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Are you looking for a reliable moving company to help you avoid delays on moving day? When you first start planning your relocation, it can seem like there are so many things that can go wrong – and it’s true. That’s why you should get informed on the whole process of relocation. Moreover, focus on the tips and tricks that will help you avoid delays on moving day altogether and lessen the stress during the process. There are numerous reliable movers Ottawa offers that you can rely on. Nonetheless, it’s important that the movers you choose are a good fit for you. Are you ready to find out how to avoid delays on moving day and have a stress-free relocation? If so, keep on reading!

Start planning on time to avoid delays on moving day

Many people overlook the importance of early planning, whereas, in fact, it’s the key to a successful relocation. Don’t skip out on researching numerous transport and moving companies Gatineau offers early on. As soon as you find out that you’ll relocate, it’s time to start preparing. That means that you should take additional time in the beginning and do thorough research before you decide on the course of your relocation. A good plan is necessary, so let’s see what it entails!

a planner to avoid delays on moving day 
To void delays on moving day, start planning on time!

Plan the whole relocation timeline

Well-thought-out relocation means that you can pinpoint each dot in time from now to the relocation, and know what’s supposed to be done by then. This is, of course, very hard – and overwhelming. That’s why help from the professionals such as some of the long distance movers Ontario offers can be incredibly helpful. What should you definitely keep in mind when planning for the relocation, in order to avoid delays on moving day:

  • Invite friends and family to help you on time. It’s also important that you notify them a few days earlier.
  • Order or buy packing materials early, so you have time to get more in case you run out. Don’t pack at the last minute!
  • When you find reliable movers, call them and book a moving date immediately. Good moving date can help you avoid delays greatly.

Order of packing your rooms should reflect their necessity

As you start planning more thoroughly, you should plan what you’ll pack first. The general schedule should be something like this list:

  • The items that you don’t use at all should go first. This means that winter clothes or sports and camping equipment are very likely to be some of those items.
  • Pack the additional clothes that you definitely won’t wear until the moving day. 
  • Deal with all the non-essential furniture pieces, especially if they’re big and bulky.
  • Pack the toiletries, a few clothing pieces, PJs, mattress, and kitchen items last. They’re all the items that you’ll definitely need up until the last day in your home. Order the box for some of those items, and have it ready to just get them in it when you get up and go!
Pack the rooms and items you need daily last!

Communicate clearly with the company to avoid delays on moving day

When you decide which company you’ll hire, make sure to communicate your wishes and needs clearly. The moving company is there to serve you and help you relocate. Keep in mind that you can switch companies if you don’t feel heard! Don’t sign the contract before making sure that the company is the right fit for you. Once you’ve communicated your needs, see if the company can accommodate them. Choose the moving date wisely! It’s important to keep a few rules in mind:

  • Don’t move at the end of the week or during the weekend. It’s the time when all the people go home, commute to the picnic places, or simply have time to move around. This clogs the traffic often and leads to delays that we want to avoid.
  • The same rule goes to the time of the week and month. Opt to move as early as possible in the month, and in the week.
  • Avoid moving during the national holidays and during the start of the university year. That’s also the time when a lot of other people are moving since they have the free time.

Prepare everything you need for the move the day before

It’s important that you’re ready to just wake up and go. At the time when movers come to your home, you’ll need to have everything packed! That’s why you should prepare everything the night before. That means that you’ll need to have only necessities left, as well as your bag with essentials and clothes. Leave one packing box out that you’ll throw the last few items in and tape it. Don’t leave anything for the last minute that you can do before. If you have kids, arrange for the nanny or a family member to take care of them while the relocation takes place. That way, you’ll be able to fully commit to the relocation without having to worry about the safety of your child.

Get help from friends on a moving day

In case you’re worried about being late – call a friend a few days in advance. Explain the situation and ask for them to be at your place a few hours before the movers come. They can even sleep over at your place if you need to wake up early. Get all the help you can – there’s no reason to go through this alone. A friend or family member can help you with last-minute packing and simply locking the home after you leave if you need to leave earlier than movers.

calling a friend
Ask your friends and family to help you, but do it a few weeks in advance!

Find a reliable moving company to help you avoid delays on moving day

Have you found the right movers for the job? If not, keep in mind that Professional Mover Ottawa is at your disposal! We have years of experience in the moving industry, and we’ll do our best to make your transition seamless. Are you ready to hire a company that will help you avoid delays on moving day? For a timely relocation, give us a call and book a move of your dreams today! 

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