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Moving is one of the most demanding situations in life. Especially if you have a toddler, there are a lot of questions and doubts. Those are – will the child be able to manage the trip or what to do with all that stuff before relocating. Wondering how to organize kids’ toys before moving can be very frustrating. Reliable movers Ottawa resolved those dilemmas for you. Continue to read the next article and inform yourself before the relocation. But, remember one thing – you will have to be very consistent. So, arm yourself with patience.

Set a long-term plan

When thinking about how to organize kids’ toys before moving, there are a lot of things to consider. When is the relocation happening exactly? Did you think about using packing supplies Ottawa? The factor that will decide the length of toy organization is the number and size of them. We suggest making a list of all the necessary stuff you have to do. Based on that, you can plan everything. But, keep in mind that it’s always best to start taking preparation a couple of weeks before the move.

Declutter in order to organize kids’ toys before moving

Decluttering is an indispensable thing to do no matter if you are relocating or not. Later, it will be much easier for you to organize the rest of the toys. We believe that only a look at them gives you anxiety. First of all, you should take all toys and make a pile. For doing that, choose a place in your home which is not so crowded. If you need any help, seek the assistance of your family. Grab three boxes and label them:

  • Keep – In order to know which toys are your kids using exactly, observe them while playing, and pay attention to details.
  • Donate – If there are a lot of dice, dolls, and other stuff, donate them to the children’s organizations and shelters.
  • Throw away – This is a good option only if the toys are broken and there is no chance of fixing them and donating.

We believe that an article about the challenges of organizing a long distance move with a toddler can give you additional help.

A child playng in the garden
Watch your child while playing with the toys and keep only essentials.

Categorize the toys

Categorizing is very important. This can help you before and after the move, and also while decluttering. By categorizing, you can see the numbers of every type of toy. And, it’s a great opportunity to re-evaluate their necessity. Put them in categories like this:

  • Baby dolls and puppets
  • Different types of dices
  • Stuffed toys
  • Educational toys

Place them in the boxes, and this way it will be much easier for you while unpacking. And if you need extra storage for toys, check out storage solutions Ottawa.

Purchase toy organizers

Some playthings are pretty much small, while the other ones accumulate a lot of stuff. This is why is so important to invest in toy organizers. There are a lot of types of them. Go to the nearest appropriate store and search for more shelves and drawers. It will be suitable for children’s books and educational toys. Also, there is a chance to build shelves on your own. As another option, you can buy baskets and toy bins. They are available in a variety of forms, materials, and sizes. Plus, they are comfortable because the kid can reach them. So, you should put their favorite stuffed toys there.

Children playing
Toy organizers are a great option to organize kids’ toys before moving.

Invest in functional furniture

Before the move, you should think well about the furniture you want. If you have decided to buy new ones, recycle the older ones, donate them, or throw them away. We don’t use furniture only for comfortability and aesthetic purposes. Look for equipment that takes up little space and has storage capacity when arranging a child’s room. In this case, they will not don’t take up too much floor surface. Beds with storage or an additional pull-out shelf are excellent choices.

Create an art corner

When children start to draw and paint on the wall, we believe it gives you such a headache. After moving to a new house, we suggest creating a special art corner only for your kids. There you should put all those pencils, tempera, watercolors, brushes and paper. Explain to them that this is the only place in the house where they can paint and draw. This way, you will manage to avoid all the mess in other rooms such as scattered felt-tip pens, dirty walls, and drawings all over the house. You can put some wall storage units there. So kids can immediately place the drawing and other materials back.

Pencils on the table
An art corner will help in reducing creating such a mess.

Label the things

From a children’s early age, you should teach them to be responsible. They must understand the importance of cleaning the mess behind themselves. Not only would it be easier for you, but they would also learn certain things in time. To facilitate this process, you should label the boxes, drawers, cans, and similar stuff. In such a situation, they will have no excuse but will have to put the toys back in their place. Find some interesting stickers. Or, instead, you can stick a small picture of objects that are inside. Cover the boxes with ornamental paper or fabric remnants to make them more appealing. In the beginning, help your child. It’s not gonna be so easy for them, but be patient.


Thinking about how to organize kids’ toys before moving can be irritating. Relocation is already stressful enough. If you don’t have enough money, think outside the box. Talk with your kids about the importance of being careful. Change the height of the shelf and clothing rack to your child’s height. You will give him the freedom to reach for the things he wants, but you’ll also urge him to learn to put things back in their proper places. And remember to use the space in the best possible way!

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