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Behind every relocation, you have a thoroughly assembled plan. And probably the hardest part of the whole story is the moving budget. You maybe have a stretching one and you won’t think much about it. But if you are limited, you must calculate everything precisely and ensure you can cover each step accordingly. Therefore, today we will try to create a plan for the affordable long distance move. Let us together work on moving logistics, find reliable long distance movers Ottawa, and form a packing plan. Let’s go!

Organize and find a proper moving crew

Before you can begin your search for residential movers Ottawa you must obtain the basic info. And not only for your movers, but you will also use it along the way as well. So, start inspecting each room inside your home along with the attic, basement, garage, and backyard. Once you realize how much furniture and other belongings you possess you should note everything down on your moving checklist. Create a small moving guide and add an inventory list to it. This way you’ll know how hard this project is and you’ll know how much you must invest in packing materials.

A man browsing the internet
Browse online, find movers, and prepare your moving budget accordingly.

Now when you have this info in your hands, you can contact Professional Movers Ottawa and figure out what would be the best way to organize an affordable long distance move. Movers will use the info you gathered and provide a moving quote along with all costs and fees included. Then you can decide if you want to invest more or to pull back. Inspecting everything is the best way to realize your moving cost and prepare your budget adequately.

Inspect your movers

One thing that might hurt your budget greatly is the fraudulent moving company. You want to avoid scammers and shady businesses. Therefore, inspect your movers inside out. Once you browse online and find a few eligible choices, take a closer look at the way they conduct business. Your moving company should have the following:

  • A website with a company logo, physical address, and contact info.
  • To be registered online.
  • They must have permits and licenses to work in the moving industry.
  • Your movers should have all the tools, equipment, manpower, and sizeable vehicles for the job.

Once you confirm they have the following, read a few moving reviews to ensure they are legit. Find previous customer’s experiences and figure out how they treat their respected customers.

Call your movers on time to secure an affordable long distance move

Another situation that might increase your moving price is the moving date. You must call your movers as soon as possible to check if your moving date is available. Also, you must know that prices can be different depending on the time of the year. For example, spring and summer are in the middle of peak season while Autumn and winter fall into a non-peak season category. Obviously, peak season is up to 30% more expensive than to move over colder months.

Schedule movers on time if you want a affordable long distance move
Call your movers and ensure your moving date is available.

Moreover, a few days before the beginning, or the end of the month is the busiest and most expensive. People move a lot and movers are booked tight. Hence, even if you have enough money to cover it you won’t have a moving date available. So, the solution is to call your movers at least a month in advance and preferably pick a date in the middle of the month.

Utilize free onsite estimates

The best way to prepare your budget and prepare the affordable long distance move is to utilize free onsite estimates. Movers will come over and evaluate the whole deal. They will inspect your home, your belongings, furniture, and prepare accordingly. This is a great way to point out all the possible moving mishaps and remove all the obstacles that might cause problems.

Also, they will weigh your cargo and offer moving services that might make it all easier. For example, if you have a piano, you must enlist piano movers Ottawa to take care of it. And once your movers figure it all out, they will present you with the best moving plan and all costs associated with it. Yes, calculating costs is one thing, but onsite estimates bring so much more. The fact that someone will inspect the entire environment and make it safe for moving is priceless.

Decluttering will help you conduct an affordable long distance move

Another great way to reduce the moving price and make it all more affordable is to conduct a pre-move purge. You should declutter, downsize, and throw out everything you do not need anymore. You will surely find old electronics, appliances, clothing, broken dishes, all over the place. Hence, while inspecting your belongings, you should gather everything you do not need anymore and make a nice designated pile. Once you are finished, you can either throw everything away, sell online, donate, or organize a pre-move garage sale. Whatever suits you best but if you decide on throwing it all away, at least recycle. Drop everything at the nearest recycling facility and be done with it.

Negotiate a better deal

Before you begin your move, you should cover all your personal and moving-related documents. Ensure everything is in order and do the math again. Also, evaluate your moving contract once more and ensure your moving price won’t be affected along the way. Know your rights and responsibilities when moving and know what to expect from the other side. This kind of approach will minimize the chance of moving mishaps and unexpected costs. But did you know that you can always negotiate and obtain a better deal? Yes, no one will hate you for asking for a discount, especially if the time is right.

Two people talking
Always ask for a discount. If you are lucky you can get a much better offer.

Again, if you are moving over the non-peak season, you can ask for a discount. And if you purchased many services and have a big move on your hands, you can ask for a bit better deal. Your movers won’t deny such a request if you already invested a lot. Sometimes movers throw in a bonus service or a discount of their own volition in order to keep their customers happy and satisfied with the service. So, be sure to ask for a discount no matter what the situation is. It can be only beneficial.

Ok, now you know how to organize an affordable long distance move. You won’t have any trouble if you do the math right. Be sure to let your movers help you with the onsite estimates and everything will be just fine. Hopefully, you won’t have any problems and your moving budget will cover everything. Good luck and stay safe.

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