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Probably the most boring and time-consuming part when relocating is the packing process. Yes, you must cover all moving steps, pack, prepare a moving budget, and find the best movers in Ottawa. And what if you must pack for storage as well? Then you have an additional step ahead that will ask for a better moving strategy. But worry not because you can plan adequately and complete most of it within a week. Let us show you how.

Relocation steps you must cover beforehand

People rent storage units for different uses and in various situations. One of them, and mostly the case, is when moving. Now, let us quickly cover the crucial moving steps. Firstly, you should inspect all your items to figure out how much stuff you must pack. While doing this, figure out straight away which items are for your storage unit and pack accordingly. Then, assemble a moving checklist and write down all the steps one should take on this journey. Once your checklist is stacked, calculate your costs and prepare a moving budget.

Create a checklist before you pack for storage
Keep your moving checklist and inventory list close to heart. This way you won’t forget a thing.

The next step is to find reliable local movers Ottawa based. Just browse a bit online and in a matter of minutes, you’ll find several moving choices. Compare services, prices, and read moving reviews. Once you narrow down your choice, give your movers a call and communicate the details further. Schedule onsite estimates to realize the complexity of the move and calculate moving costs precisely. So, cover as much as you can in due time and secure a reliable moving service and you will have a successful relocation on your hands.

Let’s pack for storage the right way

As we mentioned before, you should shuffle through your items to figure out what to store and what o move to your new place. This way you will cover two steps in one. The goal is to prepare all your belongings for packing no matter where they go. So, start with the garage, attic, basement, and your front yard. Figure out how many robust and heavy items you have in your possession. Then, do the same inside your home covering all rooms and areas gradually. Figure out where to start and make designated piles and sort your items in the most suitable way.

And if you have more items than you can fit in your storage and your new place, consider applying a different tactic. Add a third step into this process and make the most of it. You should declutter your home before moving. This is the perfect moment to do it and get rid of all the items you are dragging around your home unnecessarily. Therefore, while sorting stuff out, make a pile with items that you’ll remove completely. Whether you give them away, sell online, donate to charities, or simply throw away, it does not matter. Just make sure to inspect everything thoroughly and decide what should go. You will reduce the moving costs, start fresh, and to be honest, you do not need those items cluttering your space any longer.

Packing materials, you should use

Ok, this is a fun part. You must figure out how many packing materials you need. Also, which kind and where to obtain them. We would suggest always using higher-quality packing materials, especially if you pack for storage. So, you should obtain cardboard boxes, metal containers, plastic bins, or wooden crates. And you probably have some of it at home. Also, you’ll need packing tape, blister packs, covers, and labels. Most of it can be obtained at the local hardware store or you can order it online. On the other hand, if you can’t be bothered with this part, simply purchase one of the moving services Ottawa has and get done with it. Movers will bring all the materials you need and they can even pack you completely if you wish so.

A man packing cardboard box for moving
Cardboard moving boxes are the best solution. Use smaller ones for delicate items.

Now, how to use those materials you ask? You already prepared your items systematically and now you should use blister packs for the foundation. Or you can use any items you have at home, like towels, sheets, blankets, old clothing, etc. Then place your items inside and fill the gaps with a cushion as well. Wrap fragile and delicate items individually and once your box is full, close it, and tape it down.

Finally, label everything so you know where to find your items. Furthermore, the leftover moving boxes you might have come into play here. You can use them for storing or as protection. Although, if you already dedicated a batch right from the start, then it doesn’t matter. You got this one covered.

Cover the furniture first

Storing furniture won’t be easy, especially if you have robust and delicate pieces in your possession. The first step is to figure out where to put each piece. The goal is to utilize the space you have and still leave some room to move around.

Therefore, start by inspecting your furniture and figure out the state it is in. If any of the pieces can be disassembled, you should do it. It will save up some space nicely. Also, some pieces might need refurbishing or restoring. You can consider this part if you have time and budget on your hands. And the items you decided on storing should be protected adequately. You can wrap them in blister packs, stretch foil, or simply cover with a white sheet.

The same goes for all other electronics and appliances. Although you want to make sure there are no liquids inside and that the utility cords are removed and secured. Moreover, anything you store should be placed on wooden pallets or several layers of cardboard. It will provide additional protection. And you should add air moisturizer, a few rodent repellants, and air freshener. It will keep rodents and pests at bay. But if you rent a climate-controlled storage unit, you won’t have to worry much about it.

Clothing and other household items

Clothes are simple to pack for storage but they are spoiled easily. The air moisturizer and a climate-controlled unit we mentioned earlier plays a vital role. It will keep the environment stable and mold-free. Consider this option since it will sort all your problems and you won’t have to worry if your clothes are safe. It is an affordable solution.

Packed moving boxes
You can pack your clothes in whichever way you see fit.

Furthermore, when it comes to packing, you can pack your clothes any way you see fit. You can place it all inside boxes and stack them nicely in the corner or on a piece of furniture. Or you can use garbage bags or vacuum bags. We suggest using the second option if possible because it will save a lot of space and it will keep the environment air-tight. The best option is to use any kind of vacuumed or air-tight bag or a container. They will keep your items dry and dust-free.

Pack for storage and note it all down on your inventory list

Remember those labels we mentioned earlier? Yes, you should make a labeling system and note it all down on your inventory list. This way you won’t spend hours looking for a certain item. Now, make a labeling system that suits you best.

For example, a simple piece of paper with content written on it and taped over the box is ok. But you can go for a detailed description, matching numbers, or colors. Decide which one is the best and match labels with the content you written on your inventory list. Create the list so you can check at any time no matter where you are and if a certain item is in your garage, or in your lovely storage unit. It will make your life a hundred times easier.

Now you know how to pack for storage and keep your items safe while stored. Remember to do it while packing for moving and you won’t spend much time on it. And remember to clean your storage regularly and let the fresh air in each time you visit. Keep it nice and tidy and use it well for years to come.

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