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One of the most important moving tasks is getting the right amount of moving supplies. The quality of boxes is important when it comes to the safety of your items for the duration of the relocation. That being said, it’s necessary to decide what moving boxes sizes and types you will need in the first place. It’s not enough to simply choose a few huge cardboard boxes and dump a bunch of items in them. Fortunately, we at Professional Movers Ottawa took the time to make this simple yet useful guide for you to organize for the move properly. With the right moving supplies, packing runs smoothly. On the other hand, you can come to us for more information about our offer. Since we operate as one of the best moving companies Ottawa offers, you can be sure you will come across top-quality boxes once you visit our website.

Make sure to learn about moving boxes sizes and types before you make a shopping list

The first thing to do is to determine how many items you want to pack. Therefore, do the decluttering first. Get rid of unwanted items by selling or donating them.  After that, grab a paper and pen to make a moving shopping list. The box sizes and types you will need for the move depend upon the items you are taking with you. Once you know the purpose of each box type, you will know how many of them you will need and thus easily pack your household like a pro.

a woman ordering different moving boxes sizes and types
It’s important to learn about moving boxes sizes and types before you make a purchase.

However, be careful when ordering moving supplies. Finding trustworthy suppliers that hold high standards in terms of quality is equally important. Moreover, it’s better to spend a few extra dollars on durable boxes you can use again after the move is over. Therefore, take enough time to browse packing supplies Ottawa moving companies include in their offer.

Standard boxes are a popular choice

These are the typical moving boxes people add to their relocation shopping list. Additionally, there are many ways to reuse them after the move is over. You can find them in several different sizes:

  • small: 16″ x 12″ x 12″
  • medium: 18″ x 16″ x 18″
  • large:  18″ x 18″ x 24
  • extra large:  24″ x 20″ x 24″

Small boxes are ideal for books and small gadgets. You can also use them to pack cutlery, office supplies, and other smaller items that are easy to lose. Moreover, smaller standard boxes are perfect for electronic device parts that are better to pack separately. If you want an all-purpose box, then a medium-sized one is your best choice. You can pack a variety of items – from utensils to ornaments and other items you use on a daily basis. Larger boxes come in handy when packing bigger lightweight items. That way, they will be easier to carry and load. So, instead of stuffing them with a bunch of heavier objects (books, electronics), better use them for clothes, bedding, pillows, and so on.

a woman sorting the boxes
Pack heavier items in small-sized boxes.

Specialty boxes are much-needed when packing bulkier and odd-shaped items

Some items like furniture, appliances, mattresses need extra protection. That’s why specialty boxes are designed to make the packing process less complicated:

  • TV box – As you can see, even an extra-large standard box size won’t work for you when picking a flat-screen TV. Therefore, opt for a special TV box. Its size goes up to 32”-70”.
  • Wardrobe box – Another special box your packing can’t run smoothly without.
  • Dish packs – They come with cell dividers where you can pack your kitchenware. Bowls, plates, and other utensils will be much safer during the move.
  • Office/file – Store all the paperwork with ease.
  • Custom crates – In case you are an art collector, you might want to consider crates for your paintings. They are perfect for chandeliers and other luxury items as well.
  • Mirror box – Your best choice in case you have larger mirrors to pack. On the other hand, you can use mirror boxes for pictures as well.
  • Mattress box – Protects your mattresses from dirt and damage.

Some companies offer eco-friendly moving supplies

In case you want a more sustainable move, there are eco-friendly supply options. However, be careful not to settle for overpriced boxes just because they are marked as eco-friendly. Make sure to check the quality first before making any purchase. Also, check customer testimonials or ask friends for recommendations.

Only reliable companies provide a quality range of moving boxes sizes and types

It can’t be stressed enough how important it is to choose a trustworthy supplier.

two movers loading a moving van
Consider only trusted suppliers when buying moving boxes.

With plenty of ads on the Internet, it’s sometimes difficult to distinguish fake from a professional company. More often than not, fraudulent schemes put a lot of emphasis on the appearance of their ads and website. Therefore, take a step back and do a small research before you choose where to get the boxes:

  • Check if the company is licensed.
  • Contact the company’s team and don’t hesitate to ask them about their offer.
  • Customer testimonials on the company’s website, and especially public platforms should tell you more bout the quality of boxes.
  • Make a list of several companies you would hire. Compare their supply offers and price ranges. Choose the option that is at the same time top-quality and friendly to your moving budget.

Opt for companies that offer all boxes you need in one place

It’s entirely possible to find a company that has everything for your move in one place. That’s why hiring a full-service moving company is a much better option instead of searching for different moving boxes sizes and types all over the city. Nevertheless, you should always do a background search even when it comes to reputable movers. You want to make sure that the quality you are promised is the quality you will get. It’s in your best interest to get supplies worth the coin and thus have a stress-free packing and relocation process.

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