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Summer heat is preventing some people to relocate efficiently. But you decided on doing it anyway. All you need is a good plan on how to protect heat-sensitive items on moving day. So, let’s organize, pack, and find local movers Ottawa that will assist you on this journey. And we will help you with all those steps we mentioned and keep your items safe along the way. Let us begin.

Prepare to protect heat-sensitive items on moving day

Now, before you can think about how to protect heat-sensitive items on moving day, you must inspect all your items to figure out what is there. So, start inspecting your home and pinpoint all the heat-sensitive items and furniture. As a matter of fact, you should create a moving checklist and note down all your items so you know how many moving supplies you’ll need.

Make a plan to protect heat sensitive items on moving day
Make a checklist with all moving-related tasks. Stay on track and organized.

Also, you’ll know the complexity of the move and be able to start calculating your moving budget. Therefore, start inspecting everything and include your garage, basement, attic, and your backyard as well. And your moving checklist should include the following as well:

  • Information about movers
  • Packing plan
  • Moving services and insurance
  • Legalities and documents
  • Moving budget
  • Responsibilities, chores, and errands you must do after and before the move

Now when you have all the mandatory info on paper, you can start looking for a moving company. They will appreciate the info you bring and it will help them create a better and safer relocation plan.

Find a moving company that will handle your relocation swiftly

Ok, now it is time to find reliable movers Ottawa that will help you protect heat-sensitive items on moving day. Of course, you will begin your search on the internet. And after a while, you will find several interesting choices. You will narrow it down by comparing prices and services. Also, you’ll have to read a few reviews, and if you have the patience to read social media groups because you can find a lot there. Once you confirm your movers treat their customers well, then you can proceed.

Call your movers and ask them if they are licensed and permitted to work. It is the most important thing here. If they are not, simply move on to the next company. Then, you want to know if they have all the tools and equipment, manpower, and a sizeable moving vehicle for the job. And finally, let them explain about the moving services they offer and the payment method. If you are pleased with the offer, continue further and create a moving contract and schedule a moving date.

Free moving estimates

The best way to reach your exact moving price and calculate your moving budget is to utilize onsite estimates. This service should be free with all moving companies and it works like this. A moving representative will pay you a visit and evaluate everything. They will measure hallways and doors, check out the curbs and the street, and prepare the environment to be safe. Then they will weigh your moving cargo and calculate the working hours. Eventually, you will be presented with the final moving price and you can move on from there.

Three people talking in front of a house
Let your movers pay you a visit and provide free onsite estimates.

Declutter if possible

To make your relocation easier, cheaper, and more efficient, you should find time to downsize. Decluttering is healthy and you should always do it when moving to start fresh at your new home. So, when inspecting your items, check out all your old, unused, broken, and outdated items. You can donate, sell, give away, or simply throw them out. But if you are disposing of hazardous waste and have flammable materials and cans with flammable fluids with you, you must do it the right way. Leaving such items in high temperatures can endanger the environment and people’s lives so dispose of them in the right way.

On the other hand, if you want to keep it all, rent one of the storage units Ottawa and leave all the clutter you find. Keep it there until the time comes to use it again. Or until you have more time to shuffle through it with more patience. It is just another option you should keep for later when the time comes.

Pack and protect heat-sensitive items on moving day

The packing supplies you will use for this situation are the same as for any other relocation with one addition. You will add darker colors to this story because they absorb sun rays. So, obtain cardboard boxes, blister packs, labels, and packing tape. Gather all the necessary packing supplies Ottawa and pack as you would for any other relocation but in the end, you will cover your items with the dark tarp. You can find one at the nearest hardware store.

Crate with a sign on it
Proper packing materials will keep your moving cargo safe.

Relocation must be quick and efficient

We forgot to mention that your movers should bring a climate-controlled moving vehicle. But they will offer this one to you anyway because of the extreme summer heat. And you should accept it. It will keep your items intact until they reach their destination. The other thing is, you must be swift with your boxes and furniture and never leave your items in the sun. Form a line between your home entrance and the loading dock and swap items or carry them fast enough so the sun can’t heat up the box. And do not panic because 20 seconds of sunray won’t do anything to your items. And as we said, cover sensitive boxes and furniture with the darker colored sheets and you are good to go.

Now you know how to pack and protect heat-sensitive items on moving day. It is simple if you act fast and never leave your items in the sun. The key is to move them fast between your home and the moving truck. If you have an able moving team with you, this shouldn’t be a problem. Good luck.

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