calm as only good things are coming your way

While this entire process lasts, don’t forget to give some of the attention to yourself as well. There is no need to constantly be under pressure from this relocation, as now you know how to perfectly balance everything that is going to happen. And if you become emotional about leaving your home, just keep in mind that both you and your restaurant deserve to move forward. This will give you all the strength and energy you may need.

restaurant employees talking as an example of essential meetings before you move a family-owned restaurant in Ottawa
Rely on your team as much as possible as they can come up with some good ideas

It is completely understandable to be a little stressed because of this entire thing. After all, you will be moving to a different place, and making this huge step is not easy for everyone. But don’t let that feeling take control over you and your plans. Once you move a family-owned restaurant in Ottawa chances are huge that it will benefit you in countless different ways. Rely on your team, and movers, and protect your items with professional packing supplies Ottawa. From there, everything should go according to the plan as long as you stick to it. Avoid making last-minute changes as they usually can cause a lot of confusion and postpone some other even unrelated tasks.

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