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Moving isn’t the easiest period, however, it can go smoothly if you do it right. Besides searching for a reliable company, packing is another task that requires plenty of time. Plus, you have to pay extra attention to special and sensitive items, like tools. However,  there are ways to pack tools for moving without problems, which is why we at Professional Movers Ottawa made the guide you’re about to read. In addition to tips, you can also rely on our expertise. We rank among the top moving companies Ottawa has on offer, so don’t hesitate to contact us and get a free estimate.

Make sure to pack tools for moving step by step

Before you start packing for the move, sort out all your tools. Not every tool is the same, and that’s why you should avoid squeezing them into a few large boxes. In addition, you have to know the right amount of packing supplies. So don’t rush and take time with each item.

a man about to pack tools for moving
Don’t rush with packing.

Declutter and organize the tools you have

A moving preparation can’t start if you don’t declutter first. Not only you will have fewer items to pack and move, but you’ll also keep clutter away from your new home. Therefore, take time to deal with the tools first. Check if they are in good condition. Small repairs aren’t a problem, however, you should think carefully if outdated tools are worth keeping. Sometimes it’s more cost-effective to buy a brand new tool than to spend money on various repairs.

Organize your tools according to the following categories:

  • small tools
  • garden tools
  • electric tools
  • larger tools

Clean and inspect each tool before packing them

It’s important to thoroughly clean and inspect all tools before you begin packing. Accumulated dust, rust, or oil can do additional damage. Plus, packing dirty and rusty tools won’t do you any good. Your new garage or basement deserves a clutter-free and clean look. That way, you’ll extend the efficiency of tools and easily work with them.

a man in his workshop
Before you pack tools for moving, inspect and clean each of them.

Buy enough moving boxes

Make a moving shopping list with all necessities:

  • moving boxes different in size
  • plastic containers
  • packing paper and tape
  • packing gun
  • plastic wrap
  • protective cover
  • markers
  • scissors
  • scalpel

You can choose from affordable and quality packing supplies Ottawa companies provide. That’s why it’s better to choose full-service movers since they offer everything you need in one place. Durable boxes are worth the coin, so don’t hesitate to spend a few extra dollars. It’s better to invest in quality supplies and ensure maximum safety for your tools during the move.

Experienced movers will help you pack tools for the move

You will need a team of reliable and experienced Manotick movers to help you with packing. Therefore, search for licensed companies that include a wide variety of services. Make sure to check their previous work in order to know whether you can trust them. A professional moving company will always put your needs first and provide assistance from start to finish. So don’t settle for anything less than that.

Companies that provide supposedly quality services, but not a free estimate aren’t likely to have your best interest in the first place. Therefore, do your best to avoid any kind of negotiation, since they more often than not turn out to be fraudulent schemes. Plus, fake movers charge more than your estimated budget because of additional fees that catch you by surprise. For these reasons, give a call to each company that seems promising to you before you make a final decision, let alone sign any deal.

Pack small tools for the move first

Hammers, screwdrivers, and other tools smaller in size are easy to lose. Therefore, pack them first and you won’t have to worry about them later. Just collect small tools in one place and pack them one by one. Start with lightweight tools. Wrap them with packing paper, then put them inside a cushioned, medium-sized box. Hammers and other a bit heavier items are better to pack in small boxes.

Disassemble large tools before packing them

Take pictures of large tools before disassembling them. That way, you’ll know how to put the parts and cords back once you unpack. Be careful when separating the parts. Wrap them with up to several layers of plastic wrap or packing paper. Cushion small-sized boxes, then put the parts inside them. Also, don’t forget to label all boxes and then tape them with packing tape.

a couple packing for the move
Disassemble bigger tools and pack the parts separately.

In case you aren’t sure how to disassemble and pack the bigger tools, wait until your movers arrive. They will know how to handle sensitive and bulkier items with ease and pack them for much less time. In the meantime, cover the tools with a protective cover that will keep the dust and dirt away. Keep the space around tools clean as well.

Rent storage where your tools will be safe until the end of a move

Whether you’re moving long-distance, or across the city, your boxes need a safe place. Moving delays are more common than not, which is why your belongings need maximum protection. It’s important to decide what storage size suits you best. Therefore, pay a visit to the moving company or independent storage provider, and ask to see the facilities yourself. That way, you’ll easily decide whether the storage unit is worth the coin. In addition, previous customer experiences will tell you more about the quality of storage services.

Your best choice would be an indoor storage solution, where it’s possible to manage the inside temperature. You may opt for a long-term or short-term lease, depending on the duration of your move.  As for shorter relocations, portable on-site containers are perfect. They are spacious and easy to maintain. Once you pack tools for moving, make sure to remind your movers to be careful when storing the boxes.

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