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It is logical that you want the items you have in your household to be in the same condition once you relocate them. However, oftentimes there will be no space for bulky appliances. Therefore, you would have to come up with another solution for them. One of the most common solutions is to rent a storage unit for storing kitchen appliances when moving to Gatineau. So, today, we are going to help you adequately store and pack these appliances to ensure their safety. For additional safety, you can hire the services of discount moving Ottawa, to relocate your belongings without any issues occurring. Moreover, when deciding to store these appliances, you have to be wary of the conditions they require. Most of them will require special conditions due to the mechanical and electronic parts requiring such conditions. But worry not, as we are going to help you tackle this.

Storing kitchen appliances when moving to Gatineau

Gatineau is a city in western Quebec, Canada. With its location on the Ottawa River, Gatineau is right across the city of Ottawa. It is a part of the Ottawa-Gatineau metropolitan area that has a little less than 1.4 million people living in it. Ever since 1927, the city of Gatineau focuses its economy on manufacturing paper and pulp.

a kitchen full of appliances to represent storing kitchen appliances when moving to Gatineau
Kitchen appliances are often very bulky or fragile and require attention when packing or storing

Other industries in the city include the production of building materials, precision, and electronic equipment, pharmaceuticals, as well as having a large service sector. On the other hand, the most dominant language in the area is actually French, with 78% of the population speaking it. Right behind French is English, with 13% of the population speaking it as a mother tongue. About 83% of the population claims their religion to be Roman Catholic, making it the major religion of the city.

Firstly, you would want to organize everything

You can contact movers Gatineau to help you relocate as soon as you find out about the relocation. However, maybe it is best that you wait for a couple of days. The reason for that is because you want to make sure you have the entire process under control. To do so, you will need to go through your items and organize them. Furthermore, you would want to aim to declutter and discard any items or appliances that you will not need. That way, you will have a much easier time focusing on the items you do move.

Furthermore, you will be able to separate the items that might require special conditions while in storage. These items should be prioritized during the packing process. More importantly, the organization process should help you learn how much protection each appliance needs while in storage. So, do not neglect this process before moving.

Clean the appliances before packing or storing them

Every appliance you decide to store will need to go through a cleaning process. This process will help the appliance remain intact and safe from harm during the time you store it. Many appliances are very sensitive to certain conditions like rust or mold and can suffer great damage from them. Therefore, making sure that each of the appliances is clean and ready for storage is very important.

a person in a white suit cleaning the fridge
By cleaning the appliance before packing it you increase the levels of protection for that appliance while in storage

Furthermore, if you plan on storing kitchen appliances when moving to Gatineau and you hire packing services Ottawa, cleaning is a must. If you decide to clean your items, you will make the job for the packing crew much easier. More importantly, you will be much more confident about this transport knowing your items are safe from harm. Although storage units should provide adequate protection, it is up to you to ensure that is the case.

Storing kitchen appliances when moving to Gatineau would not be possible without adequate packing supplies

So, if you plan on storing a refrigerator or a stove, it will be hard to find adequate supplies, but not impossible. Due to the size of these appliances, you would want to aim to apply enough protection so they do not suffer damage or malfunction. To do so, we advise obtaining packing materials such as:

  • Cardboard boxes or flat cardboard
  • Packing tape and packing paper
  • Bubble wrap or other cushioning materials

These are the main packing supplies you would want to have in this situation. Flat cardboard, for example, is a great solution for ensuring that the appliance does not suffer from any scratches or damage. In addition, packing tape is there to ensure the stability of the protection, and bubble wrap allows the item to survive potential shock damage.

Does the storage you choose matter?

Of course, it matters! Choosing the right storage unit for your appliances is half the protection. Luckily, storage facilities Ottawa can offer great solutions for various items from your household. So, as we were saying in the paragraphs above, your appliances will mostly require dry and cool places for storage. The dry aspect prevents excess water from damaging any electronic parts of the appliance.

a hallways inside a storage facililty with storage units on the sides
Enclosed storage units, for example, will most likely provide much better conditions than the ones that are out in the open

On the other hand, the cool temperature ensures that the mechanical parts do not rust or suffer malfunctioning during the time in storage. Additionally, you want to ensure that the storage you decide to rent is big enough for all the items. Not big enough just so you can squeeze every item inside, but big enough to leave enough room for organization. Because the organization of the unit is important, the size of the unit matters as well.

Rely on professional movers to help you relocate these appliances

Moving a large fridge or a stove is very hard. Even if you do get help from friends, for example, you will have a hard time moving it. By hiring professional movers, you ensure that the appliances are in safe hands. Furthermore, many professional movers will arrive at the job with adequate equipment. This means that it is better to leave the transport and handling part to professionals that have the right knowledge, as well as tools for the job. So, contact your local moving company before storing kitchen appliances when moving to Gatineau and ensure that your items arrive safely at the storage unit.

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