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Carleton Place, located in Eastern Ontario, is a home of amazing architecture and stunning historical properties. Through this town runs the Mississippi river which makes it great for relaxation. Its beautiful and picturesque waterfront makes Carleton Place unique. Since it’s located only 29ml (46km) from Ottawa many people choose to leave here and commute whenever needed. This town has a perfect combination of convenience of the big city and geniality of small town. In order to keep this place as beautiful as it is important to reduce waste and recycle when moving to Carleton Place.

As much as you are excited to move to this one of the kind places, it is normal to feel overwhelmed by the things that need to be done. Relocation can be a long process, from arranging movers Carleton Place, packing belongings, to organizing your travel. Still, you shouldn’t forget about the place that we all call home- our planet.

Choose the right packing supplies

Before you start packing it is important to understand how much waste you will create during this whole process. One of the best ways to reduce waste is to organize everything before packing itself. Think about the right packing supplies that can fit your needs. Start from what you have and try to pack as much stuff as you can in your suitcases and bags.

Recycle box
Reduce waste and recycle when moving to Carleton Place

Also, you can check with your friends and neighbors if they have some packing supplies that can be reused. Go to the nearest store and ask for leftover boxes. Lastly, ask for moving help Ottawa and try to collect as much information as you can on which supplies you should use. For example, arranging reusable plastic bins will help you decrease waste and recycle.

Use things that you own for packing supplies

When packing there is a lot of your stuff that you can use to protect your fragile items. That way you will reduce the use of disposable materials. Also, try to pack without buying bubble wrap or foam peanuts which will also help you save some money if you are on a budget.

For example, to reduce and recycle when moving to Carleton Place, you can use towels to wrap some breakable pieces that you may have. Also, scarves, shirts, and sweaters can be great protection for your glasses. Other things that you can use to wrap up your kitchen supplies are sheets and blankets. Think about all the items that you may have that can be used as protection. This way not only that you will decrease the waste, but also you will free up some space in your boxes.

Donate or sell your goods

After you have selected your appropriate packing materials it is time to sort things that you will take with you and the ones that you will leave behind. Relocation is a great opportunity to cut off on the things that you no longer use. This will limit packing materials that you will use and on the other hand, you will cut back on the waste after you unpack.

Box on which writes donate
Donate your belongings to somebody who needs them more

Organizing a garage sale is one of the good ways to get rid of the stuff that you no longer use. At the same time, it is a great way to pick up extra cash for your relocation expenses. Also, consider donating some of the things that you will no longer need, and you think that somebody else will benefit from them.

Hire eco-friendly company

Still, if there is a reason that you cannot pack your stuff without boxes and wrapping materials, don’t worry. You can still reduce waste and recycle when moving to Carleton Place. In case you are hiring a moving company try to look for the one that is eco-friendly. Make sure that they are responsible not only towards you but towards the environment as well.

Look for affordable movers Ottawa that has a reputation for reducing, reusing, and recycling. Contact them to find out which boxes are best to use and which packing materials can be recycled later. Apart from using recyclable boxes some of the eco-friendly moving companies are using biofuel rather than gasoline. Having this in mind, choose wisely your moving company since together you can make an impact in saving our planet and environment.

Reduce waste and recycle when moving to Carleton Place

Once you are done with your relocation recycle all packing materials. Before you even start unpacking organize three waste bins that will help you recycle:

  • The first one should be for the material that is still in good condition and can be reused. Find a storage place for those.
  • The second one should be for the materials that are still in good condition, but you know that you will not use them.
  • The third one is the most important one that will help you reduce waste and recycle when moving to Carleton Place. In this bin place all the items that need to be disposed of.

It would be good to have a couple of bins for this third group. In that way, you will be able to sort out all the disposable materials. Organize different bins for cardboard, paper, plastic, garbage, etc. In this manner, you will help waste collection in Carleton Place.

Four different bins to reduce waste and recycle when moving to Carleton Place
Separate disposable materials in different bins

Even though relocation can be a stressful process and you may think you don’t have time for all this, just remember that we are all responsible for our environment. Each of us can make an impact on this planet by doing some small things along the way. Now when you know how to reduce waste and recycle when moving to Carleton Place your journey can begin. Enjoy every step of your relocation process and don’t forget to reduce, reuse and recycle.

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