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When relocating, certain items are harder to move than others. Those harder ones can be tricky to move and will require special attention, or help from professionals like moving and storage companies Ottawa. That’s why we put together this guide on which items you have to disassemble before moving.

Which Items You Have To Disassemble Before Moving

A modern household has many items that require some work before you can relocate them. This can cause a lot of problems when you’re trying to move by yourself. That’s why we always recommend that you hire professionals if you have any of these items.

Two people carrying a box.
Disassembling will help your relocation go smoothly.

Pool Tables

Pool tables have to be disassembled if you want to relocate them. They’re heavy, complex, and have lots of moving parts. While they’re very enjoyable to have at home, they are very hard to move. If you want to prevent damage to your pool table, it is paramount that you disassemble them properly, from the legs to the pockets. After you’ve disassembled it to its parts, you need to pack it and wrap it in a way that will prevent scratches and secure all of the parts so that nothing gets lost. If you want to relocate a pool table we strongly recommend hiring professionals.


Another highly complex and delicate item that can be found in many households. It’s a very special instrument that is hard to tune, and relocating it improperly can damage it and knock it out of tune (piano tuners are very expensive). That’s why we highly recommend that you hire dedicated piano movers Ottawa, Pianos are also expensive, so if they’re moved improperly the monetary damage can be immense.

If you absolutely have to move a piano by yourself, you need to remove its legs. However, take special care when you’re removing the keyboard and hammers, as those parts are very delicate and can break easily.


Bookshelves don’t seem like a complicated item to relocate, but there are some things you should know before attempting to move them. Disassembling bookshelves requires precision, and tact. Firstly, you should remove any books from the shelves and then start unscrewing bit by bit. Remember to put all of the screws into a labeled bag. In order to not misplace any critical parts of the bookshelf.

Beds and Bedframes

Most people get used to their beds and will bring them to their new homes. Beds, especially larger ones, will always have to be disassembled before moving them. While you won’t need to have the same level of extreme care as if you’re moving a piano, you still have to be careful in order to avoid scratches. Another important part of moving and disassembling beds is transporting the mattress. There are specialized mattress moving boxes that can help you pack and move your mattress.

A man moving a couch
Items you have to disassemble before moving are usually large and robust.

Furniture With Mirrors or Glass Elements

Furniture with mirrors or glass elements is a bit trickier to disassemble than most things on this list. Obviously, glass is very fragile. So, you’ll need to be extra careful, especially if you’re superstitious. As the old belief goes, breaking a mirror will bring you seven years of bad luck. Now, if that isn’t a reason to hire professionals to disassemble your furniture, I don’t know what is. Jokes aside, moving furniture with such fragile elements is tricky and it requires a lot of special attention. A lot of packing supplies Ottawa will be needed to secure such items.

Large Tables

At first glance, a table doesn’t seem that hard to move, and it isn’t. However, we’re not talking about normal tables here. We’re talking about huge tables that can’t be disassembled or moved easily. Large tables will require precision and attention to detail in order to avoid scratches or damage. Doubly so, if they’re antiques or unique items. In order to move the table safely, you should disassemble its legs and any other parts, and pack them together in a labeled box. That will ensure that the relocation will be both smoother and safer. Sometimes for such antiques, it can be better to find good storage solutions Ottawa, rather than relocating them with you.

Mounted Television Sets

Mounted TVs are a great and very useful thing in your home. However, when you’re supposed to relocate them, they quickly turn into quite a hassle. When you’re disassembling mounted TVs you should always protect the screen with either bubble wrap, or anything else that can protect the fragile screen from damage. Another risk is that the TV falls over while you’re disassembling it, that’s why we recommend that you hire professionals to do that job for you.


While desks are usually small enough to fit through doorways, you don’t want your drawers and sliding keyboard trays popping out while you’re relocating them. While either bubble wrap or tape can help with that problem, it is much better to remove them from the equation utterly.

Dressers and Wardrobe

Even if you only have a small dresser, it’s always a good idea to remove any shelves, drawers or other unattached elements, to avoid any damage. For wardrobes with mirrors, make sure you remove the mirror and pack it in lots of bubble wrap to prevent shattering. Most larger wardrobes will require complete disassembly as they tend to be too large for doorways.

People sitting in back of moving truck.
It’s always easier when you hire professionals,


It’s always easier and safer to hire professional movers rather than do it yourself. Professional movers will take care of the items you have to disassemble before moving, and ensure that nothing gets damaged. Remember that some items are delicate while others are robust, but all of them require a lot of attention to move properly. If you have to move any of these items, remember to go slowly and step by step, in order to avoid any damage to your property.

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