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Are you thinking of hiring professional packers, but you’re not sure what your role in the moving process then is? Many professional packers in Ottawa will be able to help you with way more than just packing. The problem is that you need to communicate clearly and find a quality moving service provider, such as Professional Movers Ottawa, that will help you exactly in the way that you describe. Quality movers will make or break your relocation, so start your research early and choose wisely. To find out how to prepare for Ottawa professional packers and what you can do beforehand, keep on reading!

Call the professional packers in Ottawa as soon as possible

To start your journey to the new home, the first step is to call the movers and packers. Find the ones that are trustworthy and reliable, and tell them what services you need.

call professional packers in Ottawa
Call professional packers in Ottawa on time, and book the date that suits you!

When it comes to packers, it’s easy to tell them what you need packed – but this requires a little bit of preparation on your end nonetheless. Giving a call to movers and packers early in the moving process will help you see if they’re the right fit, and have enough time to find the others if not. How will you know if the packers are the right fit? Easily! Their prices will fit your budget, they’ll be available for the dates that you need them to, they’ll have good reviews and reputation, and when you read the contract, there won’t be any hidden fees.

Set the packing date

The sooner you call the professional packers in Ottawa, the more chance there’s going to be that you’ll be able to choose the date that fits you perfectly. Booking the packers is a little bit different than booking the movers. You should opt to book them at the time when you’ll be home so that you can tell them what to pack, and to provide refreshments. In that case, booking the moves for the weekend is a good idea. The earlier you book them, the better chance of avoiding moving delays.

Just as with booking the movers, packers are always busier at the end of the day, week and month. This is also true for the National holidays. Opt to book them as early in the week and month as possible, and leave only the necessary items unpacked.

Communicate your needs clearly to your Ottawa professional packers

Make sure to:

  • Communicate exactly how many rooms your home has
  • Calculate how many movers you’ll need, and hire the optimal amount
  • Get advice from professionals regarding the number of movers if you’re not sure
  • Communicate your special requests on time, so that the professional Ottawa packers can adapt to you
woman cleaning
Cleaning can be done with mild soap or simply a damp cloth.

Clean the items that need to be packed

Before professional packers in Ottawa come knocking, all of the items that you want to pack should be clean. What does this mean?

  • Your clothes should be washed and ready to be placed in a box
  • The furniture needs to be clean of dust so that it can be disassembled and packed without inconveniences
  • You should go over all the possible items with a damp cloth and remove any stains from them, as well as dirt, dust, and debris

In case you need help with the cleaning process, you should reach out to your friends on time and ask them to join you in the activity. The items tend to stay in the moving boxes for a long time. It pays off to spend a few hours cleaning the items before they get packed. If they stay in the moving box for a long time after relocation, they might start to deteriorate or lose their features. That’s why this step is necessary, and even if it’s time-consuming, it’s an investment in the safety of your items.

Procure the packing materials

Do you know that packing supplies Ottawa offers can be found in various places? You can rent the packing materials from a moving company. In that case, you’ll have a deadline by which your unpacking process should be finished. This motivates many people to start unpacking as soon as they settle in, and prohibits them from procrastinating the unpacking process for a long time – which tends to happen.

The other option is to get the materials from the DIY store. This option is ideal for those who want advice on the spot, and don’t want to wait for their materials to arrive. The third option is the easiest – just order materials online. Everything is automatic, and they will arrive at your doorstep. The only downside to this is that the materials might be late, or that you might make a mistake and don’t order enough packing materials.

Sort your items into piles

Sort the items in different piles – clothes, books, electrical appliances, fragile items. Make sure to label the fragile items or to place them all in one designated space. This will help the movers know which items to pay more attention to, and to give you peace of mind knowing that everyone in the process has the knowledge of which items to treat extra carefully. Don’t forget about the specialized boxes! Some of the items might need them, and if you have a lot of fragile items – they will probably be the ones that will require that kind of packing boxes.

woman sitting between packing boxes
Procuring packing materials in the DIY store requires a vehicle big enough to transport it home.

Professional packers in Ottawa are at your disposal!

Have you found the professional packers in Ottawa that you were looking for? If not, keep in mind that we’re here for you! With us by your side, you won’t have to worry whether your items will be safe – we’ll do our best to ensure their safety and help them reach the new destination in the perfect shape. Safety of the items is the core problem of every moving process – and we can help you have a stress and problem-free relocation! Make sure to get in touch with Professional Movers Ottawa and set all your worries aside.

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