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    Once you have finished the hardest parts of the move and are in your new home. The only thing left to do is to unpack and settle in. And unpacking is one of the biggest parts of moving into your new home. If you hired reliable movers Ottawa, they will have placed all the boxes in their respective rooms, if you labeled them properly of course. Which will make the unpacking much easier. Now the only thing left after unpacking is to get rid of all the packing materials after a move. And they can accumulate and you will end up with a lot of them. With everything from stacks of boxes, to packing peanuts, bubble wrap, styrofoam, newspaper, reusable containers, and many other things. Getting rid of all this after the move is an unavoidable part of moving. Here are some ways to do that.

    You can recycle a lot of your packing materials after a move

    While not all of your packing materials are recyclable, most of them are. And the first thing people think of is to just throw them into the trash. But if you want to do something good for the environment recycling would be the best option. And it is not that hard to do it either, so it is also an easy way to dispose of packing materials after a move.

    Carton boxes on a table
    You can do the responsible thing and recycle your packing materials

    If you are going to recycle, make sure to separate all the materials, like for example paper from plastic. And check any other requirements of the place where you are planning to recycle it. For example, you will probably need to flatten the boxes, which is not hard, but it’s best to do it after your movers Orleans Ontario have finished the move and you have unpacked, to have it ready. Here are some packing materials you can recycle:

    • Biodegradable packing peanuts
    • Cardboard Boxes
    • Packing Paper
    • Bubble Wrap

    You can just keep the packing supplies

    There are some boxes that you will want to save. For example, the boxes which are custom made for your television or similar fragile things. While you are probably not going to move again anytime soon, if you do it again you will appreciate having these boxes to safely and easily pack these things. This custom packaging provides better protection than any other box can, and it is much more expensive. So if you have enough space to keep it somewhere you are better off saving it.

    If you don’t have enough space, you can also leave it in a storage unit. Alongside other things which might not fit into your new home. Movers often provide storage services too and if you include them in the move you might get a good price. So it would be smart to ask your movers about their storage services.

    Another thing you can do with packing materials after a move is to give them to friends or donate

    Moving is oftentimes expensive, and any little help is appreciated. While it is easy to find things like moving boxes Ottawa. Your friends and family will appreciate it if you gave them some of your boxes, packing peanuts, and all the other packing materials. It is a small way to help with their move which will be greatly appreciated. As they will save money and time getting those packing materials themselves. And it is one of the better things to do with packing materials after a move.

    Another thing you can do is donate them. There are many places you can donate them to, From goodwill stores to homeless shelters and religious centers. Another option is to make an ad online that you are giving them away, and someone will certainly come over to pick them up for their move.

    Man stacking carboard boxes
    You can always just give your packing materials to your friends

    Use the packing materials for storage

    Another good way to use your packing materials is for storage. After all, they were intended to safely storage things in the first place. So you can put things inside the boxes, pack them carefully and properly. And then leave the boxes in the attic, basement, or garage. You can use those rooms as storage if you pack your items well. Just make sure to be careful when unpacking to not damage the boxes, as you want them to be in the best condition possible. Or if your movers are doing the unpacking, let them know about your intentions with the boxes so that they are careful not to damage them when unpacking. This is a great way to deal with packing materials after a move and put them to good use. And if you do it well, it will also save you space in your new home.

    You can sell them

    When trying to decide what to do with packing materials after a move remember that you can sell them. If you don’t have enough space to save them for future use or to repurpose them, selling them would probably be the best option. They would of course have to be in good condition. You can make good money from selling them. Especially if you also used reusable plastic crates.

    There are many ways to sell them. From letting your neighbors know and asking does anyone needs them. To doing it online, for example posting an ad on craigslist. Make sure that you have all the packing materials you want to sell in one place ready to easily be moved, to make selling them easier and quicker. As for the prices, it’s best to research how much they go for in your area and sell for approximately the same price.

    Person using a laptop deciding what to do with packing materials after a move
    Posting ads online is an easy way to sell your packing materials

    Use them for DIY projects

    If you are an artsy person a fun thing to do with packing materials after a move is to use them in DIY projects. And it would be a nice way to give a personal touch to your new home. There are many small DIY projects you can do and create a lot of cool things. From wall art to beds for pets. And if you have small children you can get creative with making houses, castles, mazes, and many other things with the cardboard boxes.

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