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Moving can be challenging. Especially if you need to move oversized items safely. Moving big pieces of furniture or mattress or a closet on your own is not easy, but with the right help – it can be stress-free and easy. Reliable movers Orleans Ontario might be the best solution since they are professionals who can move almost anything without any damage. But, there are still some things that you can do. And with our simple guide you will learn what you can do on your own, and when do you need help!

A reliable moving company can help you move oversized items safely

The best solution, no matter if you are moving or storing your oversized items, is to hire professionals. Even if you just want to move these items to storage units Ottawa, it is always a better solution to hire professionals. If you decide to move them on your own, you are always risking potential damage. But more importantly, if you do not handle these oversized items correctly – you are risking injuries. Also, you should know that for most of the big items, you need some special tools.

empty hallway
Make sure to clear every hallway

You need to clear the pathway

No matter if you hired professional movers or you decided to try and move those big items on your own, you need to have a clear pathway. If you live in a building, you need to reserve the elevator. It will make the relocation much easier. Also, you need to make sure to clear every hallway. There should not be any boxes or anything. Ideally, you should put old towels or linen to avoid scratching or damaging the floor.

Do not forget to reserve a parking spot in case you hired a moving company. If they park far away from your building, it will be a big hassle to carry big and heavy items back and forth. Moving oversized items safely can be done fairly easily, but you need to be organized!

If you decide to do it on your own, you will need some tools

Moving bulky items safely requires certain tools. If you decided to move them on your own you will need to get sliders, furniture dolly, straps and ropes, and stair rollers. You will probably need all of these tools if you plan to do everything on your own. But besides tools, you will need help from friends and family. When you are moving oversized items you need all the help you can get. Simply, for example, you won’t be able to lift a piano on your own. Ideally, you will have Professional Movers Ottawa by your side. But if you are doing it on your own make sure to gather enough people to carry those items to your new place or storage unit.

You will have to disassemble and assemble furniture

When you want to move oversized items safely, you need to take into consideration that there is a great chance they simply won’t be able to fit through the doors. You need to measure every piece of furniture carefully. Write all the measurements down. Afterward, you should measure all the doors. If some piece of furniture simply won’t fit – you will have to check if it is possible to disassemble it. You will have to be careful, and you will need to mark what goes where. In this case, you will probably need moving boxes Ottawa, so make sure to get sturdy ones. 

person disassembling items so they can move oversized items safely
There is a great chance you will have to disassemble some big items

Assembling of the furniture can be done either in your new home or in the storage unit. Be careful, and take your time. If you labeled every piece it will be easy to assemble them, almost like you are connecting a puzzle.

Make sure that everything is empty before you move oversized items safely

When you start moving oversized items, you need to make sure that they are completely empty. Check every drawer, shelves and make sure that there is nothing left behind. By doing this, these heavy and bulky items will be a little lighter, but also you will prevent items from falling out and damaging something. If you are preparing them for storage, you will have to pack them like a professional! It will take time, but you will prevent any possible damage!

If you want to move oversized items safely – you need to protect them

No matter if you are moving everything on your own, or you hired professionals. You need to make sure that every bulky piece of furniture is protected. You can use moving blankets, plastic wrap, old linen – it is important to protect every part, and make sure that the move of those oversized items goes smoothly. Use a lot of protective materials, but also use a lot of tape and ropes to make sure that everything stays safe. It might cost a little extra, but all of your big-sized items will be safe!

woman protecting furniture with plastic wrap
You need to protect oversized items from any potential damage

It is important how you will lift oversized items

You can not simply just lift big and heavy items. There are different techniques. And the first rule is to never bend your back. If you do that, you are risking a lot of injuries, and some of them can be rather serious. If you have never done it before, you can practice lifting oversized items from your legs. That is the safest way. Of course, your back is straight. Of course, before you do all of this, you need to stretch. That way, your muscles can warm up, and moving oversized items safely will be much easier.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

If you have a lot of oversized items, don’t be afraid to ask for help. If you are worried that moving companies might charge you a lot – you can compare them and choose the best offer. But if you are determined to do it on your own, you should ask friends and family for help. If not, you are risking injuries and you are risking damage to your belongings. You can easily move oversized items safely with proper help! 

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