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Everyone knows that the packing process is the hardest part when relocating home. It is an exhausting, delicate, and tiresome event that will take most of your time. And while doing it, you should pay close attention to fragile items. So, before you let your long distance movers Ottawa carry out and load your moving boxes onto the truck, let us pack your glassware the right way. Let’s relocate your fragile valuables in one piece.

Who will transport your glassware?

Let’s make something clear. No matter how well you pack your items, if you have the wrong company with you, it won’t make a difference. Therefore, you should focus on finding the moving company you can trust and let them handle your precious belongings. So, the best way to find your Ottawa movers is to search for them online. No doubt you’ll find many choices within seconds. But, to fish out the right company out of the endless sea of choices can be a challenge. No worries just remember to inspect your movers appropriately and you are good.

Kitchen glassware on a shelf
Who will take care of your glassware? Find a trustworthy moving team to take care of it.

Start by comparing prices and services movers offer. Then you should read a few moving reviews, blog posts, and previous customer experiences. Once you have enough info, call your movers and communicate further. Check if they have licenses, permits, tools, equipment, manpower, vehicle, etc. And if you have any additional questions or special requests, do not hesitate to ask. Ensure you found the right company for the job. And remember, safety first!

The options laid before you

Ok, your options are usually limited by the budget. So, you must act accordingly and obtain all items necessary to pack your glassware the safest way. If you have a bit more to invest you should aim for Styrofoam, packing peanuts, blister packs, and bins designed for this occasion. Those are the best options on the market and while having a slightly higher price, the level of protection coming with it will repay tenfold. On the other hand, you can decide on a cheaper version. And most people do because it is adequate protection as well but a more affordable one.

Most of the items can be obtained at the nearest hardware store. Those are cardboard boxes, packing tape, corner pads, packing paper, and cushions. Also, keep in mind that you can use any cloth, blankets, rags, t-shirts, to create a cushiony environment. In conclusion, you should know your budget and your options before choosing what will suit you best.

The box you pack your glassware in is important

Whatever you do with your packing materials, just make sure that your moving boxes are in a good shape. You should buy the higher-quality ones, at least for the fragile items you are packing. So, check your options and obtain at least 25 boxes to pack all your belongings. Go for all shapes and sizes depending on the nature of the items you possess. And you should overstuff big boxes but pack lighter items inside. While at the same time using small boxes for the heavier items. Also, keep an eye out for the custom made boxes if needed. Maybe you have paintings and mirrors that need proper wrapping, corner pads, and cushions. Obtain those as well to make sure your items are well-protected and safe.

The box you pack your glassware in should be strong and of a higher-quality
The box you are using for fragile items should be a higher-quality one.

In case you do not want to take any risks, check out one of the moving services in Ottawa and there you’ll find a packing service that is quite useful for this situation. Use this lucrative opportunity and let the professionals pack and transport your fragile items. It is an affordable and safe solution where you won’t have to think much. Especially if you never packed before.

Inspect your cargo

Ok, if you decided on packing and organizing yourself you should begin with a moving checklist. Here you should cover all the steps ahead, and make sure you are on schedule. Also, you won’t forget the crucial steps. So, after creating the checklist, focus on inspecting your belongings, and add the inventory list to it. It will help you when the time comes for estimating the moving price. Furthermore, you’ll know how many items you possess, which ones need special attention, and how many packing materials it is required.

It is understandable that you want to speed up the moving process and save your valuable time. But if you want to pack your glassware safely, you must take this step slowly. Hence, start inspecting your items and pack them gradually. This is a moment to set aside all those valuable and fragile items that you must pack with care. And a moment to declutter and downsize where possible. You are inspecting everything already, and at the same time, you should set aside all the items you can remove, donate, recycle, sell, or throw away. Just keep it simple, but with special care toward the glassware and other fragile items you possess.

Are you ready to pack your glassware?

Now, after you evaluated the situation and obtained your packing materials, let’s pack.

  • Safety measures – The cushion solutions we mentioned before come into play at this point. Make a nice and cushiony foundation inside the box and stack your items inside. Ensure the gaps are filled with more cushion or crumpled paper. And on the outside, add corner pads at least for the boxes containing fragile items.
  • Wrap your itemsWrap fragile items individually adding another layer of protection. Use blister packs or wrapping paper for this situation.
  • Stack boxes the right way – Ok, you already know this one but we must say it anyway. Boxes with fragile items like glassware, pottery, china, etc. should always go on the top. Do not stack boxes with heavy items cause they might crush your fragile valuables. So, heavier and bigger boxes on the bottom, smaller and ones containing fragile items on the top. If you are unsure, ask your movers, they already know this by heart.
  • Labeling – Seal your boxes with several layers of packing tape and add labels to each box. Especially to ones with fragile items. Labeling will raise the awareness of the fragile content inside. And you will have an easier time while unpacking.
Colorful glassware
Take care of your unique pieces by wrapping them individually.

If in doubt, moving insurance is something you should consider

Finally, we must say that there is no perfect way of packing with 100% success. There is always a possibility for an act of nature or other unfortunate events on the way that can damage your cargo. To shield yourself from such an outcome, you can purchase moving insurance. But before you do, communicate with your movers and figure out what kind of insurance they offer. Keep in mind that if you pack yourself, movers won’t take any responsibility for the content of the box. Understandably they won’t play football with it but if anything happens, you won’t be able to chase the reimbursement since you are responsible for it.

So, ask around and figure out what is best for your situation. You can purchase full insurance from the insurance company as well. Also, if anything bad happens, know that you can make claims from 30 days up to 9 months. It depends on the moving company or the insurance provider. Obtain the info necessary and think about it.

And that was it, now you know how to pack your glassware for transport. Just take it easy and be patient about it. You can do it in a day and once you do, move your boxes in a designated room and keep them out of sight until the moving day comes. Good luck and have a safe journey.

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