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Packing and moving things is usually easy. Protect your books from moisture, safely pack your china to avoid any damage, etc. Put all of these in some cardboard boxes and you’re good to go. Things are not so easy when it comes to moving bulky furniture. Let’s say you decided to move your furniture on your own. There are some simple but crucial steps you need to take in order to avoid damaging your sofa or hurting yourself in any way. By the way, you don’t have to do it by yourself, because there are moving companies Brockville already has. Either way, here are some safety tips on how to transfer your furniture to your new place.

Clear everything out before moving bulky furniture

Let’s start with the most important step. You will be lifting heavy things like a wardrobe or a sofa. Imagine you stepping onto some children’s toy and suddenly dropping down that enormous object. Ensure that the path you’re going to go through is completely cleared out.

barefoot with a toy airplane is not good for moving bulky furniture
Clearing everything out from the path is the first step for avoiding injuries.

Here are the things that are usually on the way:

  • Shoes
  • Toys
  • Boxes
  • Children
  • Pets
  • Cardboard boxes that usually don’t fit for moving bulky furniture
  • Moving clutter items

If you have children or pets, you know that they always want to be somewhere around. Their way of helping isn’t always the right way, so you need to keep them safe on a moving day. Also, you definitely don’t want to hurt them somehow.

Furthermore, remember to clear out the outside part of the path. We usually forget that once we open the door, there can be ice, snow, mud, or anything else that can be hazardous. All of this can be done by reliable movers Ottawa offers. Don’t hesitate to call and take something off of your to-do list.

Dress accordingly for moving bulky furniture

Yes, you read that right. It might sound funny, but there is no place for elegance while relocating. Avoid heels or any open-toe shoes – sneakers could be the right choice. They fit nicely and surely give you the right support for lifting heavy objects.

woman wearing slippers while on the sofa
Avoid wearing slippers or sandals during the move. Do everything to ensure safety.

Likewise, wear clothes that fit. Loose t-shirts or pants can hook everywhere and accidents are more likely to happen. It’s all about being safe and not just feeling comfortable.

Break bulky furniture into pieces, if possible

If you can disassemble those big pieces of furniture, go with it! The less you carry, the better. Remove all of the pieces that can be transported separately – all the cushions from the sofa, drawers from the wardrobe or big bed frames, and all of the other parts. This will also reduce the weight of those heavy objects.

Another great tip is to keep together all of the pieces, including bolts and screws. Take every tiny piece, place it in one bag, and tape it to that drawer, for example. You can also label everything and that way you will easily find all the pieces later.

Be careful with lifting heavy furniture

We all know moving can be chaotic. It is stressful to our mind, but also to our body. It is very important to stay clear-headed, especially when you have to move urgently. We can help you keep your sanity when moving in a hurry, but also on how to properly lift heavy furniture.

Don’t twist your body and ensure a good grip. A pair of good-quality gloves can help you with that. While lifting, bend at your knees, not your waist, and keep your body as still as possible. That way you will use your legs that are much stronger than your back. Your spine will thank you later and you will prevent a lot of serious back problems. Also, it makes this task easier.

a yellow couch with the pillow
Be careful with lifting bulky furniture. Ensure a good grip and bend properly to prevent serious injuries.

Also, better to slide and push bulky furniture. Avoid lifting it at all, if possible. There are some tips on how to wrap and move a couch in order to keep it clean and scratch-free.

Wrap, wrap, wrap

Like you haven’t had enough wrapping already, right? You already have to buy a lot of packing materials, so remember to purchase extra. You can always sell it later or give it to a friend in need. Moving can cost a lot of money, so it’s great if you can fall on some discounts. Don’t shop impulsively and pass through all of the shops in your area. Different companies give different discounts, and you could also use a discount moving Ottawa must have! They always give a great price for professional services. Don’t do everything by yourself.

Plastic or bubble wrap could be a great choice for moving bulky furniture too. During the move, your furniture can be scratched or damaged if not protected properly. Protect every single item you have and you won’t be sorry later. Use sliders to protect the floors – it will be easier to place them once the furniture is well wrapped. Furthermore, you are more likely to relocate without jamming your fingers anywhere. Sounds like a good deal.

Get help for moving bulky furniture

Those items are heavy, big, tall, and usually require an extra hand. Call a friend or a family member to help and ensure they have adequate equipment. When moving bulky furniture, tilt it to one side first and then start moving. One person should do the holding, and the other should manage and steer. Center the weight of the item in the right way and remember to keep safe. Once you got the object outside, load it in the truck with the help of the loading platform. Afterward, secure the object inside the truck to avoid damage during the ride. This way you will most likely get to your new place with no harm to yourself or your bulky furniture.

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