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The holiday season is just around the corner and you should get ready for festivities. But for some of you, relocation is the main priority in the upcoming months. It can hinder your holiday preparations or even ruin the whole experience. But worry not, we know that you should focus on packing, decluttering, and searching for moving companies in Gatineau. There is not enough time to cover it all so we will help you with a few Halloween activities in Ottawa you can visit and have a wonderful time. Focus on your relocation while we find the best place for your family to spend Halloween. Let’s go!

Let’s organize your relocation before we tap in Halloween activities in Ottawa you should consider attending

Ok, the absolute winner in each relocation is your moving checklist. Make sure you assemble one covering everything that lies ahead. This way you won’t forget a thing and it will help you calculate your moving costs better. Now, next would be to inspect all your belongings and the environment. Once you know how much stuff you have, you should calculate how much packing supplies Ottawa offers you need. You can obtain those at the nearest hardware store. Note that you’ll need a bunch of cardboard moving boxes, packing tape, labels, and blister packs.

Jack o' Lantern
Just imagine 7000 Jacks staring back at you! A sight to remember.

And finally, the most important part is to find professional movers in Ottawa that will take care of the hard labor. Find your movers online, inspect their prices, services, and read a few moving reviews. You will find a match in a matter of seconds and once you do, give them a call and communicate the details further. Let the professional and reliable moving team relocate you safely and affordably. Also, once you gather all the information we mentioned earlier, your movers will help you calculate the moving costs and figure out the complexity of the move. Now you are all set, let’s move onto the Halloween activities in Ottawa that might be fun for you to visit with your family.

Forever famous: Pumpkinferno

One of the most popular Halloween activities in Ottawa is the famous Pumpkinferno. Located in the Upper Canada Village and running from October 25th to October 31st. You shouldn’t miss the 7 thousand carved pumpkins staring back at you. Furthermore, here you’ll find amazing historic scenery full of woodland creatures, lore characters, and everything else that lurks about in the shadow of the night. For sure a place to visit and of course, take a few photos to remember this wonderful journey you took.

Here is something common but exciting: The escape rooms!

Ok, who doesn’t love ending up in an escape room with friends or family and together figure out the way out? Oh well, it is not something for easily scared ones. But definitely something you should consider doing on a Halloween night. You can find a few marvelous places to attend such an event in Downtown Ottawa. These are a few examples:

  • Escape Manor
  • Jigsaw Escape Rooms
  • Diefenbunker
  • Billings Estate National Historic Site

You can find many more online. If you love to solve puzzles and play games to escape peril then you should take an hour and find a few more options. Have fun with your friends and good luck with finding your way to freedom!

Halloween Dog Parade is another among the Halloween activities in Ottawa you should not miss out on

If you are a dog owner and you love to play dress-up, then this would be the place to be. Located in Hintonburg Park in Fairmont Avenue and happening on October 19th.

dog parade is one of the amazing and fun Halloween activities in Ottawa
Find a suitable costume for your furry friend and win all the prizes! Don’t forget to put on a costume yourself.

Of course, it is a parade, so you’ll find food vendors and stalls, along with hundreds of dog owners competing against each other. More importantly, having a ton of fun! So, if this is something you like, find a cool costume for your furry friend and hit the streets. We wish you good luck and at least one of the first three spots in the competition.

Halloween Hijinks

Your kids will love to attend the scavenger hunt. And we think you would love it as well. It will bring precious childhood memories and you’ll have an amazing time for sure.

Make your way through the sea of candy, solve puzzles, play games, find clues, and eventually, reach the final prize. And watch out for all the Halloween monsters trying to hinder your progress. They are out to get you! Therefore, you can take this amazing journey at Cumberland Heritage Village Museum on October 24th and 25th. And remember to bring your costume with you. If you have a custom made one, even better. Go out with style.

Siblings holding carved Halloween pumpkins
Take your kids on a scavenger hunt. The final prize is candy. Awesome!


We sincerely hope you’ll find time to visit the Bronson Centre and Bronson Avenue for some card reading, witchcraft, and fortune-telling. Sit down with one of the witches and let them predict your future. It is a pet-friendly event similar to Gamescom or Comicon. People dress up in various costumes honoring the Halloween event and having a ton of fun. You should bring your family along and if lucky, your witch will predict something wonderful for the upcoming year.

Ok, we covered a few notable Halloween activities in Ottawa that you should consider attending this year. Sadly, you have a relocation on your hands that will distract you greatly. But if you find a proper moving company and utilize free moving estimates, your moving logistics will be impeccable. Hopefully, you’ll find our guide useful and attend one of the events we laid down before you. Good luck and have a ton of fun. Happy holidays!

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