How to prepare a piano for moving long distance


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Relocations will often require us to get out of our comfort zone and deal with an issue we never dealt with before. One of the most challenging things that you will do while moving your home, is moving a piano. Although it might seem like an easy task, you will have to do a lot of work just to prepare a piano for moving long distance. Of course, if you lack experience with such relocations, or want to ensure that you are doing everything right, you should rely on professional movers, like discount moving Ottawa, to help you. After all, if you are faced with something you know you cannot deal with, simply leave it to the people that do. Professional movers are there to make your relocation process easier, as well as safer. Letting them deal with this will be the safest option.

What do you need to do to prepare a piano for moving long distance?

Moving a piano is certainly not an easy thing to do. On one hand, we have the sheer weight of the items to deal with. On the other hand, there is the fact that this is a very sensitive, expensive, and fragile item that you have to move. The safety of the piano should be a priority when you move it, regardless of whether you do it for financial or sentimental reasons.

a man sitting by the piano in a darkly-lit room to represent the process you need to go through to prepare a piano for moving long distance
Pianos are very heavy musical instruments that will most of the time, require adequate equipment and personnel to move

More importantly, as you are moving a piano, you will have to ensure not to damage the expensive and heavy wood it is made out of. In addition, you will also have to think about the walls, floors, and doorways as you move this item. Even if you opt for storage, you should make sure that you clean out the storage before storing it inside it. So, let us talk more about how you should move it.

Before you prepare your piano, you will need to prepare your home first

Not only can bad handling damage your piano, but it can also damage the house you are moving out of, or into. Why is this such a bad thing? Well, first of all, any damage you do to the house you are moving out of will have to be compensated upon leaving. Some of the most common damages this type of relocation can bring are:

  • Wall damages
  • Floor damages
  • Potential damage for the doorways and hallways

Hence, it is crucial that you protect your home before you start to move. Lay soft materials on the floor to prevent the piano from scratching. In addition, use rubber ends to place them on the sides of the piano that might scratch on the walls. These incidents will cause issues with the piano, as well as the walls. Always make sure to properly measure the piano before moving it out.

Obtaining adequate equipment

If, by any chance, you decide to do this all by yourself, know that you will need equipment for the job. In addition, you will most likely require additional hands for the job. So, gather some friends and make sure you have adequate equipment for moving it. Yes, you can move the piano without the equipment, but it is too risky.

a man carrying a large box using a dolly
Of course, there are several different types of dollies and a specific one for the piano relocation itself

Not only will moving without equipment pose an issue for the piano, but it will pose the risk of injury for the people handling it, as well. Hence, as you prepare a piano for moving long distance, make sure that you have adequate equipment that will make the job easier for you. Of course, hiring professional movers will allow you to gain the required manpower, as well as equipment for the job. Ultimately, you are the one that will decide.

Disassemble and wrap items individually, if possible, to prepare a piano for moving long distance

Disassembling the piano will allow you to separate all the parts that you can. This will not only make it easier to move and transport the piano but also keep it safe. However, pianos are rarely disassemblable. There are some that allow you to do so, but nonetheless, that does not mean that you should not try. Later, start wrapping each individual part of the piano to ensure it is safe. From piano legs to the keyboard, make sure everything has a layer of protection on it. Disassembled parts are much easier to protect than one whole item. So, make sure that you devote enough attention and time to this process, as it is the most crucial part of the piano relocation. As far as wrapping the piano, you can use padding or blankets from your home. Applying bubble wrap is a good way to add a layer of safety.

Ultimately, it is best that you hire professionals for the job

Doing things like this alone will have certain advantages. However, they do not weigh out the disadvantages. It might be cheaper, but it is not safer or smarter to move the piano alone. So, if you want to prepare a piano for moving long distance, it is best that you rely on professionals to do so.

two men from the moving crew high fiving eachother
Not only do the professional movers have adequate experience, but they also have the means to do this properly and with minimum risk

In addition, there are moving companies that will have movers that specialize in certain objects. Hence, you can contact piano movers Ottawa to help you prepare a piano for moving long distance. Even if you can do this yourself, try to avoid it, as it carries too much risk. Not only for breaking the item, but for injuring yourself in the process.

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