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You’ve finally made it – you’ve relocated to a new city. It’s thrilling while also being a little terrifying. You are certainly curious about the simplest options to meet new people after moving to Ottawa. Connecting with other people, exchanging information and ideas has simply become an integral part and requirement of modern life. Don’t worry, because the best moving companies Ottawa came up with some helpful suggestions, which you can read in the text below.

Go for a coffee with your colleagues

If you are moving to Ottawa only for business, use your workplace as a jumping-off point for making friends. Meeting coworkers is usually a pleasant and simple experience. With them, you will spend a significant amount of time, so try to blend in as much as possible.  Only when you relax a little and get to know each other better will you be able to go for coffee and hang out in your free time. Perhaps one of your colleagues will bring his friends, enabling you to meet even more individuals. You may find some of them do not suit you over time, while others you will be able to call real friends.

Are you a music lover?

We already know that music has such a wonderful effect on us, but isn’t it even better to make it? Don’t believe that it is too late to learn to play an instrument. Of course, it won’t happen immediately, but with a little time and effort, you may achieve significant progress. There are a lot of music schools in Ottawa such as Metro Music, and School of Rock Orleans. Except for learning a new skill, you will improve your social life certainly. Already playing an instrument? Did you bring them with you when you relocated? Keep in mind that piano movers Ottawa can help you with moving delicate and expensive instruments such as organs and piano.

A girl playing a piano
Playing a musical instrument can help you to reduce stress after moving.

Use social media to your advantage

There are plenty of options on how to relax in Ottawa after your relocation. You visited the Canadian Museum of History, the National Gallery, and Parliament Hill, but still didn’t manage to connect with anyone new? With the rise of social networks, online communities have become the next big thing. These sites can be used for something other than sharing the latest photos. On the websites, look for groups related to your new environment. Good ideas are groups for hiking, running, cycling, or some other activity. The more active you are there, the more people you will meet. If you fit each other, you can propose socializing outside of your group.

Volunteer in the community

The benefits of volunteering are numerous, and the disadvantages that some see in it come down to only one thing – the lack of compensation. Still, can the fee be just monetary? There are a lot of things that are gained through volunteer work and here are just a few of them:

  • It has a positive effect on your career – Volunteer experience is often one of the conditions when applying to many internships, jobs, and scholarships.
  • You can meet new people after moving to Ottawa – It will bring new acquaintances, friends, and maybe potential business associates.
  • Ability to create change – It allows you to contribute to the common good, especially the community where you live.
  • Produces a sense of satisfaction – Helping others relieves daily stress and replaces it with happy emotions.

Ottawa Humane Society, Habitat for Humanity Greater Ottawa, and Shepherds of Good Hope are some of the organizations where you can join and help others. Have you perhaps considered donating clothes to charity? Packing services in Ottawa can professionally pack, load, and transport your belongings.

Use sports activities to meet new people after moving to Ottawa

As the capital of Canada and the fourth largest city in the country, Ottawa offers many opportunities for its residents and plenty of things to do. Depending on what you like, we recommend visiting a recreational sports club. There you will find an activity that surely satisfies you. Clubs such as Ottawa Sport and Social Club and Ottawa Outdoor Club offer a lot of choices for various indoor and outdoor activities. Meetings like these are informal, so everyone is more relaxed. You will be able to tell if someone matches you and if you want to hang out afterward.

Winter’s magic

When we talk about sports activities, we have to single out ice skating. Rideau Canal is one of Canada’s most visited natural attractions. During the winter it becomes Rideau Skateway, the largest outdoor and naturally frozen ice rink in the world. There are many other options too such as cross-country skiing in and around Ottawa, snowshoeing, snowboarding. and hiking.

Rideau Canal during the winter
Ice skating is a great way to have fun and meet someone.

Be active!

You will not only feel amazing but going out or to the gym is also a great opportunity to meet new people after moving to Ottawa. Attend dance classes, join an acting course, or go for a walk in Raphael Brunet park with your dog. Also, you can visit Winterlude or the Canadian Tulip Festival. Whatever type of movement you choose, go with the goal of meeting new people and forming new friendships. Sign up for yoga or pottery classes. It will be a wonderful exercise and you will also make contact with people who share the same passion. You already have one thing in common. Treat it as a good opportunity.

A dancing class
Taking dancing classes will increase your chance to meet people after moving to Ottawa.

Moving is already stressful enough. Starting a new business, relocating, or the simplest social gathering can be a real challenge for new ways of connecting. There are many options to meet new people after moving to Ottawa but do not forget one thing. Get out of your comfort zone and be patient! Don’t be afraid to chat up with someone you don’t know. Put aside shame, shyness, fear of rejection, and believe in yourself!

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