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Kanata is an ideal place to settle down for many people, from family-oriented couples to young IT professionals. With more affordable real estate prices and lots of greenery, it’s no wonder that the number of new residents is constantly on the rise. If you’re also thinking of calling Kanata your home, Professional Movers Ottawa can help you move without hassle. Don’t worry about the rest, because there are many amazing ways to spend the first week after moving to Kanata.

Spend the first week after moving to Kanata meeting your new neighbors

If you let reliable Kanata movers handle your belongings in the moving process, you’ll have plenty of time for yourself. Here is how you can make the most of your new life chapter in Kanata!  Moving to a new place can be hard if you don’t know anybody in the area. So, you’ll be happy to know that Kanata is famous for its diverse and close-knit community. Young families, retired couples, and ambitious professionals, who usually work in the high-tech industry, live in the neighborhood. As a result, no matter what your interests, profession, or hobbies are, you will undoubtedly make many wonderful friends in Kanata.

It’s always a good idea to start by politely introducing yourself to people next door. If they appear to be interested, encourage them to hang out or bring them a piece of handmade food. Kind words and a friendly attitude will do wonders if you plan to meet new people after moving to Ottawa.

Take a walk in the local forest

Moving can be exhausting, so you’ll probably need to unwind a bit after all that packing and unpacking. One of the best ways to relax and clear your mind is to spend some time outdoors. So, what’s a better idea to spend the first week after moving to Kanata than taking a walk in nature? Luckily, Kanata has many gorgeous green options to choose from! 

A pathway leading through the forest
Spending some time in nature is a great way to relax after moving to a new neighborhood.

If you are a fan of hiking, you can take some of the scenic trails in the South Marsh Highlands Conservation Forest. Alternatively, if you go to Shirley McKee Park, you can go for a romantic walk along the Ottawa River. However, if you’re feeling less adventurous but still want to catch some fresh air, Walter Baker Park is the place to be. This picturesque park is also a favorite among sports enthusiasts, while kids love its well-equipped playgrounds. 

Try playing golf

Have you always wanted to see what playing golf is like but never had an opportunity or a place to play? Or perhaps, maybe you’re an avid golfer afraid your golf clubs will only collect dust once you move? While storage solutions in Ottawa can be of help if you don’t have anywhere to put those clubs, it’s best if you use them! Fear no more, because Kanata’s many golf clubs can fulfill the needs of golfers with different levels of experience and talent.

Two people playing golf.
Playing golf is an excelent way to spend your first week after moving to Kanata

Loch March Golf & Country Club is probably the most popular venue for golfing in Kanata, but it’s far from being the only renowned one. As a side note, they are also well-sought as wedding venues. Even though we doubt you’ll spend the first week after moving to Kanata getting married, save this idea for later!

Spend the first week after moving to Kanata getting to know the history of the area

Even though it’s a relatively new neighborhood, Kanata also offers many activities for history buffs. Horaceville, an early 19th-century heritage site, is located just 20 min drive from the center of Kanata. Many old foundations exist today, as well as a picnic space, the church, and an enormous manor house once owned by the Pinhey family.

You can visit the museum to learn more about the estate, participate in the programs, or enjoy the public park. The property is well-kept, and it offers a wonderful view of the Ottawa River in addition to its historical value.

Those interested in more recent history can also visit the Canada Cold War Museum. Located just a short drive away at the site of an old cold war era bunker, it boasts many interesting artifacts. 

Attend an event in Canadian Tire Centre

Canadians take much pride in ice hockey, and Canadian Tire Centre is the home stadium of famous Ottawa Senators. If you enjoy a good game of ice hockey, you can spend your first week after moving to Kanada watching the Senators play live!

A game of ice hockey is taking place.
Attending an ice hockey match is a popular activity among Kanata residents.

However, if attending a hockey match is not really your idea of fun, there are plenty of other events to choose from. That being said, Canadian Tire Centre is often home to other sports events, world-class musical shows, or comedy nights.   

Visit some of the wildlife facilities in Kanata

Being a suburb of Ottawa, Kanata can still offer an insight into untouched wildlife. One such example is the Carp River Conservation Area, which is ideal for birdwatching and hanging out in nature. 

Animal lovers should also make sure to visit the Beaver Pond Kanata. As the name says, you can see beavers there, but also other animals such as woodpeckers and cute squirrels.

Going for a night out is a good way to spend the first week after moving to Kanata

Kanata may be known as a quiet, kid-friendly neighborhood, but it doesn’t mean you can have fun here as well! Depending on what kind of entertainment you like, you can choose from pub games to attending live music gigs. If you are feeling artsy, it’s a good idea to pay a visit to Kanata Civic Art Gallery! On the other hand, movie aficionados can plan a perfect date at Landmark Cinemas in Kanata Centrum shopping mall.

No matter what you choose, we are certain you will spend your first week after moving to Kanata in the best possible way. Your moving experience will be much more enjoyable if you’re open to new possibilities. So, accept the challenge and enjoy your new life in Kanata!

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