What to do with your food when moving house?


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When you have to move soon and you have more than enough food in your home you will be met with some serious issues. Food waste can be a big problem for anyone. That is why we can help you by telling you what to do with your food when moving house. Following these guidelines will surely provide you with the best solutions you can find for this problem. And once you’re done with this you can contact your moving companies Ottawa to help you move. Make sure to follow this guide through.

You don’t know what to do with your food when moving house? First, make an inventory!

It is very important to know what you have in your home. That is why you should take some piece of paper and pen, and go through your pantry, refrigerator, and any other place you keep your food. It is something you need to do to know how to deal with excess food in your home.

food in the fridge as a part of what to do with your food when moving house guide
Make an inventory list before you learn what to do with your food when moving house

Now, to make a complete inventory of all the food in your home, you should have in mind the nature and the category of these items. What you need to have in mind is:

  • What kind of frozen food items you have? For instance bread, vegetables, meat, etc. Because if they are frozen, you may be able to move them without having any issues.
  • Some items are kept in the refrigerator, and they include some cheese, milk, eggs, meat, and many others that can get bad.
  • Canned food is the easiest to move.
  • Also, you need to think about boxed items such as chips, grains, snacks, cereals, etc.
  • Do you have any food products that are kept in glass bottles? This includes dressings, oils, cooking oils, sauces, and others.
  • And of course, let’s not forget cooking supplies.

Once you make a list of these items in your home you will know what you can do with them. That this is especially important to remember if you are organizing a long distance move. But with the help of long distance movers Ontario, it won’t be having any issues whatsoever. Because they know how to properly pack and move a home great distances.

Get rid of items that are expiring soon

Once you have a list of all the foods in your home if categorize them by the expiration date. If some of the food is expired the no need to throw it away. That food is not edible and you can’t use it for anything. If some food is expiring in a week or two, then you should begin looking for a solution in how to deal with this. Although this is not hard, you should just look for some interesting cooking recipes. They will give you good ideas on how you can deal with your food.

canned food
Don’t forget to check the expiration date

With this in mind, you should start using all the perishable food items in your home as soon as possible. That means you can make lunches, pies, and other snacks you can eat by yourself or with your friends and family. It is a good way to get rid of the food without throwing it out.

Moving a lot of items can cost you more so dealing with all the food and have in your home is one of the ways you can lower the cost of the move. So, once you’re done with this you can begin your packing. But sometimes it can be hard to do it if you do not have proper packing supplies Ottawa. Luckily they are moving companies who know about this problem and will help you solve it.

You can always share with your friends and neighbors

If you are too tired to cook, then there is another solution to your problem. Having too many food items in your home can be a really stressful situation. Especially when you’re planning to move soon. That is why you can always give these food items to your friends and neighbors. Ask them politely if they need something and just give them. This is a far better option than to throw them away.

If you have food that is not going to expire soon, and you’re not planning on using it, then you can always donate food to shelters for homeless people. It is the most humane way you can deal with your excess food while helping those who are in need.

friends talking
You can always ask your friends if they want some food

Start packing the food you’re moving

Now that should have dealt with all the food items you do not need you can start packing what you have. Canned food, boxed food, and frozen food are the easiest to move. You can use regular packing boxes just remember not to put too many items in them. Moving boxes have weight limits so they can crash if you put too many items. This is something you would want to avoid if you wish to have a safe move.

This is exactly what you can do with your food when moving house. We know there is no easy way to do it, but in the end of it will help you with this issue. These approaches are noble and very helpful. Just like the articles in our blog you can read to know how to properly prepare for your relocation. We’re more than happy to know that we helped you with your moving preparation, and would like to tell you that you can give us a call and ask us anything about the moving process. We will be more than glad to help you solve any kind of issue you might have.

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