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Each relocation brings something different. A new career opportunity or a simple change in the environment. Whatever is the case, we know that it can be only with a positive outcome. Although, the whole moving process won’t go without a few hardships on along the way. But to minimize the chance of unfortunate events and make your relocation an adventure, you must organize properly. Therefore, we bring you a quick guide on how to prepare everything and secure a successful moving day.

Secure your moving budget and have a successful moving day

Everything begins with a budget. Your moving endeavor especially. Many stages will spend your money and your time. Hence, write it all down on a moving checklist and use it as a guide through your moving costs. But not only the costs, this way you’ll figure out the overall complexity of the move. So, write down how much packing materials you need, moving services, moving company, errands, cleaning, decluttering, and storage. You should have it all or paper before you begin calculating your costs.

Prepare your budget to have a successful moving day
Prepare your moving budget so you can cover all expenses. Leave something aside for unforeseen circumstances as well.

But keep in mind that you can reduce your moving costs with a few tips and tricks. An example, you should declutter and remove all the junk you might be hoarding. Inspect all areas of your home and find items that shouldn’t go to your new apartment. Especially, if you have no space for it. This will reduce the time invested and the cost of packing materials. Not to mention the labor because movers charge by the hour and the weight of your cargo. Make it lighter and easier to move and you’ll save a lot. You can use those funds for something else, or to make a certain stage of your relocation easier.

Maximize your chances for success with a reliable moving team by your side

Probably the most important stage of your move is a search for a trustworthy and affordable moving company. You will have a successful moving day for sure, with a proper moving team by your side. Therefore, start browsing online and check moving companies Ottawa based to hire the best moving service in the area. Movers possess all the tools, equipment, gear, vehicles, and manpower required for the job. All you must do is browse a bit and figure out which combination is the best for you.

But you must be careful when searching for movers. Like in any other business, there are fraudulent companies. You do not want to pay for the service and receive something else and end up with broken furniture. Not to mention what can happen if you stumble upon a company without a license and permit to operate. Therefore, inspect your movers thoroughly before you decide.

Avoid fraudulent movers

As we already mentioned, avoiding sketchy moving companies is key for a successful moving day. So, let us provide a few things you must check before hiring movers:

  • Compare services – Browse between companies and compare prices and services. You want to find your movers somewhere in the middle.
  • Equipment – Check if your movers use a proper moving vehicle, tools, equipment, and protective gear. You want to secure the overall safety of everyone involved. The safety of your belongings as well.
  • Inspect your movers – Check if they have a website, company logo, contact info along with the physical address, and of course, license to operate. You should also take a step further and call your movers to communicate details via phone. It is a unique opportunity to ask additional questions.
  • Referrals – Read blogs and reviews until you figure out how your movers treat their customers. It is best if you can find a friend that can recommend a moving company. A word of mouth is a great thing.

You can’t achieve a successful moving day without a proper packing plan

There are two options for a successful packing process. One is to purchase packing services Ottawa residents are proud of. And have your movers bring all the materials, pack, and unpack upon demand. Or to obtain all the materials and pack yourself. Both are viable but one costs only money and other money plus your valuable time. So, if you decide to do it without any help, do the following. Start by inspecting your belongings to figure out how much stuff you possess. Once you know what should go and what should stay, list down the number of packing materials you should buy. Then, go to the nearest hardware store or order everything online. Once you have your materials on hand, start packing gradually, room by room.

A whole family packing moving boxes together
There is a proper plan behind each packing process. Make sure you have one.

You’ll probably need around 30 moving boxes for this occasion. Make sure to obtain all sizes and shapes of boxes to support all your items. Also, obtain some packing tape, blister packs, and labels. Make a nice cushion inside your box, fill it up, tape over, and label everything. Labels are important, especially if your boxes contain fragile items.

Moving services will make everything ten times easier

But the packing service is just one among the plethora of moving services Ottawa has to offer that you can purchase. There are services that will make your relocation so easy that you won’t regret it for a second. You invested a bit more but the time and the effort are immeasurable.

For example, if you have any robust and hard to handle items, your movers will appoint a team to handle the situation. Maybe you have a piano, pool table, or a vault. No worries, movers transport it or offer one of the storage units in Ottawa to keep your items safe until further use. And there are teams specialized in handling hazardous materials, delicate and fragile items, or extremely valuable pieces. But keep in mind that movers won’t move certain items if the risk is too great. You should communicate this part with your movers thoroughly.

Keep your personal stuff close to the heart

To avoid losing your personal documents, IDs, and valuable papers, you should pack a dedicated box or a bag. Gather all valuable documents and transport with your car or carry yourself. It is the best way to remove any doubt that it will get lost or stolen. On the other hand, you must think about some of it upfront. Some of the documentation need to be transferred to your new address. So, visit or contact all relevant parties at least two weeks in advance and update about the change of address. Double-check with your bank, work, school, doctor, etc. if there are additional steps that you must take to have it all in place and active on a new address.

Personal belongings
Maybe it is best to transport valuable possessions yourself. It will give you the peace of mind you deserve.

Moving day is here!

Now, you made plans and prepared everything for a moving day. But you shouldn’t neglect your emotional and physical state as well. Make sure to sleep well, drink enough fluids, and eat properly. If you have time for exercise, even better. Get your body and soul in line and you will feel awesome on your moving day. Also, think about the weather and other circumstances that can interfere with your relocation. If you are relocating over a winter period, make sure that everyone is dressed for the occasion. Have a spare pair of gloves and a few hats to pass along if the weather is extremely cold.

Moreover, you should secure the environment also. Use salt to melt down the ice and use cardboard to pave the road between your home and a moving truck. On the other hand, if you move in extreme heat, get up early and turn on the AC. Make your home a low-temperature habitat that your helpers can use to refresh and relax while on a break. And bring out some cold or warm beverages to keep everyone hydrated and refreshed. Depending on the season of course.

This was it. A simple guide for a successful moving day. Remember everything you read today once the time comes and you won’t have any problems. As long as you keep your moving budget in check and have a reliable moving crew by your side, everything should be ok. Good luck and we wish you a successful relocation.

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