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There are certain periods during a year when it is the most convenient to move. So, there is probably a good reason why many people choose the same period to conduct a relocation. More than 50 % of relocations take place within a few specific months. Therefore, it is not difficult to conclude that there is the most convenient time to move a house. And that is during peak moving season. Even though this period is hectic, it is preferred by home movers Gatineau. Simply, it has numerous advantages to offer. So, if you want to know how to organize a move to Gatineau during peak season, read on.

When is peak moving season?

Logically, before you organize a move to Gatineau during peak season, you should know what the term peak season means. This term refers to the late spring and summertime. To be more specific, the peak season lasts from May 15th to August 31st. Favorable weather conditions and the summer holidays make people feel more comfortable with the idea of organizing a relocation. Also, other seasonal factors promise a comfortable and safe relocation.

Tree and water in the summertime
Use all the perks of moving to Gatineau in the peak season.

However, there are some downsides when you organize a move to Gatineau during peak season. It poses several considerable challenges. Both for the clients and to the moving companies. Therefore, if you plan on organizing a move to Gatineau during peak season, consider all aspects.

How to organize a successful move to Gatineau during peak season?

As we said in the beginning, we’ve gathered some simple tips and tricks to help you perform a smooth relocation during peak season. So, let’s begin, shall we?

Plan smart

One of the most important things when planning a move during peak season is to plan. Only planning is the key prerequisite for a successful move. And this planning process starts with hiring reliable movers Ottawa. Also, it is recommended to create a moving calendar. There, you can list all the moving tasks you need to take care of. Also, you should note the tasks with appropriate time limits for each of them and act accordingly in a quick manner. By doing so, you won’t overlook any important aspect of the moving process.

Be flexible if you want to organize a successful move to Gatineau during peak season

Even if you decide to move during peak season, having a flexible schedule regarding the date of relocation is great. In this case, you could save a lot and ensure better moving services. There will be cost advantages and more resources available. For instance, if you choose to move during mid-week you can save a lot. Also, if possible, make sure to avoid the national holidays.

On the other hand, it would be great to schedule your move to Gatineau for a weekday. Especially in the middle of the month. All of these can get you a very good deal and a good moving quote.

An opened schedule to organize a move to Gatineau during peak season
Planning is crucial if you want to organize a successful move to Gatineau during peak season.

Hire trustworthy and experienced movers

When you decide to move during peak season, you can expect to encounter rogue and incompetent movers. They often offer affordable prices but disappear as soon as you pay the deposit. Not to mention the possibility they will keep your goods hostage until you pay extra fees. So, it is extremely important to carefully research moving companies and avoid moving frauds. Check their legitimacy before hiring them, as well as their record of past performance.

More tips on how to organize a relocation to Gatineau during peak season

  • Purchase insurance

It is not rare the moving process brings accidents. Especially when it comes to packing fragile items that can get damaged by the heat or while being transferred. Or the moving truck may catch fire, thieves may steal your belongings, etc. That’s why we recommend you get additional moving insurance. Especially if you have more delicate and valuable possessions.

  • Manage your paperwork in time

If you plan on moving during summertime, you must have in mind that many people will be on holiday. Therefore, you must put your paperwork in order in time. Start with collecting and sorting all the necessary documents early enough to avoid last-minute problems. Also, remember to change your address, pay your current bills, and cancel subscriptions. Finally, arrange for the utilities to be running in your new home on move-in day. Because you will desperately need water and electricity during the summer heat.

  • Make sure you don’t include any temperature-sensitive items in your shipment

Those are the items that can melt, spoil, or wrap because of the heat.

  • Check the weather before you organize a move to Gatineau during peak season

High temperatures on moving days may be a great risk to your health. That’s why you need to take appropriate measures to stay cool and hydrated all the time. As for the clothes, dress in light-colored comfortable clothes. And as for the drink and food, drink plenty of water and eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Also, keep in mind that heavy rainfall and high winds may occur even in the summertime. Therefore, you should be properly prepared for rain on your moving day and know how to move during bad weather. Also, provide tarpaulins to keep your items safe and dry.

Two kids sitting next to a dog
Finally, pay attention to your kids and animals before you move.

Plan for your kids and pets

Another aspect of your relocation to Gatineau during peak season is your kids and pets. So, you have to make a special plan that includes them. We advise you to have someone to take your children and pets for a long walk or to a playground. Meanwhile, your movers will arrive at your house and start preparing. Or you can arrange for your kids to stay with a friend or a relative as the moving day approaches. Finally, if this isn’t possible, hire a babysitter to look after your children and your animal friends. And all that in a calm and safe air-conditioned room, away from the moving chaos.

Now that you know the drill, you can organize a move to Gatineau during the peak season like a professional. We wish you all the luck and a positive experience.

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